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    Poppin poppies

    most of this is very good info, I would wait a month in northern nsw to sow, the temps are to high. just sprinkle the seed on the surface, keep moist until they sprout and then back the water off. they grow really well amongst the cactus. they do like a fed during the young stage but they happy to grow without it. po ash is perfect once they flower. I think planthelpers climate would be very tricky to grow this species.
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    Raised bumps / scarring

    Yes it is very common in Bridgesii species when it's very hot and humid. I can't see any tiny black dots amongst the infected area, which would indicate a fungal issue. so I would say its a nutrient deficiency. Like glaukus mentioned , It a good idea to lay down some dolomite lime. backed up with a good drink of liquid po ash. potassium helps strengthen plants, it thickens their cell walls and defends the plant against disease. Just to be on the safe side I would also give them a spray of a good fungicide because the plant is under stress which can lead to fungal attacks.
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    All sold for now, thanks
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    Brugmansia CV 'Insanity'

    From the album: Plants

    A rare brugmansia with a distorted leaf, white double bloom
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    yopo seed pods

    zelly is your tree a yopo or cebil? I thought yopo couldn't handle the frost that well.
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    Red Indo Krat Getting Purple

    Could be to much sun or cold weather
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    Spotty Caapi!

    Leave it alone, give it a good drink of seasol and powerfeed, Looks like it might be to wet aswell. they are tough as and over caring can knock them around.
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    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    The guy hardy speaks english. that's why misplant labels everything as echinopsis. a lot of trichocereus labelled seeds are destroyed now by customs.
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    I also can help.
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    Sick green catha

    I have never seen any mite damage on my trees. I live in the sub tropics were mites are fearless. I am with PH on the white oil thingy. He knows a lot about khat growing and breeding. You are right though about keeping mites in check , They can go wild and cause a world of pain.
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    Pm for details.
  13. https://www.searlesgardening.com.au/control-lawn-grub-treatment The non hippie way..[above] easy as. otherway is eco neem the soil not the plant.
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    My lovely little paradise

    A few more pics, Enjoy.
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    My lovely little paradise

    Hey guys, Thought I might start showing off a few plants that I grow. Cheers,
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    A few Trich cuts

    SOLD, pm'd
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    TPM x SSO2

    From the album: Plants

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    so good

    From the album: Plants

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    From the album: Plants