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  1. 2XB

    ID please

    Looks nice :-) love to see the whole thing, looks trichocereus Pachanoi/scopulicola ish
  2. Leave it master b, very generous and great idea :-)
  3. 2XB

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    Super lols! ;-) still learning how to navigate on the phone
  4. 2XB

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    Fuck hope I haven't missed out!

  6. 2XB

    Any best way to prune back my caapi?

    there we go... http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41250#entry517722 ....thanks for the reminder!
  7. 2XB

    Any best way to prune back my caapi?

    I recall p's dog mention in another thread how much caapi loved being heavily pruned, Ie promotes nice thick vine really quickly, anyone got a link to that?? ?
  8. Lols Brendo, don't make him spell it out ;-)
  9. 2XB

    computer question

    If your hard disk doesn't power up only option would be to use a HDd exactly the same and take the board off and put it on the fuxt disk.. . u may be lucky and get those 128kbit MP3s back ;-)
  10. 2XB

    computer question

    New avatar is sick dude
  11. 2XB

    computer question

    You are onto it man, motherboard is the main part, or computing part, hard disks etc plug into tje motherboard so is separate component, so yes the data would be saveable!
  12. 2XB


    Thanks man, does the Brazilian chacruna differ much from the standard narrow??
  13. 2XB


    Hey rahli, wondering if you have names for the banisteriopsis caapi and psychotria viridis? ?
  14. Goddamn it now I need one...! ;-) Cheers for that zed, didnt see the link..... Its a fucking beauty!
  15. 2XB


    never mind, just saw the thread, ;-)
  16. 2XB


    Great shots KADA! I was wondering where you sourced your peregrina and colubrina and are you 100% on the ID's?? Also which tree are the flower shots from?? I may have missed it but didnt notice if they are labelled
  17. Zeds, any info on Lorraine background?? Any photos of a mature specimen?
  18. 2XB

    Trichocereus seeds for trade

    Great list olive, well done!! ! Hoping to get my hands on some, will propose a trade soon :-)
  19. 2XB

    Peruvian Army

    those plants are beautiful man ;-) Well done!
  20. 2XB

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Happy?? dont mind if I do! Bummer I forgot about this... When is the next one?
  21. 2XB

    Show off your freaks

    Not majorly freakish, but noticed this kinda dichotomous pup on a tbm this morning.
  22. Sick dude!! Lost tag looks concurrens to me??
  23. 2XB

    Pressure Cooker Extraction

    Great tip shortly!