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  1. DarkSoul

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I'd like to go if people actually show up this time.
  2. DarkSoul

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    I did stand the bags upright. But what does polarise mean? I didn't sterilise the leaves. What is the best way to do that? I left the leaves as they were when I picked them. I didn't cut or wound them, but I'll try that next.
  3. DarkSoul

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    I recently tried my hand at propagating psychotrias from leaf cuttings. I tried it with 4 different plants – a nexus and 3 viridis (generic, shipibo, and brazil). What I did was I picked some leaves off the plants, put some cutting powder on them (Yates cutting powder which contains indole acetic acid and naphthalene acetic acid). I then wrapped them in some wet paper towels and put them in some snaplock bags. I kept the bags in my house in a position where they’d get plenty of sunlight. After a few weeks most of the nexus’ had sprouted roots and new shoots. However all of the viridis just went brown and mouldy. I’ve since planted the nexus in some seedling trays with some coir, which I then put in a clear plastic box for the humidity. So I’ll see how they go. But does anyone have any advice on getting results with the viridis?
  4. DarkSoul

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    It was great to meet everyone yesterday.
  5. DarkSoul

    Meet up: Ipswich

    That's good. Let me know when you've locked it in and the time and place.
  6. DarkSoul

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I've never been to any of the meets but would like to go. But that's the same day as the Gold Coast meet up. You may want to choose a different date in case anyone wants to go to both.
  7. DarkSoul

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    I've never been to any of the meets but would like to. Where exactly is this?
  8. DarkSoul

    Pronouncing 'pachanoi'

    I've always pronounced it Pack-annoy.
  9. DarkSoul

    Site offline?

    For the last couple of days when I tried to visit the forum I got a 404 Not Found page come up. Did anyone else experience this? Does anyone know what may have caused it?
  10. DarkSoul


    Sorry for the late replies. I didn't check the thread until now. @Mr B Caapi. As far as I know they are just generic caapi. @YoungJD22 I have a couple left, I'll pm you.
  11. DarkSoul

    Why my Syrian Rue never flowers?

    Also, it is my understanding with most plants that to promote flowering you should give them a fertilizer high in potassium.
  12. DarkSoul

    Why my Syrian Rue never flowers?

    I have never had any trouble with the seeds germinating. But the plants always end up dying on me. I thought maybe that I was using too small a pot (I've found that to be the problem with other plants) so my latest seedlings I have put into larger pots. But after reading this thread I may also try adding some perlite and sand to the soil, plus some lime to buffer the ph and see how that goes.
  13. DarkSoul


  14. DarkSoul

    Microscopy Prints

    Cubensis on foil. $20 each or 3 for $50, or I can workout another deal if you want more. Only within Australia mainland please. Strains I have include- Golden Teacher Cambodian Escondido Albino A+ Creeper B+ John Allen Albino B+ PESA Nepal Texas
  15. DarkSoul

    p. viridis, hawaiian baby wood rose

    They aren't fresh, but they germinate easily. Just scarify them and soak them in water overnight before sowing. It may be hard to find someone willing to sell a plant. HBWR grow very quickly, and would probably be too large to post at a reasonable price. Unless you could find someone who is willing to let you pick it up in person.