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  1. Nice work getting her to fruit, keep us posted on your success with seedlings mate,

    I've never been able to get mine to fruit, plenty of flowers, perhaps a lack of pollinating insects in my greenhouse?

    A wonderful teacher plant, I also hope to work with myself one day.

    Have you propagated via cuttings? I have a couple in my humidity chamber, waiting on them throwing roots, but been a long wait, (maybe 4-5 weeks so far) fingers crossed



  2. Thanks mate, it amazes me the  exposure to sunlight has on the flowers, this was grown in semi-shade, where as the same plant I have growing growing in full sun has much deeper blue flowers, glad you enjoyed them ;-)

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  3. Thanks meangreen, I grew this from seed for my Peruvian friend, It smells very similar to the common mint with its own disintinct flavour, a very cool plant to grow, it has doubled in size since this pic was taken & is thriving in these warmer days, yea I love how it resembles Mary Jane, get lots of comments from friends on this one :-)

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    Maybe lacewing crap? or bits of soil?


    Can you get a closer shot of the black stuff?

    I can try to get closer pic tomorrow, I removed most of the affected leaves and sprayed with neem, I thought soil at first but it's embedded into the leaves and stems? It's only on my HBWR none of my other plants are effected?