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  1. psynergy


    lol never thought about that, not that i do coke but i think if people actually knew the journey that their coke/meth/pills have gone through before it's landed in their hands they'd think twice
  2. psynergy

    happiness thread

    connecting with music, people and nature any experience is a good experience and having a good nod/high
  3. psynergy

    poppy seeds

    hey all, Im looking for a good source of bulk poppy seeds, please PM me with details. (Post edited by moderator)
  4. psynergy

    Another weekend, another interesting experience

    the toxicity of LSD is pretty much non-existant, especially from only 2 hits. The fried feeling you are experiencing is purely mental and should fade away within the next few days as you recover from the experience
  5. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Sleeps With Angels (the whole album) this album is amazing lyrically, and musically...
  6. psynergy

    OK this is really weird

    "You wanna know what's really amazing? I haven't brushed my teeth in 3 MONTHS, and no one has said a thing!"
  7. psynergy

    music thread

    been listening to heaps of frank zappa and miles davis recently, great stuff. if you're interested..check out frank zappa - shut up n' play yer guitar and/or hot rats miles davis - get up with it also..on one journey of mine, played some ravi shankar..blew my mind
  8. psynergy

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    it's all starting to happen in melbourne..a friend picked up a lot this morning
  9. psynergy

    The Magick of the Bong

    i'll have to try this out next time i have a billy
  10. psynergy

    id?? :D

    wow..that's cool lol.. never seen that before
  11. psynergy

    sms for peace

    or pump john lennon - imagine, to the whole country, infact the whole world, give peace a chance!! drop acid not bombs
  12. psynergy

    Fijian Kava

    i'll be getting some tongan kava pretty soon, what's a good dose for a first timer? and does it mix well with other stuff (mj, nitrous) ?
  13. psynergy

    Net Authority.Org

    LOL apparently this site is "too offensive for preview" http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/ ...Be cautioned! This website contains strongly offensive material and is not suitable for young children. Click the link below at your own risk what a pathetic website...good luck trying to clean the internet up
  14. psynergy

    Changing your username

    yea bac, i'm not to sure if that actually works, as i changed my name from think-floyd to this quite some time ago, with under 20 posts evil genius, it is possible to view username history, just click on the user - > profile options (top right hand side) - > member's display name history i'm still unable to find the member title field..probably not much of an issue anyway, as i'm fairly new here
  15. psynergy

    Changing your username

    how do u do this? i can't seem to find the member title field