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  1. It has taken me many many brews to come to this ;-). Can do 60litres at a time in about 5 mins. The only con so far is that if it runs for too long the heavier components move to the bottom, but I easily fixed that by agitating by hand :-)
  2. 2XB

    Unusual plant blooming patterns

    There are natural cycles sure, and natural occurrences which fuck the atmosphere etc for our type of life...but surely all can see we humans are shitting in our own nest.?. Things wont change in that humans still need polluting industry to survive and for trinkets to occupy their minds, but I can't see the issue with implementing better practices, why so much resistance here?
  3. On going repotting quest :-)
  4. 2XB

    Argyreia nervosa Germination

    I haven't done any for a couple years, so im a little hazy on the topic, but I remember sanding the seed coat and sealing the seed in moist soil in an enclosed container until they sprout, like less than a week with fresh seed... when they sprout plant outside after gradual acclimatise.... It should be easy, with fresh seed anyways. all the best
  5. 2XB

    The Mangrovial path - Project Mangrovia

    Thought of you when we went fishing last week end horseman- some grey mangroves.
  6. 2XB

    astro graft

    Good morning fellows :-) Been meaning to graft this for a while, any tips on where to cut or anything else I should know as I've never grafted astrophytum before. I will use t. Pachanoi as root stock. Cheers in advance!
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    Great photos, thanks. FYI, I am DB, doublebenn, doublebenno
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    Sina doesn't terminate like in pic #7 though does it?? Are there other bridgesii known to grow like that??
  9. 2XB

    An open discussion about healthy porn use

    I'm not sure pornography is healthy at all, not that I am against it though... No matter how 'tasteful' it might be, it creates an unrealistic image of sexuality- If it is love/intimacy you crave i think that porn will only exacerbate the situation- it is definitely healthy to masturbate, but why do you want to include porn again? I cant see continuing without it being a problem.... The sexual gratification is the same with or without the visual aid? probably more complete without now I think about it. I personally view porn too much and believe it adds to my own sexual frustration. (daily user) as for healthy limits.... if its not negatively impacting your life, or those around you, its all good yeah?? -watch your Kidney Qi ;-)
  10. Got mine from.prier too , hasn't budged in over a year
  11. 2XB

    Follow feature help

    Oh sorry, I misread it, haha never had that problem.
  12. 2XB

    Follow feature help

    Account>manage followed content and set content type to members
  13. Hey sagi, of course we think in words, I agree and this is why I think humans are stuck, as our language doesnt evolve.... And I can see that humans have evolved through language, so please dont be sorry for me. I dont agree though that we would be nothing without language, certainly not as we are now, but surely not nothing.... Dont get too hung up on what I've said here, I am not attached in anyway to the topic and have not put in the time to formulate any real ideas I was simply illustrating how knowing may not be intellectual, I used the examples of babies and animals because it exists and made sense in my mind- I had no means of making other examples, but i will try and come up with something at some stage... If you take the literal meaning from a dictionary I suppose you are right, knowing is an adjective and has a clearly defined meaning, agreed upon by many clever people, but there are so many words used to define that word it gets so confusing because it is all so subjective! SAGIX, do you think plants and animals have consciousness or awareness? I know it is not measurable scientifically, but i think they do :-) I think that awareness and consciousness would give any life form (known or otherwise) the ability to 'know'. I'm not sure why I come to this conclusion, but if knowledge cannot exist outside of our language framework I am certainly on the wrong track...... @Yeti101 great post, thanks.
  14. 2XB

    Introducing "Cliff"

    Excellent news! Eagerly waiting til summer/ ;-)
  15. Well language is somewhat trivial to me, in the sense that it is limiting our ability to evolve intellectually, however that is another discussion. My point was more to try and illustrate that knowing and intellect are independent- and although you think that the infant doesn't know shit (from your perspective through comparison??), it is still knowing none the less. Another example would be changing behaviour in mice with electric shock experiments, the mice knows how NOT to get the shock through repetition rather than an intellectually formed decision. If I want to fuck a girl I experience that desire, I know I want to because the urge exists and seems real to me- and so a horse wants to mate, he knows he wants to, so he does it, he doesnt intellectually analyse why tho, it just happens- for me on the other hand, I have the cognitive ability question that desire, refine my behaviours to increase my chances etc- that would be in my opinion the intellectual aspect.... so yes, less sophist ;-)
  16. I'll have a quick go- Knowing is not based on intellect in my opinion, intellect is the ability to process information, problem solve etc I can be hungry, and know that I am hungry without needing to understand why I am hungry, The only aspect of that (or any of the other examples of love, anger etc) I need intellect for is to process the language/communication part of that, hunger however exists even without that language label.An infant will cry until it is fed, it lives and experiences that hunger, it knows hunger.
  17. 2XB

    Deleting Facebook Finally

    Except you can never really delete your account, just disable it ;-) Good job man, I know the feeling, I too removed myself from Facebook quite some time ago and felt it was a positive move for me....... However about a month ago I created a new account to join a specific group, strictly no friends, just cruising so i can buy huanshuma's seeds drool!
  18. 2XB

    Windows 10 good or bad?

    Off topic q sorry halycon... What's the best Linux distro these days @cue ? I am looking to run it again as my only requirement for windows is my audio hardware/software which I run with no network anyway... What's the best automated install from bootdisk?? Is mandrake still good?
  19. 2XB

    How to root extra-small cuttings

    Pachanoi would be better but look into impale grafting re pereskiopsis, you can cut the pere back like a spear to exspose vascular core and make a concave cut in the scion
  20. 2XB

    How to root extra-small cuttings

    I will let this grow as is now that it is growing roots, and in a few years I will use for grafting root stock if all goes well. Ordinarily I would graft something like that if I was trying to keep it.. Grafting is super easy, especially with things this size. give it a crack ;-)
  21. 2XB

    How to root extra-small cuttings

    Here's one (t.pachanoi)I found when retrieving some pots yesterday... I would have taken this off a root stock a year ago.. Or more. I'm always impressed when i see this, a tiny piece of plant surviving like that!