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  1. Sir Shrooms

    Staying off the radar

    My previous post's prediction has been validated. The contextual information we give for free to Facebook will be used to develop the next generation of AI. Remember, government owned supercomputers already match the neurological pathway potential of human minds but are effectively retarded, as they lack the human experience needed to 'think'. Our information, or rather the information which Facebook owns will suddenly become extremely valuable to institutions such as the NSA. Whether or not the NSA will pay for it or just steal it is another question... haha http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gQt4TTzVba-56NCC0qA3a-QXww9w?docId=d7d9f6c6-41f2-4d12-bf5d-d7599b3f9944 "Zuckerberg said a working group was formed in September "to do world-class artificial intelligence research using all of the knowledge that people have shared on Facebook."" Sorry to be the one breaking the news. If you "think big", then there may be some serious implications to the very near future of AI and the technology being leveraged by secretive government institutions worldwide.
  2. Sir Shrooms

    Cheap Laminar Flowhood any good?

    Where is your dryer vented? Do you wrap your plates with parafilm afterwards, or keep them in a sterile environment?
  3. Sir Shrooms

    eucalypt as substrate dangerous?

    Got it. http://www.abc.net.au/landline/stories/s949276.htm
  4. Sir Shrooms

    eucalypt as substrate dangerous?

    Hmm, tried to find this episode. Did it have a title or anything? I'm trying to find Australian gourmet mushroom growing stats and reports.
  5. What a strange username... combined with a lack of personal comments...
  6. Sir Shrooms

    eucalypt as substrate dangerous?

    Hi Zen, can you share the source of that information?
  7. Sir Shrooms

    Staying off the radar

    Haha, just noticed both doc's were made by guys named Geoff. People with that name must be antidisestablishmentariasts by default - or at least I'm sure Google/NSA would agree.
  8. Sir Shrooms

    Staying off the radar

    Just watched this, thank you! I figured it's definitely worth sharing again, and gives credit to the ABC where I never thought it would be due. It's sad how investigative journalism is rapidly dying and being replaced with the "dark side"... that is, journalists cannot make money doing journalism and instead are working for public relation firms or departments, spinning the news to make it easier for the few remaining "investigative journalists" who aren't paid anything, to report the news written by the spinsters. Anyways, off topic again. I found it interesting listening to the above documentary that the average car in NSW has been tracked 37 times by the P. It's such a shame that without even being aware, people are stalked by government agencies. They do not require permission to access your metadata which is collected en-masse. How bizarre that even Australia Post is included on that list (flashed briefly in the above doc) of privileged Stazi-like institutions. Next time you pick up a parcel at the post office, take a look at their hand held computer, the one with the digital signing pad. There is a camera in the top, and they seem to point it at your face before handing it over to you to sign. I suggest loudly asking if it's a camera so that everyone in line can hear you. Yes, it is a camera, I asked. What it's for I'm sure Australia Post would never tell the truth about. Who gave bureaucracy the power to maintain itself whatsoever the cost. Why is the freedom of the masses less important than the jobs of those who are supposed to serve us. The balance of freedom has spontaneously undergone a massive and rapid "tip" towards non-existence, at least with respect to whether or not we're watched. The old psychological conundrum is after all, that when you're aware of being watched you change your behavior, and this includes reluctance to voice your opinion or advance thought. Like I said previously, we seem to never regain the full freedoms we long expected and took for granted. At least as long as the current status quo is maintained, and we're in deep with our detached consumerist lifestyles that so far, unless nature intervenes nothing will change for a long time. If we never gain more freedom but continuously have it etched away like an out of control dentist, soon we won't be able to chew our own food, so to speak, exactly where the psychotic system wants us to be, force fed willingly. BTW for another good doc look up "Facebook Follies" by the CBC. It's a couple years old but also served as a warning about how powerful profiling was even two years ago before 90% of the data produced through human online context existed. Deciphering social insurance numbers. Determining who intends to break the law in advance. Facial recognition is massive and will only become more exploited. Roadside cameras are certainly capable of this already. Maybe think twice about posting pictures of your children online - they may grow to despise you in the future for compromising their privacy from an early age. http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/episode/facebook-follies.html
  9. Sir Shrooms

    Cheap Laminar Flowhood any good?

    Alright, who's offering to share a communal particle counter so we can all start testing whos filter is the cleanest? Or how about least turbulent. SallyD, that's right, turbulent air for the laboratory environment, not the laminar flow design. But as confirmed by trucha, Paul's LFHs are also very basic yet still marketed as laminar, with the buyer being confident that he would have the blower perfectly matched to the resistance of the filters. He does not have sneeze guards or any such thing in his laboratory, just a giant wall of 60cm high hepa filters. I've often thought a "sneeze portal" would be great, hooked up to a central vacuum tube. It would have to be really convenient of course.
  10. Sir Shrooms

    Cheap Laminar Flowhood any good?

    SallyD, what are your thoughts on the flow hoods offered by Fungi Perfecti? I'm not sure if they include internal fins. I was under the impression that Stamets advocated turbulent air rather than still air for the lab environment, but those comments were probably limited to lab air flow rather than laminar air flow. Also check out the following link with the pictures at the end regarding building a laminar flow hood. Seems to me that this would also not be considered "laminar" by any means. www.fungifun.org/English/Flowhood It would be great to see some pictures of home built LFH's. Anyone willing to share? designs, thoughts... or other resources for purchasing them or components to build them in Oz?
  11. Sir Shrooms

    Mycology Resources Thread

    a friend of mine just bought a glass still from KegKing, shipped to QLD. but I'm not sure how they're related to cultivation...
  12. Sir Shrooms

    Mycology Resources Thread

    What are anul laws? Seems to me that you nearly need a license to mow your lawn in Qld.
  13. Sir Shrooms

    Cultures Wanted will pay

    Thanks to Argyreia for supplying some cultures super quickly. Still keen to obtain h.erinaceus. It was documented in the Otways in the 60's or 70's.
  14. Vitex, I suspect it's less about turning people into criminals and more about maintaining a sick population, because healthcare is business with a model of creating, maintaining, and keeping people sick. Big Pharma have connections to food giants. PhD students are funded by these companies to impregnate their doctrine into their mindsets. Banning healthy substances is less about keeping people safe and more about preventing them from choosing to heal thyself. Of course, if you're a sprout munching raw milk drinkin' organic hippy, yes, you would be a criminal in their eyes. Shame on you for thinking you can eat wholesome real food directly from the earth without it being subjected to chemical treatment, pasteurization, green washing, etc. I think everyone should (anonymously) call the TGA and demand answers as to why it's banned... see what we can find out not about this specific issue but rather about the culture behind what's happening - because now you can bet there will be something next... and what's next, in Canada they tried to make it illegal to self-prescribe vitamin-C... there's no limit to the radical nature of their motive, only the restraint of time. Since we keep giving a finger, and not caring, eventually we'll loose our arms. Thoughts?
  15. Sir Shrooms

    Staying off the radar

    Thanks Mimzy for your re-cap. Do you have any ideas of your own? Regarding voice communications... There was a time when Skype was an encrypted and trusted communication method, or blackberry. But a few years ago Microsoft purchased Skype and they soon filed for a patent on a new technology to screen conversations in digital telephone calls for hot-words. Owning the rights to screening digital telephone calls will profit MS massively, since the power of such tools are too great for any government to resist and it's basically free money from taxpayers with politicians and lobbyists being the devils advocates. Now land lines are 100% digital as well, which makes you wonder if there will ever be a time again in the future where we free and innocent people, gain more freedom rather than continually allow it to diminish into an infinite abyss. In another 5-10 years this discussion will be ancient history and we'll be more complacent with ubiquitous road side cameras, facial recognition ads via facebook, and ever more fearful of identity theft and more willing to again give up more freedoms. Then the discussion will be about the ethics of swarms of nano-drones (yes, they already exist) and whether or not your facebook/internet browsing habits make you guilty of "crimes" you've never committed. After all, based on facebook profiles of university students in the US, researchers were able to predict social security numbers. Data and profiling is huge. Since it's seemingly impossible to quit using a telephone or browsing the internet, unless you're Richard Branson. Try to generalize your internet searches. It's tough to do since 30% of search queries have never been done before. Anyways, '1984' was here years ago and it's far more concerning than whether someone has hijacked your computer for passwords and such. The power of data mining hasn't even been fully utilized yet - we're only in the early phases of collecting data whilst Moores law catches up, and state owned supercomputers are advanced. Once they own the data, our data - the "context" of trillions of human experiences being puked online, supercomputers will finally begin to become sentient rather than as retarded as a rat. Current supercomputers match our neurological potential but lack the "context" of experiences, to truly be intelligent, but thankful to Facebook we're mindlessly volunteering all the context they need. What's the motivation... just another tool in their chest. Anyways, this is far out of left field and no longer relevant to today. So if you want to stay off the radar, just KISS (keep it simple stew) - just stay off the radar! there's not much else to ask about. The internet and freedom are finished.