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  1. @Evil Genius Thanks brother, it's good to have your trusted input. That's at least half in their right place
  2. Hey guys, I've been out of the country for over a year and left a mate to care for my cacti. Most made it but a few were neglected and are yellowing or missing the identification labels. I was hoping those of you with a more experienced eye could help me confirm their identities. A few I know are normal T. Pachanoi, and there should be a skyboat as well, but I had a t.patch crossed with a SS02 and a T. Bridgesii x SS02. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) Any confirmations I can get from you guys would be great, it's going to be a long process to nurse them back to health. Cheers
  3. Hey all, I found a small beautiful gathering of Acacia trees North of the River near Joondalup Anyone know what types of Acacia these are?
  4. I wasn't aware it's against the rules, thanks for the info guys!
  5. I'm interested in purchasing a few cacti this season to multiply but I have very limited space so I need to choose wisely. Based on demand and entheogenic qualities which would you recommend from the following list: T. Bridgesii T. Bridgesii X SS02 T. Bridgesii True Blue T. Bridgesii Semi-Mons T. Pachanoi T. Pachanoi Skyboat T. Peruvianus T. Peruvianus X T.Macrogonus Ayacucho Omar X T.Peruvianus SS01 X SS02
  6. Sol


    Big mumma Scop late flowering
  7. I have a Datura Metel and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seedling as well as a few T Scop cuts left I'm interested in swapping if anyone is keen. I'm after any established Peganum harmala or Khat seedlings. Cheers
  8. Sol

    Khat seedlings (Perth)

    I have some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seedlings which are preferable to ipomea violacea in my opinion. Also Datura Metel seedlings if your keen for a swap.
  9. Cheers mate, Awesome doing a swap with you and thank you once more for those beautiful little freebies! :D
  10. I've posted a few T.Scopulicola cuts up for swap if anyone's interested. Read further here: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=39956
  11. I recently developed an interest in ethno plants and with the help of this community managed to ID a 10-15 yr old Scop. The previous owner called her "Sol" (hence my username, I was hoping to find its origins in this community). Seeing it's Spring I've begun propagating it a bit to give it room to grow and flower. I've got around a couple dozen cuts which is a bit too much for me so I thought I'd share some with you guys. The cuts range from 25 cms to 65 cm tips and everything in between. I'm interested in swapping for any other trich's, lophs or interesting ethno's. Pick up is preferable but I can also post. I do want the swap to be in W.A though as I don't feel comfortable receiving parcels interstate. I'm open to selling if you're outside of W.A. Feel free to PM me. 1. 30.5 cms 2. 41.5 cms 3. 34 cms 4. 41 cms 5. 28 cms 6. 27 cms 7. 31.5 cms 8. 25.5 cms 9. 24 cms 10. 45 cms 11. 28.5 cms 12. 38 cms 13. 40 cms 14. 62 cms 15. 26 cms 16. 42 cms 17. 52.5 cms 18. 31 cms 19. 36 cms 20. 41 cms 21. 33 cms 22. 34.5 cms
  12. I'd love to try my hand at growing some of those babies, especially as we share the same climate
  13. That's crazy zelly, you've inspired me to try a few scop crosses myself with the few trichs I have available
  14. @Foo sure man, I'll definitely start doing some cuts this spring of the new branches that look really healthy and leave the mother where she is to begin propagation. Is there any good guides for performing the cuts? Like length the cuts should be? how much to cut without stressing too much the mother? and where in the branch to cut it? (in the really long branches there's a curve connecting to the main branch that might be a problem when trying to pot as it won't keep up right). @DiscoStu I'll try get my hands on a roseii, shame my collection is limited at the moment. @Evil Genius haha I'll take a better shot and this time rotate it so he doesn't get neck cramps. I thought Scops were pretty popular in Aus as I use to see heaps in Bunnings.
  15. I'm definitely looking into that! It's going to give me a lot of material to play with this spring