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  1. Here is a similar post i made: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37294 Austrocylindropuntia subulata f. monstrosa contains a bacteria Phytoplasma that makes it 'monstrose' as in pup from most of its aeroles. This infection spreads to only other opuntia plants through grafting, have tried it on lophophora, trichocereus and it didn't work. It has been successful with pereskiopsis, and so i am trying it with other opuntias Here is the graft of pereskiopsis on Austrocylindropuntia subulata var. Phytoplasma (I'll just call it Phytoplasma instead of monstrose to avoid confusion for the time being) Here the Pereskiopsis Spathulata var. Phytoplasma are growing on their own roots. They have noticeably thin leaves, pup from most aeroles. Some of the later growth did not have the infection. So now i grafted a blue burbanks spineless opuntia on Austrocylindropuntia subulata var. Phytoplasma to see if i get similar results Mother Plant: I am also trying with the Paper Spine cactus (Tephrocactus articulatus) This monstrose cresting opuntia i forgot the name of Mother plant: And with this thin spineless and glochidless opuntia Mother plant:
  2. gr33ntea

    Lollipop for you

    Top is a pachanoi with no chlorophyll, bottom is what it was grafted on a hylocereus
  3. gr33ntea

    Triple Graft

    Aerole of variegated astrophytum grafted on spach which is then grafted on pc pachonoi. ​Sulphur dust added for precaution .
  4. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/oi9pL/layout/grid I AM LOCATED IN AUSTRALIA, Northern Suburbs Number 4. is a Luther Burbanks Spineless. Has a nice blue tint to it 18. PENDING for buyer 6. PENDING for buyer 11. gone 12. gone 10. Pending for buyer
  5. gr33ntea

    Stapelia cacti is not a cacti

    Sorry to reignite this thread from two months ago, but are you guys trying to tell me that you can graft a cactus onto a stapelia gigantea ?? This would have to mean that Stapelia is in the cactus family?
  6. A year or so ago I got a Luther Burbanks Opuntia. Basically a botanist (among other things) by the name of Luther Burbank (March 7, 1849 – April 11, 1926) spent two decades selectively breeding Opuntia pads to be spineless, the goal was a spineless opuntia that could be grown in the desert for cattle feed. It was successful but the cactus needed constant watering and couldnt survive in the heat. I was sold a Luther Burbanks opuntia and although it is spineless it still produces glochids. (All spineless or ‘Burbank’ opuntias bear tiny bristles (glochids) around areoles and on the fruit surface (Brutsch and Zimmerman, 1990).) Below is image of Luther Burbanks opuntia, from this site http://mattslandscape.com/detail/?plant_name=Opuntia%20ficus%20indica%20var%20burbank%20spineless#full_desc The only proper spineless opuntia i can think of is the thin Opuntia Nopales because it doesnt have as much glochids as burbanks. My Opuntia below looks like it has some opuntia robusta dna in it as it has an awesome blue tinge and is thick. below opuntia sold to me as luther burbank spineless
  7. I wish Burbanks cactus instead of having no spines but having glochids, had spines but no glochids. Better the devil you can see than the one that is invisible
  8. @halyconDaze It was sold to me by a man who sells cacti at Victria Market in Melbourne. He seemed quite reputable. Burbanks although described as spineless are most often 'almost spineless' I think it is Burbanks cactus as it fits this description, especially the thick round bluish pads it produced: "A form of O.robusta reputedly bred by the fammous Luther Burbank for cattle-friendly fodder in WWII. Thick round bluish pads on a medium-sized bush. Okay outdoors in mild areas." - http://www.cacti.co.nz/library/opuntia-burbanks-spineless/ @skellum It never made any fruit as i always kept it in a pot and neglected it. I initially wanted it as a grafting stock, but the vascular rings were too close to the sides.
  9. gr33ntea

    Albino cactus

    It is albino, i am unsure what kinda cactus it is though
  10. gr33ntea

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Had a variegated trich (i think? ) I grafted it onto a healthy trich because its hylocereus stock was dying. Anyone know what kind of cactus it is? Some of the spines i ripped off accidently
  11. gr33ntea

    Hydroponic Lophs

    I did this i think 4 weeks ago and one of my lophs that was 25mm has grown to 30mm in that period. I wanted to see what would happen so i tried it with two lophs first to see if they would rot or not. THey didn't so i put them all in. They are under t8 fluro lights. They are still young i am not sure if they will swell up and look like water balloons like the ones grafted on pereskiopsis. I do not submerge the entire root in water as i believe that would rot it, the main root stalk is only 1/3 submerged in water. Will update to see where this leads This one is my biggest it has some stretch marks on it (the 30mm one) This one is the control group, it is around 20mm, growing on rocks, i havent watered it properly so it is unfortunately a poor control group. I do not know the advantages of hydroponic lophs, i am thinking of taking one of the hydroponic lophs that is the same size as another one and placing it in soil and watering it regularly so i can atleast have a proper control group to compare and shit
  12. gr33ntea

    Hydroponic Lophs

    Welll one year on i have an algae problem. Havent changed the water for a year. The cacti have been in partial shade. Still havent painted the container so the algae cant photosynthesize and die already lol. The shade + water i reckon made them grow vertically, kinda like elongating. Basically elongating. Anyone here have elongated loph?
  13. gr33ntea

    The Hulk

    Hahaha, yeah bump too man. I know it is possible, google atomic garden
  14. gr33ntea

    Infecting opuntia with Phytoplasma

    Do you have pictures of it? How did you infect it? Grafting?
  15. gr33ntea

    Incogsfukup comp

    Just curious how this comp works, are people planting your seeds incog, or is it their own seeds?
  16. I made this graft of a eggplant on a Solanum Torvum . THe reason because every season the eggplant dies by succumbing to root infection/rot so grafting it to a stronger rootstock can extend its life. I made grafts on Solanum Torvum but soon found it would only live about for 5 years because the Solanum Torvum would eventually die. So i was wondering if anyone knew of a Solanum species that lives long and that is also a good grafting stock? I have found Solanum mauritianum that lives for 30 years but apparently all parts of the plant are poisonous and im worried this may pass onto the graft. Solanum betaceum is a good contender, its fruit is edible and lives for about 12 years Here are a few pics of my graft, This here is the rootstock This here failed because i didnt seal it properly and moisture ran out Rootstock big And this here is the eggplant growing on its own roots
  17. I got three variegated seedlings grafted and growing. Can't wait until they big boyz. Edit: and exchange pollen
  18. gr33ntea

    Hydroponic Lophs

    An update, they have gotten a little bigger. I got some green algae or something growing in the water, They are under t8 lights and a heat mat. I havent replaced the water in like 4 weeks.
  19. From my experience you must seal the top as well. Most of my moisture loss is from the top. The wood glue when dried leaves some gaps open and loses moisture. My only success i have had is sealing the top with glue tack. I am gonna try beeswax i bought off ebay soon.
  20. It grows into a nice tree! But it has poisonous berries? Would this mean the alkaloids could pass into the eggplant?
  21. Your garden is so aesthetically minimalist. I like it.
  22. Ok i found this plant Cestrum elegans, it grows huge. However i have to keep reminding myself that when grafting solanacae may not be as tolerant as cacti (as im experienced with). Although they are in same Family, they may also have to be in the same Genus. But according to this study of capsicum grafted to tomato it is possible (100% success rate with wedge graft) so it may work http://www.jyi.org/issue/grafting-capsicum-to-tomato-rootstocks/ Guess we gonna have to experiment, damn and the season here in Melbourne is kinda over as well :
  23. WIKIPEDIA: " They grow into four-meter woody plants relatively quickly, and live up to 15 years, which gives them, especially with age, an almost tree-like appearance" this may have potential! I am going to kiss you if i ever see you at a SAB meeting LokStok