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  1. mrpants

    Post your track of the day

    So these guys are coming to Australia in December... http://goatsweden.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/australia.html
  2. It's complicated. The heroin enthusiasts who hang out in the park on my street and jeer at and verbally abuse pretty much everyone who passes by? No, fuck those guys, they're jerks. They're old and bitter and just seem to want to hurt anything that gets near. The heroin enthusiasts who offered their bupe to me when I was in bad pain after discount surgery? Hell yes, they're good people and I try to help them them out anytime I can. I grew up with an addict brother and that bit in 'Just One Fix' by Ministry where Burroughs drones 'Never trust a junkyyyy' was my life motto. I've come round since then because I really think anyone can mess up a bit and end up with a substance abuse problem. Acting like it's the end of the world and you're now permanently a fucking pariah doesn't seem to help anyone, or society as far as I can see. I have trusted 'junkies' and my life is better for it. People are people, you don't stop being a person just because you messed up and got into some bad patterns.
  3. mrpants

    Hayfever remedies

    I'd avoid Phenergan - a friend who used it for travel sickness would become non-functional after dosing. You could get them to move and sometimes respond, but generally only by forcing them to. Not a state I would want myself or anyone else to be in. Unsure of the dose that was used. The cheapest non-drowsy anti-histamine I can find is Loratidine in a 10mg tablet, which works great for reducing the hard sweling I get on insect bites. Has anyone ever used it for hayfever?
  4. mrpants

    ant control

    I've used cloves as a barrier, I'm told clove oil is effective also. Wasn't very scientific about it - I just put down a barrier of them and watched the ants run up and then bugger right off as soon as they were a few mm away from a clove. Doesn't seem to hurt them from what I observed, just gives them some kind of heeby jeebies. The repelling distance is shit thought - only a few mm, but they were old cloves. Maybe a wash down of surfaces with a clove oil solution might be more effective? That's been my plan for the next ant incursion that can't be solved by just washing away the pheremone trails and relocating attractants. For the record - my battles are with those tiny black ants you get in Sydney that farm scale all over your plants. I don't know if I'd take on a bull ant colony with a bag of old cloves.
  5. mrpants

    "View New Content" not working

    What browser and operating system do you use, tripsis? Like, Firefox on Windows 7, for example. You shouldn't need to reformat, you just need to narrow down what crap needs to be cleared out of where.
  6. mrpants

    sab will never die!

    From a technical point of view, it would be difficult to backup a site like the SAB forums without the co-operation of whoever has admin rights on the server that hosts the forum. You could certainly write a script (robots!) to navigate each forum thread and save it out to a static HTML document, but you'd lose all the forum functions in the process (like, making new posts, or viewing a members profile, or changing your name etc). That would be great as a static archive like the Way Back Machine but not so great to keep the forum 'alive'. *If* you had the co-operation of the server admin - moving the forum, or creating a copy / backup, would be relatively simple. I guess the question is: who would pay the bill for the new hosting, who would do the tech support and who would compensate Torsten for the years of work and resources he's poured in to this place?