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  1. moon_unit

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    So some tell me whats not to like? :-)
  2. moon_unit

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    FNQ is the place to be, the rainforest is awesome I would love to moe there just gota find a way to convince the mrs, everything a guy could want humid tropical jungle awesome plants, wicked reptiles and cool hippies if you visit the right spot, my advice to anyone travelling the wet tropics hit up kuranda and say g'day to some of the locals from the unit, whip out a six string and just strum all day in a hammock!!!
  3. moon_unit

    Plant id

    Just read your attached link micromegas, thanks,
  4. moon_unit

    Plant id

    Very nice, I found a nursery nearby that sell solandra maxima are these different than the grandiflora? The flowers appear very similar? are both used by the huichols?
  5. moon_unit


    Nice :-) currently trying to source some A.peregrina seeds my self with some difficulty, any idea how old mature plants need to be before they produce viable seed?
  6. moon_unit

    I'd on this morning glory

    Hi guys looking for an id on the morning glory sp, cheers :-)
  7. moon_unit

    I'd on this morning glory

    Thanks for your reply glankus, it doesn't really have very large leaves as such, it's quite a small plant pulled from a garden bed and placed in a small pot, I was planning on growing it along a fence line, just a tad curious on variety, I can see the difficulty in getting an id as the pics could be better, I will try and post better leaf pics once it's a little bigger, :-)
  8. moon_unit

    I'd on this morning glory

    Sorry this is the 1 , thanks
  9. moon_unit

    I'd on this morning glory

    Oops my bad how do I attach a pic on iPhone?
  10. Hey guys how do you post pics to this forum? Cheers
  11. Hey guys I would also like to buy some seeds or a plant if any1 is willing to sell? Don't have any thing to trade yet as im just starting my collection, also if any1 has a p.viridis cutting I would love 1, can pay top $, :-)
  12. moon_unit

    Wanted: Catha edulis seeds

    Hey guys new member 1st post, chasing sum khat seeds or plant, bought sum seeds of ebay a while back and the seedling happened to get eaton by my wife's cat? Khat eaton by cat wat r the odds, anyway been looking online and can't seem to find seeds anywhere :-( will pay cash, also if anyone happens to have p.viridis cuttings that would be awesome as I haven't had much luck germinating from seed, thanks :-) o forgot to say I'm in perth, :-)