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  1. PD.

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    We recieved a small sprinkling of rain recently, nowhere near enough, but enough to get me into those dark mountain valleys. The area i find these psilos is in a well shaded valley so the tiny bit of rain we had may have produced something...... its worth a look. It seems Melbournes season has slowed. I wandered through Authurs seat N.P. yesterday and they were few and far between although some of the specimens were absolute giants, massive, you could almost live in them.
  2. PD.

    Cactus variegation caused by?

    I havent had them very long but as soon as they flower the pics will be in the gallery
  3. PD.

    Cactus variegation caused by?

    Yeah, it was like that when i got it. I bought about 40 or so clumps of this type of cacti, each clump had anywhere between 5 and 20 offsets and this was the only one that looked like that.
  4. PD.

    Cactus variegation caused by?

    is this what you are talking about Teo? I thought it was sick at first, but it is a different yellow colour to the other sick ones i have seen. None of the offsets have the yellowing though.
  5. I finally got around to getting some pics of the cactus that lives up the road. The owner said she put it in the ground in 1988 and has never done a thing to it, not even water. I asked nicely and was granted three cuttings all over five foot long .
  6. PD.

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    well, i havent got many specimens of anything this season . The psilocybes in question look like subs although the caps are usually a little darker caramel and the stem and cap a bit thicker than other subs from the same area, they do usually stain alot more than the others aswell. A friend who picked one of the psilocybes about five years ago still goes on about how "black" the mushie went after he removed it from the roo poo.
  7. PD.

    Friendly neighbour.

    Yeah i took her a C. peruvianus monstrose in return a few days later.
  8. PD.

    Friendly neighbour.

    . Thanks for that.
  9. PD.

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    I occaisionally find active psilocybes growing directly from kangaroo or wallaby droppings. There is one area i know of in N.E. Vic where i see this more often than other spots though..... i may have to look futher into this. Now.... where is that rain?
  10. PD.

    Friendly neighbour.

    hope this works......
  11. PD.

    Friendly neighbour.

    She had heaps of flowers in late January/early feb.... I think. My memory isnt that good, haha it is pretty shit actually. But yeah i think it had just finished flowering when i got the cuttings, which was late feb, i think.
  12. PD.

    My first seed grow setup

    haha.... love the lamp stand.
  13. Thought some of you may be interested in this. Ebay
  14. PD.

    From the local paper

    ROFLMAO That is gold.
  15. PD.

    Bargain TBM's

    On a family outing today i noticed a very small nusery just up the road and had to go check it out. On the first stand as i walked in was heaps of tiny cacti all for $1 each, in amongst them i found these. The one on the right is a little sad, even though the soil is wet the the main part of it is severely dehydrated. Would bare rooting and a bit of dry warm air remedy this problem, or something else? These are my first tbm's so any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. PD.

    Bargain TBM's

    Yeah iam gonig to repot, i was just wondering if i should let the dehydrated one dry a bit before i do this because it is saturated.(like most nusery cacti) The larger of the two is fine and the soil is JUST damp, so he gets a new home straight away.
  17. PD.

    Ps.Semilanceata - the search continues

    finally........ Today it has finally start to rain, lightly. If it continues like this for four or five days we may be in luck. *leaves computer and continues rain dance*
  18. PD.

    Ps.Semilanceata - the search continues

    Things arent looking good at all for any sort of fungal growth in the N.E.. I remember posting in the aussie finds thread "looks like this season is going to be awesome", I was gravely mistaken. I have said to a few friends that if we dont get another flush before the end of june I am gonna call "worst season ever". The early rains got things going really well in a few patches but since then there has not been a drop, even the first lot of rain harldy touched the buffalo/bright region. I am heading to the mountain in the next week to check on some things so i will take a look around up a bit higher and see if there is any action........but i doubt there will be this is the dryest Autumn/winter i can remember..
  19. PD.


    unknown specimen. Maybe Echinopsis
  20. PD.

    Where to get 16 gauge needles?

    You should be able to get them at a pharmacy somewhere. The pharmacys in the closest regional city to me mostly only have the small insulin syringes but one (soul pattison)has any size barrel you need and any size tip(needle), try one of their pharmacys if you can find one. They are usually cheap too, under a dollar for a barrel and tip.
  21. PD.

    Cactusgirl .. strange mutation ..

    lol Is that from rooting cuttings?
  22. PD.

    can i get an id on this please

    That looks like a Cereus. As for the second part of the question, i too would like some input into that.
  23. PD.

    Acacia Confusa

    Isnt A. confusa a weed/pest in Hawaii?
  24. PD.

    Found some more please I.D?

    Try "mushrooms and toadstools of Australia" by C.J. Shepard and C.J. Totterdell. Excellent book. or "Fungi of southern Australia" by Neale L. Boughee and Katrina Syme. This one is more for our friends in W.A. but still a good reference none the less.
  25. PD.

    Long spines

    On a large Trich i obtained recently i noticed some very long spines in various spots the longest being 24mm. Is it common for T. pach to have some longer spines or is this another trich or hybrid?