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  1. I work in a wholesale tree nursery and these magnolias go out by the truck load. Lots of pretty cultivars available: 'Kay parris' 'Little gem' 'Coolwyn gloss' 'Exmouth' And the more desired 'Teddy bear' for its large round leaves. Very aesthetic looking trees. Next time we prune I might bring the trailer in.
  2. HolographicYou

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Oooo yes please dicko! Acacia courtii seeds Small amounts of assorted trichocereus seeds And whatever else i can find.
  3. HolographicYou

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hey guys, I've kind of dropped of the radar the past few months, but I'm starting to get withdrawals now so I'll definitely be in to get my fix of plant heads!
  4. HolographicYou

    Phlebophylla infection?

    Hiya all. My cherished phlebophylla is showing signs of struggle within the past month or two. I'm worried it's the bacterial infection they are troubled with at buffalo. Anyone have a more optimistic diagnoses? Should I cut off the affected growth? The branches are showing the most signs of damage. Infected stems? Blemishes on top new growth. Kind regards, HY
  5. HolographicYou

    Phlebophylla infection?

    Wonderful! Thanks to all, I really appreciate the separate opinions. I'll be keeping a very close eye over the next few weeks to spot any pest or eggs, and might just try the ol' ziplock bag trick. I've just got to have the heart to pluck a leaf!
  6. HolographicYou

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm only going to bed now so hopefully the next three hours of sleep are quality. I would hate to miss out on today.
  7. HolographicYou

    Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose pups for sale

    Don't get me wrong, they are worth that in novelty, but that just isn't the going rate. Try and compete with this sites established store? http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/echinopsis_lageniformis_var_monstrose_dick_penis_plant_plant_pr_240.php
  8. HolographicYou

    Len Log Auction Action

    $70 and a pack of pistachio nuts?
  9. HolographicYou

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Sounds good.
  10. HolographicYou

    Plant id

    Can we have a picture of the whole thing? These plants are amazing!
  11. HolographicYou

    The Khat's out of the bag.

    It's always a "new" drug. 
  12. HolographicYou

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I know your all thirsty! I'll be there in an hour.
  13. HolographicYou

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    Can't agree more botanika! The dark souls franchise is simply amazing from character/boss design, level design to game mechanics! As angry and frustrated as I get ,I still can't shake the need to beat each and every one of them!
  14. HolographicYou

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    No yeti, you have great taste in games if you want this. Maybe in a few years we will have goat simulator in virtual reality!
  15. HolographicYou

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Sweet! Looks like it's going to be a good turn out! I'll bring the dips and wine.
  16. HolographicYou

    colouring in Acacia phylllodes

    Anthocyanins appear to be the answer, somehow used to protect the new growth from uv light? I suppose developing chlorophyll into new shoots, only to have them burn off on a hot Australian day is a waste of energy. I have come across a number of acacias that do this, though given the previous (halfassed) explanation, the question is now, why don't they all have red pigment?
  17. HolographicYou

    Acacia ID

    The first and last three pictures I am not certain. But I'm pretty sure the middle six are acacia retinodes.
  18. HolographicYou

    Banisteriopsis caapi cultivation notes and discussion

    It's worth mentioning that my celio Caapi has survived winter just fine here in melbourne without protection and summer in full sun. In fact I struck a cutting mid winter this year, a thin twig less than 5mm is now sprouting new leaves after being left in the elements. No hormone, no care at all. What a resilient plant!
  19. HolographicYou

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Depending on the weather I may already be partying when I get there. What a nice early birthday present getting to meet d00d!
  20. HolographicYou

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Last night didn't eat dinner til 10. I think if I'm given enough cactus to repot I could starve to death and never notice.
  21. HolographicYou

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Hell yeah bedofspines! And good on you bardo. I'll take them off your hands and offer 2 Acacia Courtii plants, 20 phlebophylla seeds and a Kanna plant. (I'll post pictures of the plants when I get home) These Courtii plants could use some love!
  22. HolographicYou

    Wattle Groves SEQ

    Check your state laws about firewood collection and have a look at their collection area maps. And try to find something fallen there, I couldn't see any issues with that.
  23. HolographicYou

    Melbourne Sabers Invite

    Agreed Gerbil, meeting like minded people through these forums is very therapeutic. Feels like a genuine loss though when one leaves. It was an amazing night that I don't think I'll easily forget!
  24. HolographicYou

    ID on possible victorian subs

    Yes they do. And from what I've heard they become weak/inactive.
  25. HolographicYou

    catuaba bulk australia

    Revisiting an old thread my annoy some people but it seems fitting to ask here, is it legal to import E.catuaba bark (or whatever it may actually be) into Australia? I've looked all over the relevant sites but can't find any mention of it.