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  1. 17 hours ago, Skellum said:

    What do u mean by that single word response?
    The Micromegas Peru suspected of being a Rosei1 is in fact a JAC001?

    JAC001 is Rosei1 , Isn't it ?  

  2. Nice plant, You can still re pot it if you need to.  does that box drain well? . They hate full summer sun so if you can shade cloth that area it should do well.  one more thing. Keep it out of the cold winter drafts. they will kill it very fast.

  3. 23 hours ago, Skellum said:

    wow, had no idea... i've got some serious learning to do it seems...

    I have found with most fast growing self seeding plants/trees, growing seed is a much better option. But with the rarer types I do like doing soft wood cuttings to back up my stock.

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