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  1. Hey @Bush Turkey - did you see my PM's man??

  2. All good dudes :-) Hit me with a pm and we'll work something out @crazzyeddy
  3. Hello :-) I am so grateful to have a place in this community, many have shared with me and I like to share where I can- love you all. First 3 to repond in the thread get a trichocereus mix, left overs from recent sowings. Heaps of different seed bagsDon't know how many seed, a few hundred at least I reckon... Free poured. Australia only I'm afraid. Peace to all P.s. it'd be sick if winners could pm'd me a postal Addy straight away so I can post these all out asap.
  4. 2XB

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    Yes pls :-), do u know the father?
  5. spooge I think you mean http://www.trichocereus.com.au/ ??
  6. 2XB

    Show off ya succies

    Ours aren't very fancy, not many tags etc, but I love them :-) Our collection has grown over many years of swapping cuttings but occasionally we will grab something from a nursery if interesting and the annual succulent show up here(bris) is a great place to get unique flavours :-) I'm a little bit scared of going down the collector lane with haworthias etc as it is a never ending quest, i've got enough obsessions at the moment, but goddamn there are some beautiful plants out there!!
  7. 2XB

    Show off ya succies

    Tell me when to stop ;-)
  8. 2XB

    Show off ya succies

    I'll have a little wander with the camera this arvo :-)
  9. 2XB

    Show off ya succies

    I sense forthcoming trades @theuserformallyknownasd00d
  10. 2XB


    Pming now :-)
  11. 2XB

    Plant id

    I would say the op is Solandra maxima, thanks for the link micromegas
  12. Maybe you could put the call out for a working bee man, I am sure you could get some helpers! ;-)
  13. 2XB


    Yep this makes sense as the problem is certainly intermittent... thanks :-)
  14. The messaging module doesnt seem to work - I cant seem to find all of my messages It will display 25 messages, ow do I finfd the rest??? i can see 25 of 62 in my inbox 50 of 228 can be seen in my archived folder how the hell do I browse my messages - I am using firefox here
  15. 2XB

    Meet up: Brisbane

    i'm keen- @sharxx101 you name a date that you aren't working??
  16. All gone, thanks guys- thanks for the prompt messages, they will be posted this morning, love an efficient giveaway :-) Mate you are gonna have to step up on this one- sow em all!! or give some to your mum :-) I had these packed up and stamped last night sorry, it was more about how many stamps I had at hand, would love to do more, but now is not the right time. I hope you all can have an amazing day! I got my kids at work with me at the moment, how good is that!! :-)
  17. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Nice link @Bedofspines ! id love to try the 7 - 15mm diatomite. the pummice looks like a good price, but estimate of 50$ courier to get a few bags up here in QLD :-(
  18. 2XB

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

  19. 2XB

    South coast NSW

    south coast, is that like cronulla, wollongong, merimbula? thanks in advance for my geography lesson :-)
  20. 2XB

    Ant jizz and Cactus

    what has been selected for the cacti terrace?
  21. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Deep north :-) Thanks mate
  22. 2XB

    Show off your freaks

    Thanks @zed240 -A good dude just recently got me copies of the catalogues- I do plan on an order soon :-) cheers!
  23. 2XB

    Show off your freaks

    nice!! would love to get my hands on some chalaensis x tpm seed!! where did they come from?????