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    chasing my tail, going down rabbit holes and alien abductions

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  1. Big ups Ronny!! I'll see you SOBs there!!
  2. Another one for anyone who can pull themselves from the TV for long enough
  3. phloom

    Earthfreq 15-17 Feb SEQ

    was a large turnout of plantheads at this one.....keep it up you often-hermit-like-creatures! (i like to talk about cell biology, evolution, science etc)
  4. phloom

    Earthfreq 15-17 Feb SEQ

    leaving the site after a phantastic weekend, listening to the 'Oils 'ken oath i recktion =D
  5. phloom

    Earthfreq 15-17 Feb SEQ

    for some reason i feel like speaking in Japanese, the only problem being I can't speak Japanese. What to do?!
  6. phloom


    ok so I agree but dont really know how to reply to the previous posts.....ummm I cant figure out whether its me, or is everyone and everything just a little bit errr strange at the moment (for lack of a better word) maybe Ive been left to my own devices too long. I can relate with the notion that the heart centre is the mediator between the physical and mental spects of the self. I feel pulled between to forces of light and dark....but all i am left in a sort of confused ecstasy, if feel like a sinical sahdu... ....recieving rays of light and information from some kind of godforce, yet totally unconvinced such things even exist. and trying to apply scientific logical analysis to the ultimate subjective questions??? synchonicities come thick and fast but I pass most of it off as subconscious manifestations and the mind selecting stimuli that validates a possible mania of some kind. What works, works i suppose. That is the only real thing that links science to the numinous on the same plane methinks.
  7. phloom

    Earthfreq 15-17 Feb SEQ

    wicked im not sure what im looking forward to most; the fat minimal or the NIGHTTIMEKILLAHH!!!! or the morning chunky creamy stuff...... oh...and any budding djs/producers out there....monolake aka Robert Henke (one of the genii responsible for Ableton Live) is giving a lecture on computer music.
  8. phloom

    Earthfreq 15-17 Feb SEQ

    Ohayoo gozaimasu, get amongst it Earthfreq http://www.earthfreq.com/index.php?home See youse =D
  9. phloom

    Writing style.

    Who died in 1923? Wiki says "Smith suffered from eye problems throughout his life. He died in his sleep on August 14th 1961" Anyhoo cheers for that, i am going to suss more of this guys stuff.... choice
  10. dont make me choose bro
  11. And now for something completely different http://mazzdad.deviantart.com/art/The-Mantis-1-61259514
  12. phloom

    pimp my heart

    http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...3AU243%26sa%3DN The HBBB system amplifies the heartbeat of the driver in real-time by interfacing the car audio with a heartbeat sensor. By hacking on the technology/hobby that is often used as psychological armor, territory-marking tool, the project turn the body/vehicle relationship inside-out, addressing the vulnerability of human body and emotion and aims to understand our obsession on automobiles and it’s modification. gettin down medical style yo ;P
  13. yeah fully, should be some groovy tunes for sure.
  14. Any more culture here and we'd have some kind of yoghurt =P Of course I dont need to promote it any more than the lineup does itself....but...I'm unveiling a whole new set of works; so be there mofos! or be square. Word
  15. forgot to add; SCS used surround speakers ie 2 at the back. Striaght tunes coming out the front, the two rear ones had this random spluttery bongo mindgames happening , as youve move around the dancefloor the sound changes! Its a new one for me....really cool to say the least.