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  1. Its a great tree, I grew up with one and it was the best tree to climb, great for leaf piles in autumn and brandings with the spikey balls lol. This winter I found A.xanthocephala growing under a sweetgum in the backyard of my rental, so cool!
  2. Nicsplash

    Seeds for sale

    I'm definitely keen on a few of those dude, I'll PM you on Friday when I have some dosh
  3. Nicsplash

    Cactus fruits

    Thanks very much, ill post back here if i have any luck, not too far away now
  4. Nicsplash

    Cactus fruits

    I love subdenudata, a real favorite of mine. red flowers would sure be awesome, nice choice @Inyan. My sub hasnt accepted any pollen yet unfortunately but ill keep trying, i think ill have 3 Subs in flower this Spring so ill try some Sub x Sub and as many tricho fathers as i can. I have seen pictures of a Scop x Sub, its beautiful!
  5. Nicsplash

    Cactus fruits

    What did you pollinate your Sub with @Inyan
  6. Nicsplash

    Amanita muscaria print

    I have a print, not 100% sure its muscaria though, it probs is, cool color cap either way
  7. Nicsplash

    Spilanthes Acmella oleracea Tooth ache plant

    Yo i've got seeds for the red tipped flower type that I harvested this season, nice and fresh I'm keen on tradesies for the full yellow type or any other seeds, PM me if anyone is interested
  8. Nicsplash

    TBM Long Form Clone A For Sale

    I wouldn't mind to trade you for clone A when I have some available next year or so
  9. Nicsplash

    TBM Long Form Clone A For Sale

    This is a different monstrose than the "Clone A" bro, very interesting though.
  10. Nicsplash

    Serious Trichocereus photos

    Nice shots @Fungal Forest, I'm borrowing a decent camera currently and as soon as I can get them off the SD card I'll dump some photos here
  11. Nicsplash

    South coast NSW

    Me too glaukus, thanks for asking how I was doing, it meant a lot to me that you even knew I wasn't that well. great coffee btw and magnificent garden.
  12. Nicsplash

    South coast NSW

    South Sydney Rep @Glaukus
  13. Nicsplash

    South coast NSW

    I'm definitely keen dude, all those options sound good to me Your place would be the best though because Piper is awesome. I'll bring the nicjuice down for you!
  14. Nicsplash

    My healing journey

    Thank you so much Alchemica!