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  1. PD.

    WA Season

    Dont worry, its the same for me over here in Vic. Whilst Melbourne gets all the regular autumnul weather, here in the north east of the state have had one lot of rain at the start of the season. This was enough for ONE really good flush but since then there hasnt been a drop and it is as dry now as it was before the rain. When i was younger i remember starting the season at the end of april/start of may. Over the past ten years though it has been reeally dry and a "late" start to the fungi season, alot of my favorite patches dont start fruiting till late june. They will come. eventually.
  2. PD.

    Long spines

    Thanks Archaea. I have no idea about the background of the cactus, it came from a large collection. The people i got it from bought the house with all the cacti and have no idea where any of them were sourced. Judging from the size of some of the cacti it looks as though they have been there for some time.
  3. PD.

    Happy Bithday Young Tripper!

    Ahhhhh, to be 21 hope you have/had a big one dude. and hope you have an awsome day.
  4. I was lucky enough to be the first person to arrive at the sale of a cactus collection. For $100 i got hundreds of specimens although not a great deal of variety. this is what i got, 1 T.pach 8 foot tall with three arms, but i had to cut it to 5 to get it in the trailer The two cousins, One 2 foot C. peruvianus monstrose and a 9 footer still there in the ground waiting for me This one is a mystery to me, it looks like a monstrose form but some of it has gone cristrate I also need an I.D. on this one beacause i now have hundereds of them. I also got heaps and heaps of lobivia sp. I think the small one i asked an I.D. for may also be a lobivia but i am relatively new to the cacti world so i dont have much of an idea. Also got five golden barrels, heaps of peanut cactus and there is still more waiting there for me. Why so cheap you ask? Well a couple moved into the house and decided they would prefer a vegie patch rather than cacti everywhere. "Any that arent sold are going into the skip" was the reply i got when i asked what the plans were for the unsold ones. "in that case, I will take all the unsold ones" was my speedy reply. There is still hundereds there and i need more pots, sand and potting mix. I think i may go crazy. The succulents are all free aswell, I do not have a great deal of interest in them but if they need to be rescued, i will oblige and give them away to anyone that wants them. Oh yeah..... Any suggestions for removing a 9x5foot C peruvianus Monstrose? Sorry about the picture quality once again, my daughter Ellie decided the camera needed a bath so all i have now is the video camera
  5. PD.

    Spotty Subs

    WOW I get alot of subs that also have this colouration but nowhere near the extent of that. I just assumed it was some sort of insect damage as the younger, viscid mushies rarely seem to have it, only more matured semi dry specimens. One patch in particular seems to get alot of these "stained" ones popping up, although this patch is the last to fruit out of all the ones i know of around here. It would be good to finally find out what really causes this. Sweet find alkatrope.
  6. PD.

    Another Noob ID please

    Yeah they are psilocybes. They look a little old, so go check the spot whenever you like and look in similar spots in the area, you should get lucky. have fun.
  7. PD.

    Newbie please I.D

    Dude that fungi in the third and fourth picture look a hell of alot like Omphalotus nidiformis. Although i have never seen them fruiting off trees(up off the ground) where i live, apparently they are more common on trees in W.A. but i guess it could happen anywhere. They usually fruit right at the bottom of stumps and trees here. Go out and have a look at it after dark, you may get a pleasant suprise.
  8. PD.

    Can I get an I.D. please

    I got back out there today to get another load. It looks like there is still enough there to keep me busy for a day or two........ or should that be a year or two There are little ones all in the grass through this garden. All this is only 8 months neglect.
  9. PD.

    Ice in NZ

    Yeah, i have heard the same. Around $100 for a point of descent stuff. Why would you bother. Then again i have heard all that sort of SHIT(pills speed smack) is very pricey over there.
  10. PD.

    Ice in NZ

    Wow...... One million a kilo. .....because the dude buying the 8.2kg was gonna sell it all off in points Good news though, the less we have of this shit around in any country the better. (i would have punched me for saying that a few years back)
  11. PD.

    Can I get an I.D. please

    Thanks for that guys. I am going out to get some more today and this time i will have a camera so i can show the rest of the collection. I will keep you in mind rev, i think i should keep them for awhile just to see how they fare after the move and to keep an eye on any pests. pics later.
  12. PD.

    Can I get an I.D. please

    Thanks for that EG, I would really like to know the name of the one in the fourth and fifth picture too if anyone can help. I only have one reference book here and it isnt a great help. If anyone out there can identify it correctly for me i will send you two pups from it. ^_^
  13. PD.


    Haha. I have seen a few of your posts at bluelight. I too got sucked into this abyss of myths and ignorance, the whole forum is supposed to be about harm reduction and all the little girls and boys there just want to argue. I gave up on it cause its all about dick sizing and who (pretends to)knows more. The majority of them are kids still at home with mum and dad, its little shits such as these that cause all the trouble when they fuck around with things they dont, or dont want to understand.
  14. PD.

    A little sub story

    Hypholoma australe. It is not mistaken to the extent that it is collected and comsumed. Alot of people i have taken out mistake these different mushies for psilocybes because the are only learning to identify. The first thing they notice is any mushie that has a orange, brown, caramel or honey coloured caps. The brick cap has caught my eye a few times this season, there has been nil rain since the first flush of subs and things have almost ground to a halt, so any little glimpse of the familiar colour in the undergrowth warrants investigation. and i forgot to mention, that is awsome naja, keep the pics comming. Lets see how long "your" season goes for. well done.
  15. Interesting.... A friend tried some "tea" last night, and to improve the flavour he added some orange juice. Now i know it is a lemon juice experiment but i had completely forgotten about this (shroomery)thread until now. 12 medium sized subs were used for his tea. It was not boiled, but allowed to heat gradually in a hot water bath over an hour. Another friend consumed an equal amount of fresh subs without preparing them in any manner(other than the obligatory clean). The tea was not an intense trip and he reported it was extremely mild, the other friend however seemed to enjoy his journey. I guess there are alot of variables with this experiment and it was orange juice not lemon juice so they will have to do it again. personally i prefer my produce fresh.
  16. PD.

    A little sub story

    No, i have never tasted them, nor has anyone that i know. The Brick cap mushroom (Hypholoma sublateritium) is suspected of being midly poisonous and apparently has a bitter taste. Hypholoma fasciculare is also recorded as having a repulsively bitter taste.
  17. PD.

    A little sub story

    That "imposter" may be of the Hypholoma genus. Hypholoma sublateritium maybe. a wood lover with purple brown to puprle black spore print. Have seen alot of these this season. Another member of this genus, Hypholoma australe, is also confused with psilocybes, alot of people i have taken out come back with them by mistake but they have a more green tinge than any blue staining.
  18. PD.

    tips for myco eating grubs

    Here ya go hebrew. Sorry it took so long to get the pics up. Hope they help.
  19. PD.


    Nah it wasnt hydrophanous pigmentation, the only real change after collection was the typical blueing of a psilocybe. They were slightly viscid upon picking and have dried to the same colour.
  20. PD.


    I found these mushies today on a trip to Mt. Buffalo. At first i thought that they must have been old or washed out and lost all their colour, but they were fresh, and the larger one didnt even have any insect damage yet. I put some subs of the regular shade in the pics for comparison, these are from the same vicinity as the "albinos" I have never seen subs as white as this before, i have seen very light shades in their colouring but not white. Has anyone seen or have photos of any other white subs? sorry about the pic quality, i only had the video camera tonight.
  21. PD.

    Fears held for Tree of Knowledge's survival

    How the fuck can anyone, even a simple moron, gain any sort of satisfaction out of an act such as this. It is just really fuckin sad. utter utter bastard.
  22. PD.

    Ps.Subaeruginosa growing on Brugmansia

    I found a heap of subs under an A. melanoxylon recently, the ground was covered in phyllodes and not much else. As for the subs on phleb, I have found them in the vicinity of phlebs but not underneath growing off any part of the acacia
  23. PD.

    Ps.Subaeruginosa growing on Brugmansia

    In the areas i hunt in N.E. vic there are pine and native forest. Over the years i have found that the potency varies a little from patch to patch, but native and pine seem to make little difference. I do however prefer the ones that dwell with the natives.
  24. PD.


    Haha, yeah thats already under way E. Cant say they will be the most sterile prints but there will be prints none the less. I only took the mushrooms that are in the photo and they were fairly small, but there should be more popping up it the same spot(i hope) to get some better prints.