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  1. I have commented on and asked intelligent questions on numerous you tube videos and news reports. I also have contact with a private Brisbane based observatory. All I know for sure is something is really fishy about all the information and digging is dangerous.

    It would take me near a year of my free time to explain all of what has happened and all the things that don't add up,

    I could not be bothered! We will all know the truth of this matter soon enough!

    Just a hint: Look Up!

    It might be BIG and it might be RED B)


    Click on picture for more info!

  2. That John Newman Song Rules, cant get it out of my head now, and i'm even singing like him. I have always been good at mimicking :wink:

    ISON brings encodements that effect the human heart and mind in such a way that our morality begins to overtake our technology. http://spiritlibrary.com/jamye-price/the-energies-of-december-2013-comet-ison-and-2014

    Check this site for an interesting view of the spiritual aspects of Comet ISON.

    I find it really weird that there is absolutely no one keeping eye on this thing. Let alone talking about it. Guess we are all to scared to be wrong/right huh! Ignorance is bliss!

    There have been so many trolls that spend all day saying it was disintergrated, and don't bother looking anymore., It is a lense flare and what gigantic planet looking shaddow, you need your eyes checked.

    I think they insighted a learned helplesness in most of the truth seekers.

    ie whats the point of continuing to explore when so many shoot your questions down without any evidence to back themselves up. :BANGHEAD2:

    But I do not give in, for I know too much and maybe this is why I saw something traversing the atmosphere this Thursday around 5pm.

    A huge, white, streaking tail from West to East, which turned jet black just North of Brisbane. All evidence says it was not a aeroplane dumping fuel, unless the engine had stalled and this thing was going down (no engine noise, as associated with jets like that).

    Not Chemtrail because it disipated too quickly.

    It was a black speck and not a craft, witnessed by my friend who is 51yo "I have never in all my life seen anything like that before" Quote

    SO ISON was due to be at it's closest point to the earth on 25th December, if disintergrated to dust and rock it will still be here next week, in whatever form that may be. Space ship? Asteroid shower? galaxy ? :bootyshake: demon ass fucker! Whatever the case


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  3. then it will be no rfid chip no healthcare

    The rfid chip will come in when everyone says it is unfair that you need a drivers license to vote. All of a sudden it makes sense to be chipped because this will be fairer and the only way they will give you access to the new vaccination that will give unlimited life span and health.. :BANGHEAD2:

    Then we will become a republic and then capital punishment will be reintroduced.

    Beyond that there will be a group of elite who can eliminate anyone, anytime, for no other reason than they were seen in a group of 3 or more people. This constitutes criminal activity in the eyes of the judge under the new bikie laws and millions get sent to the gallows. What do you all think the FEMA camps are. Check out the one at Robina on The Gold Coast. :crux:

    So Lick Ass or Die!

    I would rather Die knowing I have kept my soul intact and not sold out to the devil. :uzi::devil:

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  4. Wikipedia has more info today than 2 years ago, so some tips I found on Wikipedia:-

    The nuts were also stored in the mud of running creeks, and eaten in a fermented state. This was considered a delicacy.

    The nut is considered nutritious, with a unique flavour similar to starchy potato and chestnut.

    The nutritional content of the bunya nut is: 40% water, 40% complex carbohydrates, 9% protein, 2% fat, 0.2% potassium, 0.06% magnesium.

    It is also gluten free, making bunya nut flour a substitute for people with gluten intolerance.

    Related to the sacred Monkey Puzzle Tree which can live for 1000 years.Araucaria araucana

  5. I have sprouted many Bunya Bunya in my "secret mix" and they shot their root within 3 days. The secret lies in pulling smoke through water, I also added a touch of fulvic acid and seaweed and then soak seed overnight. Some shot within 1 day but all by day 3. Also works well for other natives that require fire for germination.

    Many still growing on strong at Stanmore, QLD, in decomposed granite, but rather stunted when compared to creek flat grown trees.

    1 even bonsai' ed.

    I think most people get their seeds from Bunya pines growing around local areas that were planted by locals or the ones growing at camping grounds that have no chance of growing, lots of Bunya's fruiting around the Sunshine coast right now. If you do collect some its a good idea to sprout some.

  6. In a magazine I once viewed called "People of the World" printed 1918 had on the inside cover a declaration/law by the Govenor of NSW in 1901, Stating that NO Bunya trees were to be cut down because they were an important staple for the Native People and to cut them down would be seen as un neighbourly and warrant arrest.

    What happened?

    It is like they targeted this species from then on, as the evidence is in the very small number of mature trees still alive today.

    What were they trying to destroy, really. :crux:

    And why can we ignore such important laws without consequence.

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  7. Maybe salt burn, as the browning occurs at the tip of the leaf.

    When using slow release fertilizers, it is a good idea to over water once a week, as opposed to just topping the moisture up, this allows for excess salts to flush out through the bottom of the pot with the excess water. I have no idea what kanna is, obviously not canna lilly, is it a succulent?

  8. I think I have found the right place to ask my questions about bunya nut trees. araucaria bidwillii aka. Bunya Bunya


    1) What is the proper nut collection method?

    2) What is the proper preparation for eating the nut?

    3) Is the tree sap used for anything like glue, food, poison?

    4) What are the spiritual attributes already given unto this tree.

    I have found it hard to find information on this common species, as to it's traditional uses.

    I have taste tested the sap and found it O.K. Swallowed some and never felt sick!

    I found the nuts tasted better cooked than raw.

    Any one else!

    Please note: I am Aboriginal and vow to hold any traditional secrets, safe.

    Private message me if not sure who to trust. Any info welcomed :shroomer:




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  9. I would have said a.melanoxylon too! But unless there is a seed pod I can look at it is very hard, the seed punicle should wrap around the seed twice and be orangish, if melanoxylon. Are the seed pods curly?

    Acacia Melanoxylon is an amazing timber and highly sought after for woodturning and instrument making (See pic)



  10. And now I, a hermit of 8 years, have come out of my dance and song ready to sing my truth, uninhibited..

    "Fear not what others speak, for your words will always be more powerful. For you and only you are thy creator."

    By Me Today!

    A little poem for you all from me.


    How can I tell you, your life's a lie.

    You are a servant, and then you die.

    They will only, ever show you, what they want you to see.

    They have taken, all your rights away, so you just cannot be.

    Always working, always hurti'n, always told your not ok.

    We must desert them, stop the jerkin', of these puppet strings today.

    All my plant friends, join my man friends, and make the space of love we crave.

    Take the earth back, from the fast track, of this bitumen we pave.

    We must all be, living freely, like the humans we can be,

    Take your song back, let the hurt slack, and let your hearts love, be free.

    Grow your own food, make a good mood, plant a loved seed today.

    Milk your own cow, chook's all run around, and be proud of what you made.

    Plant a garden, put your heart in, mother nature loves this way.

    No more seperate, no more desperate, with the earth my mind shall lay.

    P.S. Comet ISON is still coming :blink:

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  11. Are the leaves rough like sandpaper fig? or smooth like brachychiton.

    Stem looks like ficus sp. ????

    Native Hibiscus has palmate leaves, but I think you are on the money with brachychiton bidwillii

    I will keep an eye out for it as I live on the Sunshine Coast too.

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  12. Ok, So a bit of an update on Comet ISON - ISON has made perihelion intact,

    Most reports are that it was disintergrated, long after perihelion and is nothing more than a pile of dust. Maybe untrue, keep watching!

    There is also reports now of another much larger planet orbiting the sun.

    So while all eyes were on ISON there was something coming in from the other direction?

    Man, I never thought space stuff could be so interesting, but this stuff has me hooked, all the lies and confusion, there's something big here


    Check this out ! :wink: Eyes Open!

  13. SO the jury is still out on what comet ISON is made of.

    It is in our solar system, going near the sun, NOW, and has caused electrical changes on Mars as it went past.

    The American government have prepared for armageddon, the christian's are calling it the end of days,

    The alternative thinkers say it is a mothership come to guide us into transendence Or maybe they are aliens coming to feast and f**k.

    Any info, chanellings, tips or views will be appreciated.

    When I asked god what to do when the electrical currents go haywire he replied, in not so many words, "Keep with the beat of your own heart, sing your own song. It has your individual electrical imprint given to you by me." This is starting to make sense. If everyone is freaking out all at once can you imagine how hard it will be to separate yourself from the mass mind and stay un-attatched from the desperate insanity. In other words, stop being a sheep and start knowing that you are the unstoppable human power, Stand in that power and create responsibly..I believe this to be a world changer and "whatever I believe, is what is".



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  14. Hi all Just wanted to let everyone know that comet C/2012 S1 ISON is still on it's way, What's this you say!

    This is very quiet for a massive news event!, probably the biggest astrological event we will ever see!.

    Will it effect us or our way of living? Possibly.

    Get the facts and be prepared.

    Expected to be vizable by the naked eye about NOW. It will pass closest the earth end of December.

    Check Pics.


    I also love SuspiciousObserver on You Tube for updates.


    Many possible conspiracy theory's to be had here. Peace and Blessings fellow Earthlings.


  15. MILLAA MILLAA North Queensland, Australia. Translated from WET WET. into Aboriginal language.

    I even wrote a song about it when I lived there. Cheers!

    "Oh The Rain"

    Oh how it rains up here,

    just wanna disappear.

    It's not what you want to hear

    Coz while it rains up here your skies are clear.

    Mould grows on everything,

    Cupboards creak and barely swing.

    You can not do anything,

    Except to pray for a fine Spring.

    If you do not like the rain,

    You would find this place a pain.

    Maybe even go insane,

    I try so hard not to complain.

    You can't have a job outdoors,

    or it will saturate your pores.

    As it may rain for seven scores,

    Which makes it hard to do the chores.

    Mud Mouldy town we call it,

    It rains here more than just a bit,

    The locals will tell you it's shit,

    You wouldn't move here in a fit.

    If you were born in gum boots,

    Mud mouldy town would be a hoot.

    You don't have to wear a suit,

    I am sure you'd find it really cute.

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  16. I have read this also in the Ringing Cedars Series, which is in my mind, one of the best set of books ever for explaining us, children, living, plants, animals, history, extra terrestrials etc. These energy sucking beings, can not live in the light emitted from human beings in love. So love everything in your home as you would like to be loved, try becoming one with your desk.

    Read these books and tell everyone about them. http://www.ringingcedars.com/

    Good work Scarecrow and high vibrations to ya!

  17. I am not anonymous online and I have become slightly paranoid now! Thanks Rootkitshit!

    Go Anonymous http://youtu.be/gHRsFCZtG2Y Illuminati song by Anonymous is my new theme song.

    I often wonder if they are watching me but my common sense tells me, I am just not big enough to be watched full time, I am a low to medium risk so far, I reckon, but when I Inherit large sums of money or ruffle too many feathers too often, things might change.

    So I only send world-changing emails once every few months and I have begun to build my support base so if I disappear there will be a lot of people to ask questions.

    So the more that people take their power back, the more the controllers will have to contend with. I am sure they are already outnumbered and often outsmarted..

  18. Speed

    By Laura Davis 2009

    Shoot that needle up your arm, it might do your baby harm.

    With all that poison in your veins, some must end up in it's brain.

    But who cares? No one will know, until they watch the baby grow.

    And if it dies, well what then? They'll have another maybe ten.

    Sure as shit it's happening, unfortunately to my friend.

    I hope she sees herself oneday and gives that filthy shit away.