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  1. itsatrap

    'Clone' names

    It's RS0004 I think, but close enough...
  2. itsatrap

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    Does anyone in the US have a cutting of either Jeans or Cliff that they'd be willing to part with? I can pay but also have a number of desirable tricho cuts if you'd prefer a trade.
  3. Validus x Lumberjack grafted to some PC. It's still small, but I love the spines.
  4. itsatrap

    zellys boarding school

    Holy crap those TBMs in the bruce x sausage pic!
  5. itsatrap

    Bridgesii "Reynolds"

    Do any of you have, or know anything about, this clone? A friend put in an order for a bridgesii "Baker" but SS was out of stock and sent him this instead. Searches haven't turned anything up. Any information on this plant would be welcome.
  6. 339 and 2150.
  7. itsatrap

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    Wow Ohlone, that's the most developed one I've seen in cultivation. Hope mine ends up looking similar - it's still very small and scrawny (I have awful growing conditions). Embarrassment aside, here's a crappy cell phone pic:
  8. itsatrap

    clone one

    Wow, that last pic is awesome. Can see what you mean about its presence
  9. My 2150 looks nothing like the others in this thread - it's a nearly spineless pachanoi. Knize... I also have a spiny 339 seedling and a spineless 339 cutting. I'll post pics when I get a minute.
  10. itsatrap

    chavin clone

    Also beautiful. Would this classify as exceptional in your book as well?
  11. itsatrap

    clone one

    One man's garbage... I love the look of those notches too. Need to get myself down to Peru, apparently.
  12. itsatrap

    Looking for A. courtii cutting or seeds in US

    Also, all, I apologize for how long it take me to reply. I'm still on moderator queue, so there's a delay.
  13. itsatrap

    Looking for A. courtii cutting or seeds in US

    Here are a few of the cacti from my modest windowsill collection. I apologize for the quality - my phone's camera is awful, and it's dark here. I'll try to snap some more of the others with a proper camera in decent lighting soon!
  14. itsatrap

    Looking for A. courtii cutting or seeds in US

    Hahah sorry, the name is a Star Wars reference. I mean to have Admiral Ackbar as my avatar, but forgot to change it (I signed up a while ago to see cacti pics but between being extremely busy with school and having a slow cactus year, haven't gotten around to participating yet). I'll throw up some pics of my cacti (and baby acuminata) as soon as I figure out how. Thanks, and apologies for the accidental shadiness!