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  1. Well this will be my final post, given that i have been given a warning point for calling someone a fuckwit that believes smoking & drinking is acceptable when pregnant. To all the great people i have met i wish you well. To the people that think drugs & pregnancy can coexist... well.. Fuck you, you selfish cunts, and the mods that agree. ciao I have spent thousands through shaman australis, and will not spend another red cent due to the "BIG BOYS" club that rules over average joes like me. I will take my hobby back to my shed and not share any of my knowledge or advances with you. Such is Life
  2. Actually drinking and smoking will harm your unborn child. You might think that it doesn't but why would you put an unborn child at a disadvantage? If you think its okay to have the "occasional" then you are a fuckwit... plain and simple.
  3. Scrubby

    I Have Wild Lettuce

    3g per hour? What is your dry weight calculation?
  4. Scrubby

    poppies legal or not?

    If you want to grow poppies do it in Afghanistan, thats where all the cool kids are doin it these days
  5. The mother of any unborn human should respect the duty that she has while she is pregnant. No grog, No Drugs, No Smokes, No Bungi Jumping.... Whats so hard about that? If your in charge of the development of another little human and you think that you can just do "whateva" then you are fucking wrong! Selfish, Disrespectful & Malicious in my opinion. I hope this hits a few members on the chin, because you probably need the reality check!
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    Looking for a supply of HBWR seeds, please pm me with quantity and price. Australia only. Cheers guys & gals
  7. Scrubby

    Prepping! WTF

    This prepping business is starting to gain a bit of traction... Anyone else care to share there thoughts on the matter? Ii mean im happy livin day by day with my plants and shit but should i consider buying a missle silo to hydro my hobby? haha
  8. Prisoners dont smoke anyway... All they do is wear those funny costumes with arrows and break rock with sledge hammers, im sure they won't mind a bit.
  9. If you blame the drug for a "crime" you have committed pay the price If you a caught with a drug, with little history of violations i would say warning or optional rehabilitation programs. If you are a drug user that does not have a negative impact on your society or social group, how is punishment for possession the answer. If you drink a bottle of rum every night and beat the fuck out of your missus, you need rehab and a stint in the house with wire walls. My opinion. I hope i have not offended any wife beaters...
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    Lophophora In flower !

    They look great, Nice pics!
  11. Hey guys, Im putting together an art piece (slowly) at the moment building a life size sculpture of an aboriginal lady and her baby. I feel using our old copper(pennys) currency represents a very deep emotion, particularly given the period the coins were used. Im happy to trade for any old unwanted hoards you might have and would greatly appreciate donations. I feel like its a worthy project and would love for some of you guys to get on board. ive already acquired about 800 coins but thats it. peace
  12. i will add, i have a beautiful loph with 5 pups that im willing to trade for my project, to the biggest donator. plently of other goodies too
  13. Im looking for some seriouslly hot chillis to grow this season and pachanoi tip cuts (to cool my mouth) I've got a bit of a seed bank of assorted goodies, and some lil loph buttons & plant/leaf cuttings for bigger trades. PM me to see if we can hook up a trade or sale Peace (Y)
  14. Someone I met, and perhaps someone you have also met ,i have recently bumped into and had quite the chat with. His/her name was Dimitri and we had a lengthy chat about the consequences of the western civilizations influences in the modern world, the raping of our planets natural resources and the secret language of the mind. I have a mind full of questions to "defragment" so i offer the forum and its many scholars of the mind to maybe express their fears for humanity, or where you think we are heading as a planet in 50 or 100 years, or other concerns or common barriers that you come across whilst meditating on our vibrations.
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    If the FAQ doesnt help try ESP, If that doesnt work just say OMG or WTF.... theres always DMT....
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    Great work!
  17. Scrubby

    Loph Question:

    On my morning stroll around the garden earlier i noticed one of my lophs has had some punishment from a bird im guessing . It has a pretty deep split on one side. Question is how much damage can the main head sustain without being susceptible to rot? I would hate to lose her and there are 5 pups growing from the base. Should i cut of the affected area or just keep her dry and hope for the best? will upload a pic this arvo.
  18. Scrubby

    how to create internet traffic?

    Give in to the facebook demons PH, It has its pitfalls but you cannot deny it as the biggest virtual platform for connecting with your desired audience.
  19. Scrubby

    Bunnings cactus id help please

    Euphorbia obisa cross? the spiraling has me confused Ive seen Euphorbia obisa x bupleuifolia that spiral, but more profoundly