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    Diffusa fricii etc

    Hey i'm looking for some L. Diffusa, fricii or anything other than regular L. Williamsii. I can pay cash or trade, just pm me with what you have available Thanks
  2. It's time for another corn seed giveaway/trade. This variety is called 'bloody butcher' and makes excellent cornmeal or polenta. As far as I know this variety is rare in australia so make sure you grow them and share some seeds in the future. I will be able to do a few lots of 15 seeds each. Who wants some?
  3. I know a few members have bought/traded/acquired bits of this clone from me over the last few years. I just wanted to let everyone know that it has an official clone name now and it is called 'endorfinder'
  4. coolname


    Is anyone on here good with photoshop? I will pay you cash or send you some cool plants if you can do a simple photoshop job for me. I want to get my face/head photoshopped onto a muscular black mans body as a joke. Let me know if you can help. Thanks
  5. coolname


    Thank you double benno
  6. coolname

    Peruvianus Rahuapampa crest

    Sagi the redness you can see is just some mild sunburn. Some of them were shaded by some trees next door which were cut down about a month ago so now are exposed to alot more sunlight. The name come from where the seeds were collected. A friend acquired some wild collected seed from a location in peru called rahuapampa and about half of them turned out crestedbor monstrose. He grafted one and sent it to me and I propagated the shit out of it. And as far as I can tell this clone tends to naturally stay kind of small
  7. coolname

    Peruvianus Rahuapampa crest

    Here are some more pics. Some of these are grown in almost full sun and some are in the shade so they look pretty different to eachother
  8. coolname

    Peruvianus Rahuapampa crest

    Eth yes that is the endorfinder clone. And It is looking very good
  9. coolname

    Post a random picture thread

    Check out this multicoloured grape I found a while ago
  10. coolname

    Books for sale

    I will take plants of the gods if you are selling them seperately
  11. coolname

    Bloody butcher corn seed giveaway

    Alright I have finally sent everyones seeds. Happy gardening
  12. coolname

    Saffron Giveaway

    I am fine with number nine
  13. coolname

    rare corn varieties

    Hillbilly there will be free bloody butcher seeds available once they are all ripe and dry. Keep your eyes out for the giveaway
  14. coolname

    rare corn varieties

    Does anyone else grow cool types of corn? If so post your photos here. I just picked these painted mountain corn cobs and think they look awesome
  15. coolname

    rare corn varieties

    This variety is called 'bloody butcher'
  16. coolname

    Tricho cuts

    Yeah it was a bit rough. Life can be hard sometimes but it always gets better eventually
  17. coolname

    Tricho cuts

    My ex girlfriend destroyed a bunch of my cacti a couple of weeks ago. I feel your pain toast and hope things get sorted out soon mate
  18. coolname

    don't cha hate it when..

    Don't you hate it when you give someone everything and it turns out they were just using you. People can be so fucked sometimes
  19. coolname


    Slightly unrelated, but check these out My girlfriend worked at a dispensary in phoenix and sent me these photos from when she was there. Apparently you can get pure CBD, pure THC or different ratios of the two depending on what you need it for
  20. coolname

    painted mountain corn giveaway

    That is cool man. Pm me if you want some glass gem corn seeds aswell
  21. coolname

    painted mountain corn giveaway

    Nice one bardo, you're very welcome mate. You should post some pics of your cobs
  22. coolname

    oncidium cobelleta

    You're welcome mate. No I haven't got any flowers yet, I think mine is still too small. But if it ever does flower for me I will be sure to post some pics on here
  23. coolname

    oncidium cobelleta

    I have had this plant for probably close to two years growing in a fairly bright spot with pretty much no direct sunlight and it seems happy and healthy. I had another one in a sunnier spot and it ended up dying. But it's pretty hot where I live so you might have different results
  24. coolname

    PMing gone retarded.?

    I was having the same problem a few weeks ago with the mail box not showing that I have a pm unless I actually open the mail box first
  25. coolname

    Tpc x juuls seedlings

    I have these two seedlings for sale. $70 each plus postage. Just pm me if you're interested. Thanks