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  1. On 25/10/2018 at 2:46 PM, shonman said:


    i have actually started to raise tarantulas,

    land other unusual creators.

    Have been wondering about what  actual live  plantsmot use.

    can you pm me suggestions of terrarium and aquarium plMts

    that might be suitable for pet stores and maybe some for people personal terrariums / aquariums?



    too many to list ... most aquarium plants and terrarium plants will prolly work tho ... I cant even remember now off the top of my head to make suggestions .... i dont really erm follow orthodoxy tho so i just try stuffs like these peyote and ficus bonsai ... and the hobby is literally just a few weeks old so im still noobality to terraria with only 1 yrs experience keeping toads that dig and tunnell the fuck outta their scape which only has psychotria viridis and caapi cielo tryna survive in there ... oh yeh i added an orchid to the toad tank yesterday umm.. i thnk its aaaa umm i forgot , hey hows the diplopterys coming on? and good to see ya again Shonman :)

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  2. Gorgeous .. just bought some from the city today also too !

    Phalaenopsisses rawk and a very satisfying orchid that can easily find it's place well in every good heart/collection .. thanks for sharing I guess I should too now I've said all that :3 P1010720.JPG



  3. Nice one mate this is a gorgeous epic freakies album already !

    Do I detect a little thelogonese being spoken by those spines? what dyu reckon?


    is it one of the lost labelled survivors? if so dang they're fast you're way !

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