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  1. PD.

    NE VIC Camping Trip 2012

    Just keep in mind the later it is the cooler itll be which is good for camping but not so good for fishing. Be good to meet ya finally jabez, ya should come mate.
  2. PD.

    Cacti Roofing

    man that would need to be one strong roof structure. The weight of the plants in a couple of years would be ridiculous!
  3. PD.

    2nd graft attempt (crest)

    Good stuff myco! Looks like itll take no problems. Ive done a couple more grafts of the crests, the mother plant of the one you got perished but not before i got a few more grafts out of it. Just waiting on some stock to root and ill get some more done.
  4. PD.

    Sausage Plant

    haha for sure. I thoought there was only the one clump in the bush block near the dam. Hard to pay attention out there some times lol.
  5. PD.

    Trichocereus Valida

    Ha, thats the impossible task B Still planning on headn over bro, few dramas to iron out first but ill let ya know.
  6. PD.

    happy birthday interbeing

    Happy birthday man, catch up wit ya soons. Havent seen ya around for a bit i guess ya still out the backyard potting up all those seedling seedlings ;)
  7. PD.

    Sausage Plant

    Is far from a bridgie, although im still undcecided whether to slot it into pachanoi or peruvianus. There is one nice stand of it at fields but i have seen a lot come out of SA and have got from both sources. Man SA has a ship load of cactus scattered about the place, just got a few pics from my uncle who is over there a fair bit. One picture is the mother of all pedros, i have seen some bigguns 6 or 7 mtrs but this one is ridiculous and with a jumbled pile of cuttings infront of it the size of a car lmao, gotta find out where it is. As for the climbing tree thing lol, a shade grown etoliated limb that falls onto a bracnch then bends back upward.... not really climbing but i guess ppl see things differently
  8. PD.

    T. bridgesii monstrouse clone A

    What, no strategically placed lophs in those shots zelly Nice garden mate. Naja - Seems the clone we have here will elongate and throw out areoles anywhere even on the tip. I have grown quiet a few that stretched out and looked like the one in niggles pic above, i think Rev had some similar. Different conditions and all that jazz. Still yet to get a crest from them, but i doubt it will happen, maybe once i get over 500 tbms ill see one.
  9. PD.

    American Militarism

    I know this is slightly off topic but when i started reading your last post tipz i couldnt help but think of David Lange at Oxford debate. Love this What happened to this kind of political leader? One opposed to the US military march across the world under the veil of nuclear threat/protection, not because his opposition would gain his country but just due to the ludicrous nature of the bomb and everything that having it implied
  10. PD.

    Nice ebay loph

    ebay member "snowdug" from tassie ey, havent seen dug around these parts for quiet some time. I wonder how long it will be before that one gets pulled from the ebay shelves.
  11. PD.

    NE VIC Camping Trip 2012

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Amz but any carp caught must be destroyed, it is also illegal to keep/hold live carp or return them to any water. Good reason for that though, they are feral and a huge pest, there is no way we can ever get rid of them completely but every dead carp helps!
  12. Dont even look at a microwave when putting down cactus seed.
  13. PD.

    NE VIC Camping Trip 2012

    yeh ya cant throw carp back but i use them in my shrimp net anyways Amz so they dont go to waste. If its a clean looking one why not cook it up and try it? I have tried them before and if i didnt know it was carp i would have eaten it all, to be honest it was better than the murray cod i caught on the same outing. I tried cooking carp many ways when i was younger and found a few good methods but a mate reckons straight on the coals of a fire is the best way to cook them, havent tried it as yet. Cod arent really that good especially at the legal size which is 60cms, bit fatty and lots muddy, ya cant beat redfin. I reckon they made the legal keeping size as such so more ppl would be inclined to throw them back rather than eat them, much much better eating at around 40cms but to be caught in possession of an undersize fish could mean losing all your fishing gear, boat if you are in one and a huge fine. If there is a few coming from melbs youd be able to get a ride im sure, failing that why not jump on the train? only cost around $30 for a return ticket (conc) and i could get ya from the train station, easy.
  14. PD.

    NE VIC Camping Trip 2012

    Ill leave it up to you guys to nut out a date..... man, that just doesnt sound right at all. "Hey peter, what did you get up to last night?" "Oh not much really, it was a tad boring so i went and saw jeffery who, to my surprise told me he would like to nut out my date"...... Thats filth PD, god you are an idiot cant you just grow up and show just a hint of maturity. It wasnt me. Anyways, like i was saying before Etherealdrifter took over my brain and dropped it in the gutter, i wont put in my 2c for a date, if its after school hols then i can pretty much only do weekends, if its before then im good to go any time. Be good if you could make it to this one Indigo , i think the one you missed was when it absolutely pissed rain, a few ppl didnt make it due to the weather but we still had an awesome time A boat would be sweet if you could wrangle that sharxxie, cover heaps more area and find the deep holes where the huge buggers live. The site has plenty of shade and it aint tinder dry as it can be some years but ill setup the gazeebo regardless, is good to have a 100% shaded area for eskies and assorted goods. Chairs or hammocks are a good idea to bring along although getting sina out of your hammock may be a problem. If ya gonna bring your fishing rod then id suggest getting some braided line around the 30lb mark, it will save you hooks and sinkers if you get snagged as the hook will generally bend before the line snaps and if you hook a big fish it wont break the line either. I have 30lb braid and havent snapped it at all even though my rods are often left sitting out in the sun which can ruin line fast. You dont need huge fishing rods either, just a good quality 5 to 6ft spinning setup would be good enough, not too light though! Braid, must have the braid!!!!! Fishing licenses ya can get at lots of places (the servo here sells them if ya need) and ya can get them for one day or up to one year, if you have a pension card ya dont need a fishing license. I have been thinking about getting a shower/toilet for camping also, see how funds go but i should have it sorted by the time you guys get ya nuts out of Ethereal drifters arse. mmmmmm slow cooked lamb shanks, man they are good, which reminds me, gotta clean the bloody camp oven from last weeks adventure. Woooo campin woo. blah blah blah woo.
  15. I have 10 packets of A. phleb seed up for grabs, each packet contains 10 seeds. Please send me a PM with your addy then post here so ppl can see when they are all gone. Those that post here and do not send me a PM with their addy will not get any seeds, simple. Also, please consider your ability to germinate and care for this plant before putting your hand up! Seeds will be sent in a padded post pack. cheers.
  16. PD.

    NE VIC Camping Trip 2012

    Jan 24th is a tuesday...... is that when you meant Eth? I can do then, after the end of jan school hols are over so i can only do weekends then...... I went out to the site for a few days during the week, the river is very high atm but id expect it to go down again if there is some more rain on the way. Did a little fishing and got 3 cod, one monster 75cm, one 56cm and one tiny lil one about 25cm also caught a carp on cheese for the first time. The conditions were right though, river rising and hot days with hardly a breeze. I didnt really do much fishing after the first day catching the 2 bigger fish. Anyways, i got a pic of the big cod, i brought him home then decided to let him go, he swam off happily into the river, just cant kill the big ones anymore. I think its a bit of a waste especially when i dont enjoy the flavour as much compared to other freshwater fish like redfin which are feral in the hume dam. Ill put up a pic of him later.
  17. PD.

    local botanical gardens

    A tbm at a public garden? That in itself is unusual afaic, from what you have mentioned it seems they have a reasonable variety of echinopsis(trich) albeit unhealthy. Why do you say that? i think it would be hard to judge the intention of use from how it has been cut down? Is the plant still there or has it gone entirely? If the other plants are in such terrible shape then it may have succumb to rot and been removed. I hope they take you up on the offer of volunteering, well done mate, some cactus gardens in public spaces i have seen are not well cared for at all and need ppl such as yourself that would take the time to give them what they need just for the love of doing it!
  18. PD.

    Acacia seed giveaway

    Yeh obviously due to holidays, all packages were sent in one lot on the 22nd or 23rd (cant recall the exact date). Packages for OS members were sent at the same time. ditto, one thread where everyone can put their success and failures, will help those others that want to have a go at growing them in the future. I have more seed now, just gotta get around to working out a way to get seed out to everyone. I thought about making up 50-100 small packs and then sending the whole lot to the first person that posts in a thread, then they take a pack out and send the lot on to the second person and so on. The only downfalls would be that someone may take more than one package, take a few extra out of each package, keep the lot or may just not post it to the next person quick enough. In other words it could get messed up quiet easily and there goes a large lot of precious seeds, a waste of time and a waste of me doin the 3 hour round trip to the mountain not to mention the time spent getting the seeds separated from the pods and stuff. Anyways, ill work something out and there will be seeds for more ppl. Apologies to those that got no reply from PMs sent to me in regards to this give-away, pls understand i got a fair amount and i only replied to those that got in first and got the seeds sent to them. Thanks.
  19. PD.

    All done.

    Some excellent specimens in there, i had forgotten about the monstrose cuzco thing, looks like its plodding along slowly but healthy none the less you sure that label is right? looks more like eileen, bruce or even Jb.
  20. PD.

    Coins and Bills

    They are worth around 8 - 10 dollars lol. I got a heap of coins from my grandfathers collection when he passed away years ago, my mum also has a large collection but i havent looked at either lot in years. My fav out of my mums collection is a couple of old Australian paper 5 dollar notes that are printed with the wrong colour, im sure they would be worth a bit.
  21. PD.

    Roadside Drug Swabs

    A good mate got swabbed after leaving a house where he had just smoked cannabis, he tested + with the swab and was taken to the station. He said he chewed a heap of baccy on the way and the swab at the station was -. He wasnt blood tested, just re-swabbed but he kept his license. I do agree though that it seems far fetched and is probably more likely a result of an inconsistent test rather than chewing a bit of baccy. If my license were at risk i would give it a crack though, I very rarely see pot these days let alone smoke it so got nada to be concerned about. Another example of inconsistent testing was when another friend tested + for cannanbis, then back at the station they swabbed him again and got a - result so they tried AGAIN and they got a + for meth........ they had searched his car and found used/empty baggies so i guess they HAD to get him for something, can just see it happening. "Just keep swapping him till we get a hit cuntstable, one of these things is bound to be faulty" Ha, wouldnt surprise me at all if the tests are all marked and the filth know what the result of each test is going to be, "Grab one of the meth swabs sarge, looks like we got a speed freak coming up the road here"
  22. So ive had a lil break from the forums for a good few months now and I think im bout due to waste some more time kickn around these parts. `I have been spending a bit of time trying to get my plants back into reasonable condition after some serious neglect, doing grafts, potting on and for the first time in a couple of seasons i have done a heap of pollinating tricho stylee. Not gon count my chickens but im sure ill see some fruit set and some nice hybrids. I have caught up with a few of you over the time ive been away from here but as for others i trust you are well and T has been riding around on a miniature goat whipping those that get out of line, mmmmm goat. I will be having an auction of some choice genetics as soon as i get around to taking pics, stay tuned. Amazonian, you were right, i couldnt stay away, I have a nice TBM here with your name on it. Niggles, more seed ready if you need, Ethdrifter, ummmmm i forget and of course, big thanks to EG for keepn the cactus forum nice and tidy ;) Is good to be home
  23. For sale are the two following packs of tricho seedlings/plants. Each pack will also come with a 1ft cutting of psycho0 and baggie of loph seeds which obviously arent pictured, packs are $100 each and buyer is to pay postage. All plants will be sent with appropriate labels. Will send anywhere except OS. pack 1 - J1 x pach pc - 300mm, 200mm, 180mm pach pc x psycho0 - 270mm, 230mm, 60mm psycho0 x yowie - 150mm, 110mm icaro peruvi - 140mm, 160mm terscheckii x psycho0 - 160mm, 160mm pack 2 - J1 x pach pc - 280mm, 230mm, 150mm pach pc x psycho0 - 280mm, 200mm psycho0 x yowie - 180mm, 160mm icaro peruvi - 130mm, 120mm terscheckii x psycho0 150mm, 130mm also - T. validus - 160mm terscheckii x psycho0 - 110mm + 2 small seedlings $30 plus postage. Please PM for details
  24. PD.

    Tricho plants for sale

    All done. Will be more soon enough.