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  1. on my last trip back to NZ i was given a big thick cutting of a T.pachanoi that he called " the Elephant " due the the size and thickness it grew to. on the cutting he gave me it had a few pods on them so i took them off washed an dried the seeds an brought them back to australia with me. ive sowed and grafted a few of these already with great germ rates ... i have 10 X 30 seed packs of these spare if any one is interested ? i only have this one bad photo
  2. oatis

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    Any one got some recent photos of the elephant ?
  3. hey guys if there is any one out there who has a Golden teacher print they would like to part with id be happy to pay $$ or can trade either some nepal prints ( for microscopy ) or some icaro dna seeds thanks
  4. oatis


  5. oatis

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    hey guys hows every ones elephant seedlings going ..... hope fully they are all going well
  6. oatis

    NZ members?

    good to see a nz post inaction ( home sick )
  7. hey fella's got a few cubensis prints for microscopy purposes to get rid of if any ones interested .. $15 a print + postage ( australia only ) 3 x p.cubensis nepal 4 x p.cubensis honduras island ( light prints $10) 5 x p. cubensis honduras island ( dark prints $15)
  8. oatis

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    mmmmm lets go with the 16th of december
  9. oatis

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    sent seeds out today guys hope you all enjoy
  10. oatis

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    all gone .... cheers guys happy sowing ill get these off tomorrow
  11. oatis

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    father is unknown ...pretty sure it was the only cacti that flowered for him that year.. sweet cheers guys ill send them out once all packs are gone got 4 left
  12. thats alot of ice coffee there Change ... those grafts are looking super happy
  13. looks like they are doing a wicked job
  14. what kind of light do u use master B ?
  15. oatis

    capel pachanoi

    yeah it sure is ..... swampgrass and i wer calling it sweet pach for a while didnt know what he released it as ........ its one sexy pach ....ur one has some wicked growth on it zed ...
  16. oatis

    capel pachanoi

    hey guys just wondering if any one can help with an ID on this girl we call her "capel pach " suspecting maybe some peru in there ..... maybe still alittle young to ID ...........is an amazing cacti
  17. oatis

    Estonia... much mushroom so amaze many spore

    nice post man .... wicked pike
  18. oatis

    H1 bridgesii

    spine formation on the h1 is unreal
  19. oatis

    H1 bridgesii

    one summers growth seems to be growing fast such a nice bridge ..
  20. oatis

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    loving all these wild find pics