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  1. Hi all. I was wondering is there are any basics when it comes to cross pollinating species. I have 2 different echinopsis flowering simultaneously and wondering they will cross simply because they are in the same family, or is there more to it than that? The 2 im talking about are e. Chamaecereus and e. Arachnacantha. Im new to this.... Any thoughts welcomed
  2. 2XB

    breeding compatabilty

    Sure thing stillman ill pm you when and if I have success. Cool thanks halcyon daze. Would be interesting to do some tricho crosses too.. would that mean that any cereus as well???
  3. 2XB

    ID Please

    I think it is probably some sort of peruvianus pach cross mainly because of the look of old spines... even though they appear to quite consistently short. Have any been trimmed? I have a plant labelled peru jac006 x pach 2 that looks very similar. Looks swwet. Love the massive bell end!
  4. 2XB

    Acacia Seed Giveaway

    Hello. Just wanted to say thanks again to Shamanistic and naja. I only just put the seeds down and am getting near 100% germ rate on all 4 varieties. Incredible generousity! If you 2 dudes are after something pm me and I might be able to help. Peace!!!
  5. 2XB

    how much sleep do you need?

    I think its called polyphasic sleep... einstein and others would power nap for like 20 mins every couple hours for the entire 24hr period. It is supposed to be the most efficient way to rest... I cant remember too many details about it. However my friend was right into it for a while and tried to live that lifestyle.. it really fucked with him and ofcourse is back to the monophasic pattern the majority of us all live with... I myself function best on 8 hrs unfortunately I rarely get that.
  6. 2XB

    wanted to buy

    Hi all; 2 items I'm after at the moment are fresh l.williamsii seeds and a yowie specimen. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  7. 2XB

    Give away (assorted seeds) Haiku comp

    May I have some seeds I'm asking seriously Pretty pretty pretty pretty please?
  8. 2XB

    propogation question

    Sweet Jox thanks for the tip. Do you apply the same to all cactus seeds???
  9. Hi all; I have some queries about getting lopho seeds to germinate... I've had only 1 go and had no success. So before I pay top dollar again for seeds I wanna get my shit sorted... Ive had alot of success germinating trich seeds so I pretty much did exactly the same for lopho... which was heated hummidity chamber thingo... The seed pack was sab mixed lopho 50 pack purchased recently. So I guess my questions would be; Do I have to do anything different for loph vs trich.? Seems weird that I have 0% loph germinate compared to the approx 80%+ of trich in the next tray... Or are the sab seeds a dud?? Cheers
  10. 2XB

    propogation question

    To elaborate exact method; Soaked commercial seed mix in boiled water for a while. Drained for an hour or so. Sprinkled seeds over gently compacted seed mix. Pressed in with the back of a desert spoon. Put in a heated seed propogator thing I got from a nursery. Put out of direct sun but well lit for about 12 hrs a day. Min temps in room 9 max 25 over a 3 week period. All vents closed on lid. Dont know actual bio dome temps...
  11. 2XB

    id pleaz

    Looks like stapelia gettleffii
  12. 2XB

    A Bucket Of Free Seed

    Heya. Sweet! .....edit. D'oh
  13. www.rasmi.dhamma.org Vipassana has helped a few friends of mine in making positive change.. I too plan to attend the 10 day course detailed in that link..
  14. www.grahamhancock.com/forum/HancockG3.php Interesting read.
  15. Hi all, Hoping someone can name this cactus. I got 2 fat pups that look real cool but no name... All of the real long spines tend to point downwards.. Thanks for any help. DB.
  16. 2XB

    Free seeds

    Sorry to frustrate Jack... was trying for some free seeds on the sly at work.. totally skimmed your post... lesson learnt. Take it easy man.. Friggen rad of you to give away seeds!
  17. 2XB

    Free seeds

    Pm.d ... did I miss out?
  18. Hey dudes, I was pretty certain both cuts were taken from the same mother (not 100% as I didnt take the cuttings). Looking closely the yellow pot (which is the about 50-60% smaller than the other) clearly has brown brown wool on the areoles. The larger cut in the white pot has predominantly whiter wool but does however have brown wool on the new growth.... Its interesting that there is a few suggesting peruvianus. I was hoping it was, but it looks nothing like cactus i have labelled as peruvianus. I have none growing in the ground though. All of mine seem to have more golden brown wool and none with that sweet blue colour....
  19. Hi all where I currently work (construction site) there are hundreds of these guys growing. It is quite an attractive tree. There are many seedlings coming up and I before I take one I would like to know the plant so I can give it the best home I can... The first 3 pics are for one tree and the last 2 for another. Any help appreciated cheers!