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  1. moon_unit


    Some deep red colouration there bro, nice
  2. moon_unit

    Gympie stinger seeds

    Looking for Gympie stinger Dendrocnide Moroides seeds, also NZ stinger Ongaonga Urticaria Ferox seeds, I am purely growing as a botanical curiosity & thought this would be as good a place as any to track down seeds for sale or trade, TIA
  3. moon_unit

    LTB P.Methysticum

    Hi all looking to buy a Kava plant or 2, assuming postage will be required, please DM me if anyone has any for sale, kind Regards MU
  4. moon_unit

    Brugmansia ( Double pink )

    Hey mate, I’ve got heaps of brug hybrids, if your interested yell out & I can give you some cuttings
  5. moon_unit

    iboga & other free seeds!

    @withdrawl clinic hey mate, I’ll take some pics later today, so far I’ve had 2 sprout From your last fruit, the 2 that sprouted are the ones I removed a partial piece of the seed coat from, the others I’m still hopeful for & May remove a small piece of the seed coat, thanks heaps for your kind generosity mate, these are super difficult to come by around here, your a legend man
  6. moon_unit

    Seeds for sale

  7. moon_unit

    iboga & other free seeds!

    Pm’d Cheers
  8. moon_unit

    Pereskiopsis spathulata anyone?

    I’d be happy to help bro but someone local hopefully has some, if you get stuck let me know and I’ll send you some cuts
  9. moon_unit

    Mimosa pudica seeds or seedling wanted.

  10. moon_unit

    Cacti in Western Australia.

    Hey naja naja, I'll send you a Pm for some prices, I'm keen just gotta get some cash together, just checked out your specimen too average joe that's an impressive 1
  11. moon_unit


    Mitragyna Hirsuta (seed grown) Mitras grow incredibly fast when given the right conditions, from seed to 6 ft tall in less than a year
  12. moon_unit


    Psychotria colorata leaf propagated, these guys are much bigger than this now,
  13. moon_unit


  14. moon_unit


  15. moon_unit