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  1. Just got mine in the mail Talk about fast service! Thanks heaps rogdog & tantra
  2. manic

    Rubbish Pile Auction

    how much extra for the machette?
  3. manic

    Rubbish Pile Auction

  4. Im always up for trying new cacti seed if there are any left? cheers.
  5. Once a couple of years ago, while waiting at a bus stop and having my winter ever searching on the ground eye I came accross a nice few subs just sitting there right next to the bus stop. Looked like they were just growing in the dirt, there was a little bit of old rotting veg though. Needless to say the bus ride into town was quite fun. Not sure about cubes, they dont grow where I live but I know subs just love about any decomposing vegetation ie. pine forest, eucalypt forests where there is alot of leaf/wood matter breaking down on the forest floor.
  6. manic


    Bragging rights indeed, thanks for sharing lucky bastard
  7. manic

    Lion's Mane spores / culture

    Let me know if you have any luck, also very interested in growing some.
  8. manic

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    Happy Friday indeed, if only I didnt have to work at such a god awfull hour. Yes please on the seed
  9. manic

    ITS a miracle giveaway

    Oh dang! I have some of this growing at the moment cus I really wana try it, no where near fruiting though. Maybe next time hey Mr Bulit
  10. manic

    Beating a cultivation charge?

    I rekon ignorance is no excuse. Its just too easy otherwise for all aspects of law. Best of luck but.
  11. manic

    Proud as punch!

    A nine year old or not that is awesome!
  12. manic


    I got these little seedlings a couple of months ago, had three actually but one died. They are supposed to be iboga but I have recieved an email from the guy I got them from and hes not 100% sure he gave me the correct plants or not. Any help in id'ing would be great, cheers in advance.
  13. manic

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    Thank you Mr. Compost
  14. Not sure much on the facts but dexys are the bomb! Ive known some people who have been diagnosed and medicated since young, in my opinion they didnt actually have adhd it was just bad parenting and the easiest way to deal with a disruptive kid seems to be to drug them up according to some doctors! I would say those who say it has no effect could in most cases simply be due to a tolerance of adhd meds. Ask them how their teeth are, I personally know some people with adhd who say that the drugs dont do much in terms of a stimulant, but if you watch carefully they will unknowingly be grinding their teeth away and fidgety as fuck like any ol crack head.
  15. manic

    grafted seeds

  16. manic


    Not sure about that, ive got a lot of passionfruit growing and these are very different to them.
  17. manic

    tips for dealing with variegated cacti

    I sure hope neither of you paid $700 for a tiny cutting like the ones going on ebay atm....
  18. Recieved the beans today thanks bud! will be sure to reciprocate the favour one day cheers.
  19. manic

    Horsey ?

    im sure we wont be hanging too long!
  20. manic

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    Oh hella yes please! awesome not the easiest seeds to come by
  21. Hey zed can I grab one of the packs that ya still got available? Will send thru a pm
  22. manic

    Anyone have walking or top set onions?

    Hahahaha!!! awesome