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    yearlings, a bit wobbly

    I use apple cider vinegar periodically on certain plants but have just started using phosphoric acid, def better for lowering the PH than apple cider vinegar has been :-)
  2. 2XB

    yearlings, a bit wobbly

    I've never tested the soil PH, but limestone in my trich mixes has (in my opinion) been detrimental, my water supply is slighty alkaline already though, if the water supply is < neutral i'm sure it would be fine
  3. 2XB


    Love these roots :-)
  4. I think it is a admin setting.. The default display image size might be set quite large, someone with admin login should be able to change to a smaller size ie. 150px x 150px... Or something... Actually that would still load the full IMG data .?? I think the max upload size should be scaled back a bit too, 2mb was a bit small but upload limit should help the forum run smoother as the server would be serving less data..???
  5. 2XB

    Australian 2016 Census... WTF?

    seems weird, how are they issuing fines??? Is the census number registered with a residential address/household?
  6. I have some labelled as Peruvianus, but are all pachanois :-) Will be interesting to see what happens, heavy spineage would look great
  7. Love the length of spines on the T. pachanoi monstrose x T. pachanoi 'Huancabamba' cuttings! Is this a common theme with this cross?? Love to see some larger sections if you have any ferret?
  8. 2XB

    Bulk Cactus Sale

    next in line if you do more than 4-
  9. 2XB

    one nation gets 4 senate seats

    nice tags ;-) https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/4r5flf/map_of_electorates_who_voted_for_one_nation_as_a/
  10. I will take TPQC x TPM pls :-) Is this a cutting ferret??
  11. 2XB

    H1 bridgesii

    I'll have a look if its not too embarrassing I'll post a piccy ;-) did u get a rooted mid cut?? Looks very impressive growth for a year and a half !! :-)
  12. 2XB

    H1 bridgesii

    Man looking nice!! Grown a lot more than the cut I grabbed back at the op
  13. 2XB

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

    Ditto :-)
  14. I have not much to add except that I was very surprised to find that a woody ourinhos cutting has rooted and sprouted new growth over winter here- it has been a pretty mild winter here but I still was impressed and thought worth mentioning :-)
  15. Good morning world, here we have some p. Viridis berries up for grabs, I've already sown many so they will go to waste otherwise. Pls PayPal $4 for postage etc and I will prep n send monday, u will get 1/8 of that bowl First 8 Australian residents pls post in thread and pm me with viridis + post# as title. All the best for your weekend people!!
  16. 2XB

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

    3 & 7 pls
  17. All done! Thanks guys
  18. I didn't want to do international because I already had the stamps to do that many, saving me a trip to the post office.. :-) There are plenty on the bush so I will msg about sorting something out. For these 8 spots, Australian addresses only please.
  19. 2XB


    happy to help you out Halcyon, pending ms Andersons consent of course;-)
  20. 2XB


    i can help
  21. 2XB

    Meet up: Brisbane

  22. 2XB

    DMT story in MSM

    New class of psychoactive called tryptamine, sounds exotic!
  23. 2XB

    KAT gone

    KAT gone, Its happened.... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-21/how-the-us-government-brought-down-kickass-torrents/7649862 loved this bit ! " The investigation was done both online and in meat space (the real world), and was a mixture of old-school police work and top-of-the-line digital forensics. "