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  1. DarkSoul

    Pronouncing 'pachanoi'

    I've always pronounced it Pack-annoy.
  2. DarkSoul

    Site offline?

    For the last couple of days when I tried to visit the forum I got a 404 Not Found page come up. Did anyone else experience this? Does anyone know what may have caused it?
  3. DarkSoul


    Sorry for the late replies. I didn't check the thread until now. @Mr B Caapi. As far as I know they are just generic caapi. @YoungJD22 I have a couple left, I'll pm you.
  4. DarkSoul

    Why my Syrian Rue never flowers?

    Also, it is my understanding with most plants that to promote flowering you should give them a fertilizer high in potassium.
  5. DarkSoul

    Why my Syrian Rue never flowers?

    I have never had any trouble with the seeds germinating. But the plants always end up dying on me. I thought maybe that I was using too small a pot (I've found that to be the problem with other plants) so my latest seedlings I have put into larger pots. But after reading this thread I may also try adding some perlite and sand to the soil, plus some lime to buffer the ph and see how that goes.
  6. DarkSoul


  7. DarkSoul

    Microscopy Prints

    Cubensis on foil. $20 each or 3 for $50, or I can workout another deal if you want more. Only within Australia mainland please. Strains I have include- Golden Teacher Cambodian Escondido Albino A+ Creeper B+ John Allen Albino B+ PESA Nepal Texas
  8. DarkSoul

    p. viridis, hawaiian baby wood rose

    They aren't fresh, but they germinate easily. Just scarify them and soak them in water overnight before sowing. It may be hard to find someone willing to sell a plant. HBWR grow very quickly, and would probably be too large to post at a reasonable price. Unless you could find someone who is willing to let you pick it up in person.
  9. DarkSoul

    p. viridis, hawaiian baby wood rose

    Are you after seeds or plants? I have some HB Woodrose seeds.
  10. DarkSoul

    Passiflora Incarnata

    I bought the original plant from All Rare Herbs. That's all I know of the origin. None of my passionflower plants have fruited, they flower but don't develop into fruit. But they sprout pups regularly, which is how I get the extra plants.
  11. DarkSoul

    Trichs now not allowed on eBay?

    Now they've banned caapi on ebay as well. Come to think of it when I was selling caapi on there I was getting a lot of messages asking about using it to get high or make changa. I think if people could learn to be more discreet it would decrease the likelihood of certain things getting banned.
  12. DarkSoul


  13. DarkSoul

    Passiflora Incarnata

    I have several of these plants to sell. I’m thinking $25 for one or $40 for two or I can workout another deal if you want more. Comes with free express postage. Only within Australia mainland.
  14. DarkSoul


  15. DarkSoul


    All sold. Thanks.