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    Shotgun terrarium humidity

    Your light source will be fine dollar juice, don't stress about the lid either. Ambient light is fine as well, as long as you can see your cakes they arr getting enough light. Your set up will be fine, temp really is the most important factor- get a cheap thermometer, aim to keep them as close to 25C for fastest results. Also, with that terrarium you will only need to fan and mist once or twice a day at most. good luck!
  2. Hyphal

    Spore Print Wanted

    I find this hard to believe especially if spores aren't illegal to begin with... I had a spore syringe confiscated by customs, there was a letter in the package from the federal police claiming the contents was ' narcotic related' but if I had a legitimate reason for importing it to contact them for collection... With regards to prints, I have never not received one that has come from overseas.
  3. Hyphal

    Some pics from a recent walk

    Just wanted to share some pics from a recent walk in the forest - Firstly, a reminder for people to be careful! Let's play spot the galerina, they are incredibly similar to subs from above - But as soon as you turn them over, note the orange gills, the dark stem and an annulus usually present (subs don't have an annulus) - You can also tell from the stems being more brittle than a sub stem which is more woody. But, just shows how important it is to pay attention looking at them from above, very similar in appearance and important to note these if you are a new hunter. Both of these pics are Galerina - The Gymnopilus were in full swing, including some interesting bluing ones - Psilocybe. coprophila - Calocera guepinioides; 'Scotsman's beard' - Absolute carpets of Laccaria proxima - Mycena sp. - An interesting Panaeolus, possible Panaeolus foenisecii - Huge Agaricus sp. (smelt very phenolic, so I assume not edible) - An interesting looking Acacia sp. - Psilocybe subaeruginosa - And lastly, a frog -
  4. Hyphal

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Looks very promising to me, please re-size your pics before posting them next time - Easy Picture Resizer
  5. Hyphal

    a few local hunts (pics)

    Lurvely pics myco!
  6. With the recent(ish) studies into using fungus to consume waste materials, or 'mycoremediation' wiki link, I feel some interest regarding a recent find which 'appears' to be growing directly from the asbestos in the walls of my bathroom... It's called 'Peziza domiciliana' or 'The Domicile Cup Fungus' - LINK and LINK. Here are the specimens - Assuming of course it colonises the asbestos, I wonder the potential applications of innoculating large amounts of asbestos before it's buried as a catalyst for the decompostion process?
  7. Hyphal

    Bathroom fungus - Asbestos dinner

    I will try and take a clone of one out of interest...
  8. Hyphal

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Specimen kept and print to undergo microscopy soon! Oh and bioassay of 1.8g dry produced only very mild effects. The dose was split into 1g and 0.8g and was administered 40 minutes apart.
  9. Tempeh and oyster mushrooms for some low space, high yield food options...
  10. Hyphal

    Edible Mushroom Club Is Back up

    Ah bummer mushroom bloke... Thanks for the efforts thus far regardless, and as you said - such is life! Same as mycology really, as many failed tries as successful ones it feels like sometimes. At least you can focus your energies on mycology now, please keep posting your awesome ideas and results.
  11. Hyphal

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Crazy! Nice finds.... The gym interest is going beserk this year! Here are some pics of some gyms I found some that displayed some strong and obvious signs of bluing - specimens have been dried and will be assayed tomorrow night... Here are the pics -
  12. Hyphal

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Interesting - I see some staining in some specimens in your pics, but not lots - they could be Gym. junionus... Love to hear how they go!
  13. Hyphal

    Toilet paper plants?

    Tough stomachs... Imagine what the place would look like if they used as much toilet paper as us.... I do still love the place though...
  14. Did Anyone ever hear of any updates on this situation?
  15. Hyphal

    Query on Cubensis Prints

    Google 'FSRE' also.
  16. Hyphal

    Toilet paper plants?

    In india and asia they simply use water. Just take a 600 ml bottle of water with you, use whatever leaf you can find to get the main chunks off then carefully wash the rest away, using left hand. Save some water for your hand!! Drip cry or chake before pulling up pants. Takes a bit of getting used to/practice but is so much cleaner when you get it right... Like a mini shower for your ass.
  17. Hyphal

    omg amanita

    I totally agree ubza - and even 'just' having fun can still be insightful..
  18. Hyphal

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    You guys are going off on the gyms! Very exciting, awesome awesome news. Im keen to hear more about the bio-assays - how do you find the experience, dose, taste etc.?
  19. Hyphal

    WA Season

    Sorry mate, not Perth, no. I was just generalising, I will rephrase it.
  20. Hyphal

    WA Season

    Sub love - WA finally see's some action, it was worth the wait...
  21. Hyphal

    Perth 2011

    woops posted at the same time - oh well, still thanks anyway!
  22. Hyphal

    Perth 2011

    Lushness. Lots of love with these babies indeed.... Thankyou for the pictures!
  23. Hyphal

    WA Season

    Thankyou green.. Oh they were previous years articles. Sorry thought they were current. I have heard reports of busts already, this long weekend just gone.
  24. Hyphal

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    Should be enough to start things off hopefully!
  25. Hyphal

    Suillus granulatus

    Bummer thanks for the report. did you remove the skin an pores before you ate them? And what was you method of preperation?