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  1. Looking for Gympie stinger Dendrocnide Moroides seeds, also NZ stinger Ongaonga Urticaria Ferox seeds, I am purely growing as a botanical curiosity & thought this would be as good a place as any to track down seeds for sale or trade, TIA 

  2. @withdrawl clinic hey mate, I’ll take some pics later today, so far I’ve had 2 sprout From your last fruit, the 2 that sprouted are the ones I removed a partial piece of the seed coat from, the others I’m still hopeful for & May remove a small piece of the seed coat,  thanks heaps for your kind generosity mate, these are super difficult to come by around here, your a legend man 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Mango said:

    Hey Guys!!


    I have had far too many projects on the go recently and have been running all over the country side so I haven't had a chance to try getting these beauties to germinate...


    Hey Moon Unit... I have a few Phyllodium seeds I could spare if you wanted to try your hand at germinating them as I'm currently not around enough to give them the proper attention they deserve...


    Looking fowards to hearing how you went with your various treatments MooseZues!

    Ohh thanks @Mango for the generous offer, I’d be very keen to give em a go, I’ll pm you, cheers MU

  4. 11 hours ago, TheMooseZeus said:

    Is that in the right order or do you hot water treatment then sow? Or pour boiling water over the soil?

    I poured boiling water onto the seeds in a container and have left them to soak overnight - one of which popped out of the inner seed casing and probably isn't viable!

    If i ever do get any to grow and seed you'll be first in line!

    Im running out of seed fast though with this failure rate

    Sorry I wasn't really clear, I give them the hot water treatment prior to sowing, but have also had good results without any treatment, I find they can often take a while to germinate, I'm finding seeds I sowed in early Spring that are only starting to germinate now, how are you fixed for d.gangeticum seeds? I can send some your way next time i get seeds, good luck :-)

  5. They seeds look similar to that of desmodium gangeticum, with those I break open the outer husk/seed pod with my finger nails & surface sow, and give em the hot water treatment with an overnight soak to allow them to absorb water, sprinkle a tiny amount of soil on top and keep moist, looking forward to obtaining seeds for phyllodium when they become available, keep me on the loop, good luck with germination,  :-) MU

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  6. Ohh wow id love a trade if you still have em? I can send you red rocoto chilli seeds & orange rocoto seeds if your interested? Can even throw in another pack of seeds (your choice) from my list of seeds for sale in the ''sales thread' pm me if your keen, 


    Cheers MU


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  7. 5 hours ago, withdrawl clinic said:

    moon_unit, you can add the tag's anytime, even if you forgot initialy.

    I am not good on pc's. but look for full editor. B)



    nice seed list!:wub:

    Ahhh cool, thanks PH I'm pretty terrible with internet stuff, ha ha 

  8. Hi sorry but shipping is within aus only, I should have specified, I'm not sure how I would go about obtaining export permits etc and would no doubt be costly, hopefully you have success in obtaining seeds locally, ;-) @Katyrrell

  9. Looking forward to seeing a few faces at the meet, gardens looking rather bare after winter but I've manages to find a few things for the giveaway, 


    datura hybrid


    Silene capensis

    Calea zacatechichi

    A couple of small catha suckers


    Small ashwaghanda


    Coleus forskohlii

    Salvia madrensis

    Leonotis nepetifolia

    Fine leaf jam wattle


    Amazon mint

    Psychotria carth

    & a few packs of seeds 


    Looking forward to it, 

    & thanks for organising these events Gimli 


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  10. Seeds $5 a pack, or 5 pack's for $20, postage included (Aus only)


    PM me if interested in any, Cheers


    Datura Box of chocolates 410 B

    Datura Box of chocolates 310-11F

    Datura Box of chocolates 310-11A

    Datura Discolor

    Datura innoxia

    Datura Double yellow Chlorantha

    Datura stramonium Var Tatula

    Datura wrightii (has a purple tint to the edge of the white flowers)

    Datura Wondrous Bella

    Datura Hybrid (white and purple stripe, a friend of mine grew out some standard triple purples and was lucky enough to find this stunning hybrid pop up, if you love your daturas, then this stunner will blow you away)

    Heavenly blue morning glory


    king of bitters

    fresh psychotria carthagensis berries

    Fresh psychotria viridis berries



    silene capensis dream root

    calea zacatechichi dream herb

    huacatay Peruvian black mint

    spilanthes yellow or red eye

    giant red salvia spendens

    salvia splendens burgundy Halo

    Desmanthus leptolobus

    Desmanthus  virgatus

    leonotis leonorus

    leonotus nepetifolia

    Rivea corymbosa



    Feel free to message me for pics or browse my album uploads ;-)




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