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  1. I looked up the kk242 and I see what you mean.
  2. All 3 cactus came from different parts of the United States. I feel you on the 1 and 3 but the middle one seems to look so much like my bridgesii it is baffles me. I thought that 1 and 3 probably were related and I am glad to have some confirmation to that. I was not sure if rib depth had any sort of factor so things like this I need to learn. I think the middle one probably does need more time to grow out. I was sent 2 pieces of the middle one and I sent one to a buy making a cactus botanical in south Florida and I hope I gave hime the proper ID. Also another question. Is it Echinopsis cuzcoensis or is it Echinopsis peruviana ssp. cuzcoensis?
  3. Bryce

    What would you call these?

    What does PC mean. I see the term non PC on Trichocereus for sale all the time.
  4. What about rib depth and lack of central spines in number 2.
  5. A while back I ordered some Trichocereus peruvianus / Echinopsis peruvinana and then recently I ordered some more. I noted some things different about my new cuttings and I wonder about subspecies, variety, or hybrids. I will post pictures then comment on my opinions and then I need someone to tell me if I have an idea about what I am talking about. Some things I noted about the first peruvianus I purchased was that they had long central spines surrounded by a star shape of spines pointing outward, and deep furrowed ribs with a sharp crease in the bottom of the furrow. I also noted the deep green and bluish tint. These standards I used to compare the new cuttings. I will note the differences I see in each picture compared to my origianals. This first is of a cactus I was sent as peruvianus. It is green with no bluish tint. Ribs are not very deep and as it grows the ribs become shallow to almost flat. This next picture is a peruvianus I was sent but when I put it next to my bridgesii I noticed it looked more like that than my original peruvianus. The ribs were very shallow and the bluish pattern was exactly the same as the bridgesii. I also notied it does not have the long central spine and neither does my bridgesii. I believe it is a bridgesii x peruvianus. This cutting is a big one. It has deep ribs and are sharply creased in the bottom and has the central spines. This was sent to me not identified. I have noted that it is pretty much green with maybe the slightest hint of bluish. I have considered it maybe a cuzcoensis. It looks bluish in the picture but you don't see that in real life. This is a picture that I included one of my original peruvianus on the far left that I used as a map to judge the other 3 new ones.
  6. Best way to make soil is simple. Biochar, Azospirillum, recycle food scraps and yard waste, minerals, millipedes, forest roaches, worms, and appreciation for what nature has provided. My decomposing insect population is so high from me taking care of them and my fruits are soooo sweet and my plants smile at me every day.
  7. Bryce

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    They guy I got it from was selling plants he had gotten from Sacred Succulents so maybe that was the case. I hope so. I never count my chickens until they have hatched.
  8. Bryce

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    I just bought tulhuaycaensis but won't know if it is the real deal or not until it flowers.
  9. Bryce

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    I have a lobivia x echinops and I hope to cross it with bridgesii. My bridgesii was blooming size and then got knocked over and broken up so now I have to start over. One thing I have heard from echinopsis hybridizers is that most of the seed will make plants that will never bloom and the few that do bloom only a couple of those are worth marketing.
  10. Bryce

    What do you see?

    Reminds me of Dermestes
  11. Bryce

    What do you see?

    Hard for me to see but it looks like beetle grubs to me. Needs the plants toxins to taste bad so it won't get eaten.
  12. Bryce

    Looking for Melted Wax

    I am frustrated about this variety. I found them cheap a while back and due to lack of seller educating the consumer it sounded like he just gave a pet name to a plant he had. I did not know it was a monstrose variety and since I have seen them in their glory and I now realize I missed out on a deal.
  13. Bryce

    Albino Cacti Seedlings

    I knew of someone who grafted an albino and later it began to form chlorophyll and then resulted in a variegated form that was planted on its own roots.
  14. I have my cutting planted in a bunch of mineral soil and all the reverts removed. The ridges seem to not be doing anything so I hope it has not stopped. If it throws any normal buds I will chop them off and graft them to make regular monstroses.