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  1. 1 hour ago, Halcyon Daze said:



    "Papaver somniferum var. paeoniflorum" flowers look like a peony flower :)



    They're some of my favorites because the blooms last more than a day. The bees have a hard time penetrating the thick dense petals though.

    They're "rumoured" to be strong too.

  2. 28 minutes ago, mcgrath111 said:

    Great work Glaukus - very generous :)


    Are you not legally allowed to sow them? (I've been trying to find out legality in VIC, and could only see that they were determined a noxious weed).


    Thank you, 


    Apologies, with a slightly different search I found: "It is illegal to take, use, sell or grow poppies without a licence from the Victorian Government. Illegal possession of poppy plant parts or substances derived from poppies is a criminal offence and attracts heavy penalties." I've always seen poppies growing around, and thought it was fine....Guess I should remove the one's from my front yard lol.

    I know a lot of people grow them ornamentally, but yes, it is illegal. A judge might throw out a case of your nana growing a few heirloom cottage flowers, but I'd hate to see anyone get themselves in trouble.

  3. 5 hours ago, SayN said:

    i've been pondering this all week...


    And I think it's actually quite simple: anything that doesn't/wouldn't exist without me is me.  An 'extension' of me without wanting to sound cliche.


    The original idea came to me after I had just walked across a dew-covered park one morning.  When I looked back and saw my footsteps, I could see and feel me and my life leading back from where I'd come from.


    So yes to all those things man. Memories too. Even your breath god dammit! :)


    I'm thinking this is a probably a bastardisation of the quantum physics theory of 'entanglement'.


    Lastly, it's important to also differentiate between "me" and "you".  Just because I have a memory of you in my head - which is an extension of you - we are not the same or necessarily one.  Rather a small piece of you lives inside me.  (Trapped perhaps :)).

    "Me" and "you" = "we"

  4. Thanks for your thoughtful and considered reply. I should add that I'm not seeking answers to these questions. I welcome responses though! I just thought I'd share in case someone else found it helpful, I sometimes go through this when I'm feeling ungrounded and anxious.

    The physical is easier to explore this way because you perceive the physical. If we were to perform the same exercise for mental processes it becomes more difficult. But it's equally worthwhile to ponder. Eg. Am I my thoughts? If so, who is it that thinks them? When I talk to myself in my head, who is speaking? And who is listening? Etc.


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  5. Where do I begin and end?


    An interesting exercise I like to go through is to think about where I start and end.

    From a purely physical point of view, is my body a part of me? If I answer "yes", where does my body begin?

    What are my physical boundaries?


    I suppose it is obvious to some that my body has a torso, head, arms, legs etc. What about my hair and nails? They are part of my body and grow from my body, but what about after I have shed them? Are they still part of me then?

    What about the food I eat? Is it a part of me before I eat it? Is it a part of me while I am digesting it? What about my waste? Is it a part of me while I carry it inside my body? If so, is it still part of me after I have expelled it?

    Is my boundary defined as my skin edges? What about the warmth my body generates that surrounds me? Is that part of me? My breath?

    What about my senses? What are my senses? Are they also bound to the perception of the "external"? If I see and hear and taste and smell, are the sensations part of me? Does that extend to the source of the perception? I can see the Sun, where does the sun end and "me" begin? I can hear a long way into the distance, does the sound I perceive exist without me perceiving it? If not, does that make it part of me?


    What of my memories? What of others' memories of me? Are memories of me part of me? If I existed at all and memories are part of me, can I ever be non existent?


    When did I begin as a body? I was born, but I grew into a body before I was born. The parts that came together to create my body existed before I was created in my parents, and their parents before them...


    When does my body stop being part of me? When I die? If so, is my body like my hair and nails and waste? Part of me until I shed it? If so, is my body me at all if I can shed it and still exist? 


    I don't have any answers.


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  6. 5 lots of pap seeds to give away for active members.


    Each lot will include:

    -Izmir earlybird

    -Turkish commercial

    -Orange chiffon

    - Pink peoniflorum

    - Large lush lilac

    - cottage mix (purple shredded, red/black, flags etc)

    And whatever else I have on hand.


    To claim a pack, you must have posted within the last month.

    Comment below and I'll message the first 5 responders.
















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  7. 9 hours ago, Halcyon Daze said:

    I've had something similar to this which turned out to be a rat in the garden. Came back a few nights in a row. Yours looks like it could be mice. Maybe try  the old 'wine bottle over a bucket of water' trap. You may have a bit of a mouse plague and not know it.

    I think all the recent wet weather has flushed a lot of rodents out. My cat has been bringing me at least one a week at the moment. Which would be fine if he didn't knock over a bunch of cactus pots in the process.

  8. I have found seed retailers of this species to be very unreliable, I have never received any true to type when I've ordered. Or the seeds had close to zero germination. I believe seeds should be almost white for this variety...


    Good luck, they look very pretty.

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  9. 6 hours ago, trucha said:

    Names circulating with clones can be troublesome. If that pachanoi originated in the wild near Matucana a hybrid would seem likely but it was more likely brought there as live material from elsewhere. It is a representative of what is often considered a desirable pachanoi as can be found elsewhere and there is no reason to think plants that match this are just as desirable.

    Here are some old historical history that might be helpful if anyone is not aware of its origin. The first one is a photo from Geronimo showing that smooth pachanoi along with 4 other "san pedros". This is what started my looking into asking how to get one of each.


    The next photo was part of what Kitzu wqas sharing while we were discussing these and the question of how to get them into the US.


    The cropped strip shows what arrived after a year tangle with the post office (they shipped with no IDs, labelling or phytosanitary and arrived showing disease so it was lucky we managed to get them)

    The pachanoi in the third image are what Ogunbodede analyzed and grew into what was distributed; mostly by me and at least one by Martin.


    Love your work too Trucha.

    There seems to be, in the first and last pictures, at least two plants which are not even Trichocereus. Plant labelled "san pedro delgado espinoza 14 puntas" looks like a haageocereus. And the far right "san pedro ancash 6 puntas/bridgesii" looks like maybe a stenocereus? Assuming this is why you mention san pedro with inverted commas!