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  1. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Show off your freaks

  2. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Show off your freaks

    my freaks
  3. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Incogsfukup comp

    I've just put down some OP yowie, psycho0 and sausage i was given by Bogfrog, are they from this seed batch? if so, i'm probably a bit late to be in the running for biggest but i'll enter anyway ^_^
  4. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Winter Excess Tricho Seed Givaway

    do we just pick a random number? i like 7.
  5. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Favourite (psy)Dub Artists...

    agreed Bogfrog, genre-ing is a hard thing to do, i struggle with classification of music at the best of times. but i second most of your suggestions, bar the ones i haven't heard. I'll also add: wagawaga subconscious Kalya scintilla heyoka (early stuff is much better IMO) Grouch (progressive trance producer but has a lot of awesome dub projects) stress assassin i will think of more.
  6. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Trichocereus Seed Giveaway

    Why thank you muchly Bogfrog, You're absolutely right! Just sowed the OP psycho0, sausage and yowie today too hehe. and thank you for hustling my ass to get onto using my account, this place is amazing, i can't believe it's taken me this long!!!
  7. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Subaeruginosa's- I'm back!

    never had cyans to make the comparison, but aren't they almost identical genetically? morphologically different, though subs can do that wavy cap thing it's just not all that common. didn't realise there was such a difference other than local really
  8. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Trichocereus Seed Giveaway

    i third the damned god motion. That's what you get for not paying closer attention. Ozzy genetics really pop my veil if you know what i mean ;)
  9. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    please delete

    Awesome to see they've made it over the ditch, as far as i'm aware they haven't been reproduced in captivity yet? Really keen to see if anyone has any information regarding growth of these outside of habitat! Such an epic fungus.
  10. ElWillGuyYooMushKnoeRame

    Meet the mascots of the Trich/Loph FB Group (Australia)

    holy crap, it's you lot. fancy seeing you here. Finally thought i'd use my account. i love this place. youse are wimps. Yeti needs to be here too. slack bastard.