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  1. PD.

    tips for myco eating grubs

    I guess the easiest way to avoid these little maggots is to pick the freshest mushies. Usually you can see on the cap where they have been munching their way thruough on the inside, so just avoid those. OR, you could do what i did... I built a little cupboard type thing. It has a door, a lid to control temp a bit and a gap down the bottom so a fan or small fan heater can be directed inside. Inside it has five cake cooling racks that slide in and out. The temp inside the unit is measured using a digital thermometer used for aquariums. most of the time i can get away with just using a small fan in the lounge where it is reasonably warm but other times a heater is needed. This dries the mushies out fast enough to get rid of the maggots or at least dries the mushie before they devour it. hope i explained that ok, i will try and get some pics up soon.
  2. PD.

    Victorian Acacia

    I would be a little careful with that one.
  3. PD.

    Lactarius deliciosus

    Only the things i mentioned in my post above. When i first started to go out looking for mushies i thought that these were poisonous. That was until i decided to find out what they were. Now they would have to be my favorite edible. Good for breakfast lunch and dinner, they can be cooked almost any way you desire although i prefer them in pasta or noodle dishes.
  4. More young people in my area use pills(ecstasy,k,speed or whatever else is in them at the time) than smoke pot. In fact not many young people smoke pot around here anymore at all. Its easier to get go-ee or pills than a gram of pot, that is, for the younger kids. I dont know where they get their info from but the think that the pills arent doing any damage nor are they going to do any long term damage so they down them like lollies. i.e. 10 to 20 in a weekend. That is just my area, anyway i must retreive my weight of smack from my green oozing bra and have a taste with my old buddy satan.
  5. PD.

    Lactarius deliciosus

    Here ya go Prier. Lactarius Deliciosus. Look for the green staining, hollow stem and the orange "blood" when you cut them.
  6. The word gets around fairly quickly without help from the government.
  7. PD.

    'Amazon Stonehenge' found in Brazil

    Its a shame that all our ancient knowledge has been lost or destroyed. There is so much evidence that ancient civilisations were complex and intelligent societies that had had a secret knowledge of the world\universe around them. If we today were as smart as the ancient people, i doubt we would have let ourselves go down the path we have chosen. Maybe when we realise we are the dominant species here to protect all and not to plunder all, we as humans will see the errors of our ways and may even move forward as a civilisation.
  8. PD.

    Oh its Time for idiots again...

    you are obviously not from an area that is heavily infested with bogans that care only for how "fucked up" they can get on whatever substance is available.
  9. PD.

    Oh its Time for idiots again...

    We can all live in hope. I hope that our good friends the subs teach them a lesson they will never forget. I know of a few places like this, although one spot at a well known lookout is used by people as a spot for car mixes(smoking weed). I havent been there for many years but last time i was there, myself and a friend attemted to clean it up a bit. We found over a dozen bongs and we took four shopping bags full of rubbish from the area and it was still filthy. It is such a well known spot iam surprised that the council or whoever manages the area hasnt installed a bin, so i guess they are to blame also. Then again what stoner is going to utilise a bin when they can do what everyone else does and just toss it out the window. Such a nice spot turned to shit, its not that hard to take your rubbish home and bin it.
  10. PD.

    Cheap Saffron

    Well i got another person to sample .15g of the saffron. "looks like tobacco a bit........ shit, it even smells like it a bit......... doesnt taste that bad, but, yeah, it sort of tastes like tobacco, just it doesnt burn or taste that bitter." Was his initial response. That was the extent of his experience. No effects were felt that he could attribute to the saffron.
  11. Obviously the chance was there for the cichlids. Most animals that have a lage number of offspring, in turn, have a large number of predators. Most of the predators these animals have take the oppourtunity to feast on the young as the hatch or born. If the cichlids were the first fish in the rift lakes then perhaps the predators were in too small a number to make any difference. Then again the predator for one cichlid is probably another cichlid, hmmmmmm. Maybe it is because they are just such an intelligent fish! sorry to go so far off topic
  12. Very good point, although i am not surprised at the rate at which the cichlids evolved. Fish generally produce a far larger amount of offspring therefore creating a larger range of diversity within each spawn. Have you ever had the oppurtunity to breed these fish? They are (mostly) highly territorial and protective of their young, thus a larger amount (compared to other non agressive species) survive to further diversify the species. They are awesome to watch right through the breeding cycle, if you are into fish or aquariums i strongly suggest getting a few juveniles and see if any pair off, it is well worth it.
  13. While i agree that 15,000 years is a very short time for all the breeds of dogs to descend from one ancestor. I dont beleive that is has anything to do with evolution, rather the selective breeding by man to create the animal suitable for his purpose, whatever that may be.
  14. PD.

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    Yeah, sorry, I wouldnt have a clue about the Blue mountains but i am sure someone else here knows the areas up there. Generally you find them in the more established/older pine stands (pinus radiata).
  15. PD.

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    ^ Just look for pine trees my friend.
  16. PD.

    Cheap Saffron

    Yeah what Alice said. I had somewhere between sixty and seventy threads (.15g) and proceeded to mow my lawn. After a while i noticed that i was smiling and on the verge of laughing, but i have no idea what about, the chore seemed very enjoyable though. This was relativley short lived, so later in the day after i had finished all my garden maintenance i decided to try .25g whilst Nat my partner consumed .15g. The .25g made me very relaxed but the euphoria seemed diminished compared to the initial dose, Nat seemed to think that it was a little uplifting and did help her get through the day on only half a cigarette(she smokes up to twenty a day). I still have a little left so i will share with someone else and post the results at a later date. Thanks again DQD.
  17. PD.

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    The mushrooms in the second picture look like Lactarius Deliciosus. They stain green/blue although it is closer to a green. They also bleed and orange colour when you break them or cut them and the stem is hollow. I am guessing you found these under pine trees yeah? And as the name implies, they are delicious. Although, without a proper id, I would hesitate to consume them. Oh yeah, the ones in the first pic look like subs to me.
  18. PD.


    Awsome, haha, my daughter was fascinated by this, she loved it.
  19. New lots of seed on ebay. T bridgesii T pachanoi T peruvianus T terscheckii All starting at $4.50 for 25 seeds. there are also some T. pach and T. peru seeds(100 each pack) for $15. There was Bridgesii but i snatched them up.
  20. PD.

    Ps.subaeruginosa alkaloid maxima study

    BM, were the samples collected from the same area or many different locations?
  21. Nine lophs have just been put up for auction on Ebay. Looks like the same seller that sold the 7cm specimen. There is also some loph seeds for auction. two packets of 100+ seeds and one packet of 200+ seeds!
  22. PD.

    Reading Material

    The producers guide is good, apart from the fact that pages ten and eleven are not there. Any chance of getting them Evil?
  23. What about SIN? I had a black female lab once, her name was Five. My canine companion at present is a little female Stafforshire bull terrier named Geisha, she is a loyal friend and staunch protector of my daughter. I never really thought much of staffies until I got her, now i dont think i could have any other sort of dog.