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    has anyone used Coconut Water for cacti?

    I used coconut water from coles (when it was on special at $2.50), maybe poured about a mouthful onto my Montrose and it pupped within 3 days, also got an extra shoot with the same amount poured onto my spring onion.
  2. Great to have you in this community mitch,bunch of smart fckers residing here. Msg if you need anything bro
  3. Dmt works in miraculous ways,just wondering how anyone came across the spirit molecule for the 1st time in terms of dmt attraction. Me myself believe Mary Jane 9 years ago was the catalyst to my beginning of this epic journey,pls share your stories.
  4. eleMenOHpee

    Serendipity and dmt

    My journey in short.. smoke bud for almost a decade, become friends with a fellow stoner then his mate then again the mates mate. Jag a job locally were the 'mates mate' worked and after working there for a year a bloke who started when I did (being an ex drug fiend) told me about the spirit molecule.. so I research for about 8 months and convince my mate (the mates mate)lol to try it with me.. 2 failed extractions later he tells me I think I know another mate whos knows about this lol. So I meet the 'another mate'who works at the same joint and he hooks us up with a taste.. nek minnit afew shroom/acid/changa journies have me right where I am now, and shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where this is going haha. Btw most of my experiences have been over 3 yrs months seprating them, im no meathead lol have even knocked back peyote previously(not my time).. I would love to have my own garden someday and envy all the awesome ones ive seen on this forum. Keep spreading the knowledge and i'll do the same to the young dudes when mines up and ready yeww
  5. eleMenOHpee

    Serendipity and dmt

    Being late twenties, I too have used other sources to gain info before the net came a long. But since my discovery of psychs most of the info has been from online (apart from trouts notes). Lol how did the older generation come across books and understand something say, like dmt extraction<<<mindblown
  6. My friend just got diagnosed with melorheostosis(a rare bone disease)..would like to know if anyone in the community believes aya could do some healing and would love to hear other ayahuasca success/healing stories
  7. eleMenOHpee

    Aya healing

    Also one of my previous posts my stats were wrong,this disease has only 300 reported cases in the world and my mate is actually being paid to fly to America this october so they can study this further.
  8. eleMenOHpee

    Aya healing

    I spoke to the shaman and like Justler said previously physically no,emotionally yes. As aya isn't a cure all but could help give some answers into acceptance of this disease,why me? Etc.. Also talked about some mushroom therapy for the depression,hemp oil for the pain,meditation,less meat more greens,anything that raises your vibration,spirit an so on. It's now up to her to research on aya and decide. I my self haven't tried aya yet,but have had Afew amazing journeys with changa(which is apparently the closet experience to aya)and hope she decides to do it,so she can experience that afterlife moment you get from a heavy ego death
  9. Angel numbers apparently,I researched this awhile back but seems only religious people buy into it. Could mean something else or could be that society can't put down their mobile long enough for couple of hours to go by
  10. eleMenOHpee

    Aya healing

    Thanks again guys,my mates a shaman who's a member of this forum and have already hooked up a meeting so no need for the epic amazon adventure. Great info provided anyway,information is key and just like western medicine it's good for extra opinions from anyone with knowledge of the plant teachers. Ps not sure if they are even goin to give her meds as apparently there's only been about 300 reported cases of this in Australia and quite possibly could be the first time someone has consulted mother aya about this disease
  11. eleMenOHpee

    how do you know if your dead?

    Maybe the Tibetan book of the dead could answer that question,haven't read it yet but it's on my list
  12. eleMenOHpee

    Aya healing

    Thanks for the reply rahli,but my friend she has just been diagnosed and isn't on any medication yet. That's why I posted this question before she goes mainstream with the big pharma quacks etc
  13. eleMenOHpee

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Some randoms from central coast nsw,bush walking this morning.