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  1. Geee... we all seem like assholes today don't we?
  2. CRF isn't dangerous if taken at the pescribed dosages. Can't see it being that much more effective than other anti depressants. Don't knock the pharma market to much because most of the components of it are extracts from the plant kingdom. Some meds work better for certain individuals n vice versa. Mary jane is definitely identified as a trigger for schizophrenia in certain individuals... thats a fact. Mary jane vs charlie. I know who I'de prefer.
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    Post your track of the day

    Just reminded me of how much I miss playing the sax. Been like ooh... 19 yrs since I last held one. It also reminded me of how boring being a drummer can be. Haven't sat on a kit in about ooh... 14 yrs. Doesn't meen I don't like acoustic instruments. No no.
  4. Are they talking about dyed fish or chicken? I don't get it?
  5. so I said fuckit and ate half a box of oxycodone, my liver don't like it but I can't feel my liver so no harm done right?

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    Post your track of the day

    Watch "Drumattic Twins - Le Funky" on YouTube
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    Post your track of the day

    ^^^^ nice. Wanna see me dance to shit like this off chops. Watch "Lee Coombs & Dylan Rhymes - Alright All Night" on YouTube
  8. I don't know how you could mange to fulfill these requirements and I don't even know if it will work but.. Stop taking the opioid. .. start having 20 mg waffle olanzapine... should knock you out for a good period of time. In events of waking eat food drink water obtain oxycodone and have 20-40 mgs to start with and drink the highest concentrate alcohol found, like 3 or 4 shots simultaneously then have another olanzapine wafer. Should get more sleep. Repeat process but slowly reduce the oxycodone and up the dose of olanzapine wafers to remain sedated. Continue to eat food and consume heavy alcohol in short bursts to fall back asleep. Make sure you are getting enough b1 in and more importantly b6! Hopefully after a week or two your mate is off the oxycodone completely and just consuming high voltage alcohol and olanapine to continue... then you will have potentially replaced the one habit with alcohol witch will be easier to overcome on a short course of benzos. B1 thiamin can be iv'd to replace the physical activity of boosting also witch is a bonus but it burns like all fuck and is very unpleasant to inject. My 2 cents. Sorry if its just retarded bullshit alchemica because I know you know what your on about. I'm just thinking replacing a hard habit to get over with a habit slightly less harder to get over. Plus cushy olanzapine witch really knocks you around short term so you can make big changes in little tine. Wish you and your mate all the best. Wert
  9. Nope you haven't offended me at all sal. And I think I may have? Confused you with someone else on here when something about a name change was mentioned. I think you are right. I've been told on many occasions not to post here under the influence. Lol or "off chops" It's all good starling may have had good intentions but his commitments toward woodwoman and I and our poetry were just a little over the top and he/she presented like the poetry police witch did not offend me it just pissed me off because I had already explained the condition of not changing it... and he well, stood on my toes like I'de broken some law and needed to rectify it for acceptability. Thats all. And he does present himself as a bit of a wank#r also.lol
  10. Theres another thread sal about current australian poetry contests... Starlight was helpfull but missed my point when I said I wouldn't change it. It's like if you build a v8 out of twin hayabusa engines n tune it up n paint it I dunno rainbow. Then go show your mates n there all like should have mounted it using a shifter not a spanner? And your like? Wtf? I'm showing you my art bro not a replication of a factory assembled machine. Kindof stuff. Anyway guys I'm of to the big institutions shortly and I'm off to bed now. Had my alcy for the night. And my temtabs. Call em drugs starlight. Starlight shining throughout the night, monday morning don't fuck up your caffeine intake alright. Night freinds n lovers... you know who you are... yes you do. Yeah ya do dooz. Zzz
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    don't cha hate it when..

  12. Shit hot! Lets not get this locked. Mods at my request leave this thread be and become. I will edit the thread title to most entertaining poetic thread on sab first. Please.
  13. Why thank you waterboy. I think we share some common interests. One or two at least.
  14. You type quick cunt now fuck off. And good luck with all that legal stuff cause your shits all like fucked up n that. Your potentially tarded man.
  15. Man you just went overboard. And for someone as educated now and acquiring further... I'm surprized you managed to fire up a bunch of friendly bunch to the point of a retarded childish argument were your knowledge of content is restricted because of you pre determined bias... against those who... blatently, mate, know better. If your comming back don't be a dickhead and offer legal advice if your so inclined in the appropriate forum but don't start shit fights about psychedelics and the unknown that draws alot of inspiration to the happy healthy contributors of this community. Basically you went up the tree with me rather than down the rabbit hole. Edit: twat.
  16. Deleted. Totally out of this world responce in a thread I'm not currently engaged in. Sorry EG.
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    Post your word of the moment

    ............not. still insouciant.
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    Post your word of the moment

    Esprit d'escalier
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    Post your word of the moment

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    Rootstock size .....matters

    I don't like to do this... share my secrets. But I like this community allot especially the cacti enthusiasts. 6 yrs ago this was a little pup no bigger than a 20 cent piece... so how was this achived? Step 1. Grafted tiny button to pachanoi rootstock about 5" tall CUTTING. step 2. After propper union and callus formation and growth recognized... cut the pachanoi root stock at its base and graft onto BIG FAT scop CUTTING!!! step345678 n so on just drool!!! you will never compete with me you pereskiophiles. Muuhahahaha....... Edit: could have been five years ago actually when I think about it. Tip. The graft of loph to pach and loph/pach to scop done in same season so the vasculars are nice and fresh... that is most important. Dont even bother trying this method if you cant get both grafts done in the same growing season.cool. Oh and I just remembered now that I trimmed the bottom half of this scion about 2 1/2 yrs ago to expose the pachanoi so the loph didn't choke it and starve to death. So I at that point in time had removed about 1 3rd of the scion. It would be massive if I didn't cut it but you need to be carefull with your pach cutting as the lophs powerfull growth will cut off its circulation. Lol.
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    Happy Birthday Hillbilly!

    Happy birthday mr president... happy birthday toooo yoooouuuu.
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