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  1. Hyphal

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    Yay for Perth still too weeks away at least...
  2. Awesome how many secs was your night photo exposed for?
  3. Hyphal

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Thats pretty bloody shithouse. Wasn't there a paper bark plantation opposite the entrance to the the airport, on tonkin hwy? Come to think of it there's a fair few around the traps... Very curious about these now, thankyou for the info.
  4. Hyphal

    great southern mushroom id

    The Oyster looking mushrooms are most likely 'Omphalotus nidiformis', or 'ghost fungus'. Next time you find some bring some fruits home and put them next to your bed, when you turn the lights out and let your eyes adjust you get a nice surprise!
  5. Hyphal

    WA Season

    In my experience, I would never eat slippery's again. I tried them this year and followed all the ruls, used pritsine young specimens and peeled the caps and the pores off, and got stomach cramps and the shits for 24 hours. Shaggy manes are probably a good edible to target and the grow in lawns all over the southwest and also in and around the city.
  6. Hyphal

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    That is epic. .. I dont fully understand what you mean about the tyres though - you mean there were rubber tyres burning around the base of the rees??
  7. Hyphal

    omg amanita

    I agree - 3g of either would leave me in a puddle.... esp subs.
  8. Hyphal

    Finds from 30+ random hunts around town (image heavy)

    Well said, a true gift indeed. Its been amazing to watch the evolution of your work as well. Thanks for the effort LM!
  9. Hyphal

    WA Season

    Tell me about it mate. What a gremlin
  10. Hyphal

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    That is a WA sub.
  11. Hyphal

    Suillus granulatus

    Yeah I am sure they were suillus, but not sure if they were luteus or granulatus... I agree though that it seems the consensus from a google search on them that mainly they are dried and used in soups. I still feel they can't be 'choice' as an edible due to the cramping which I am still experiencing over 24 hours later...
  12. Hyphal

    Suillus granulatus

    Yesterday I dined on 5 beautifully formed, button sized suillus with the skin peeled and the pores removed before cooking for breakfast. Fried with butter, olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper and served on toast. 3 hours later Diorreah and stomach cramps, and they didn't taste that fantastic either. This lasted all day. Won't waste time on suillus again, bummer though because I could potentially pick hundreds of kg's... would make a good food source. The way I see it if only five can have this effect then there is something in them that just isn't good for you.
  13. Hyphal

    S.W, limited distribution?

    They do fruit ok in Perth - http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18086&hl=%20subs%20%20and%20%20the%20%20city&st=0 Also the Darling scarp should be fine for fruitings, Harvey would be great (years ago I heard rumours they grow there) and especially higher up - places like Dwellingup (also heard rumours that they have been found there as well, however I don't believe rumours without the proof). Edit: Kings park has some heavenly shaded and woodchipped spots and would almost certainly support subs also.
  14. Hyphal

    extract with vinegar

    I thought that by the addition of citrus (or citric acid), when making tea, the psilocybin becomes a citrate and is more soluble in water and less likley to oxidise (which happens very easily when exposed to air, and there's plenty of air in the solution, especially when pouring into cups etc.). Vinegar is acetic acid. You can also use tartaric acid (the stuff for making sherbert) which can be found in any supermarket in the baking isle.
  15. I had goose bumps during the radio program, I agree that was a great outcome. Naja - that newspaper article is just horrible remenent of what bandwagon sells the most news in this state at the moment. I have every confidence it's going to change over time, but if not I'm moving to SA.
  16. Hyphal

    Lophophora seed allowed thru customs or not?

    I had a package containing a spore syringe intercepted, the empty box arrived with a letter from the AFP! Lets just say I never bothered following it up.
  17. Yeah me to blow, this is the worst outcome for advertising of the subject matter.
  18. Hyphal

    Outback cactus

    Thankyou and you're welcome!
  19. Hyphal

    Outback cactus

    Hey cactus freaks, I knew you guys would love to see a couple of specimens we stumbled upon on a recent trip across the nullabor to attend the Rainbow Serpent Festival. This easily the biggest cactus I have ever seen, maybe close to 5 metres high? We saw it in outback South Australia, and what a beautiful state that is - I envy anyone lucky enough to live there, it is still very down to earth. On the way back after the festival, in South Australia again, we found this beauty - On the advice of a friend I collected some pollen - We stopped at the first large one again on the way back to collect some pollen, but all the flowers had already fallen off in just under a week. Bummer...
  20. I shed a tear tonight, been feeling sick at these proposed laws until I read through this thread. You guys are sensational... The ironic thing is that now lots of people are going to learn these secrets, and if this good rational momentum keeps up then something will now HAVE to be done to implement safe and medicinal guidelines for their use, now that they are out in the open.... This may just bite them back. I submitted a letter to the government feedback email and have alerted MAPS, and will link them to this thread if no one minds? They have 14,000 possible facebook supporters so it should be seen by a few ppl hopefully and drum up some support.
  21. Hyphal

    Outback cactus

    The ironic things is that they probably don't know just how lucky they are, though Im sure that probably doesnt change their love for their cactus. The other things is, these are two perfect examples of innocent people who will have to remove a loved plant if those stupid new laws are introduced. Personally, I don't think we have anything to fear except fear itself - to be convinced you are doing something wrong by growing a psychedelic cactus is far worse than just the law being passed. Good ole' 'rainbow paper' was made 'illegal' a long time ago, and yet nothing has changed with the supply still many years later. And we all know that it's because it is largely a very healthy experience, the same goes for most of the psyches we know and love. These contreversial laws are just to put fear into the hearts of those who already know in their hearts and to the depths of their soul that growing a cactus is a positive thing, and to creat jobs and revenue for the people who then have to enforce it. Know what you know to be true IN YOUR SOUL from GENUINE EXPERIENCE and grow your cactus - whether it becomes illegal or not - and don't let them convince you that you are doing something wrong.
  22. Hyphal

    Outback cactus

    As far as I know for cross pollination of species? But cacti are uncharted territory for me so Im only guessing.
  23. Hyphal

    gold tops picked today in nnsw

    Fan dried first, but assuming he lives in a humid area (if he picked these locally then the weather WILL be humid) then fan drying won't get them cracker dry. The amount of moisture left in the mushroom when fan drying is directly dependant on the relative humidity. Thus, once as dry as they will get, finishing them off in the sun is a good option - and as they should only need a couple of hours, and if they are covered (in a paper bag) it won't hurt the potency too much. This is just an easy option for drying only 2 mushrooms that would require you to buy nothing (eg. dessicant). Also, never ever freeze fresh mushrooms, they will be ruined.
  24. Hyphal

    gold tops picked today in nnsw

    I think that scissors to cut them at the base is the best way to collect, then the other specimens in the bag don't get all dirty. If you want to store them to eat at a later date (say, if you lived in Indonesia) then dry them in front of a fan for 2 days until they don't seem to get any drier, then finish them off in a paper bag in full sun for a few hours. Once crispy dry store them in airtight container or Plastic zip-close sandwich bag. Love indonesia...
  25. Beautiful pictures!