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  1. oncewhywechange

    Wollemi pines

    Hello altenate, I would love to have a go at growing these from seed. I will send you a message. Thanks
  2. oncewhywechange

    A present for my SAB family! Trichocereus seed giveaway!

    What a giveaway. Merry Christmas Evil Genius .
  3. oncewhywechange

    Shark Attacks - why so many in recent times ?

    Hello, There's been so many attacks and sightings of sharks in my area it's scarey Talking to a few of the old locals and they haven't ever seen this before?
  4. oncewhywechange

    trich seed Giveaway- kinda

    hey incognito, I have messaged you with my address months ago lol thanks miko
  5. oncewhywechange

    trich seed Giveaway- kinda

    Woohoo, thanks heaps incognito I will message you after work. thanks miko
  6. oncewhywechange

    trich seed Giveaway- kinda

    hi, im back with new pictures , these again are taken from the hinterland north of brisbane. enjoy
  7. oncewhywechange

    trich seed Giveaway- kinda

    hi, this picture was taken in the hinterland north of Brisbane. enjoy miko I just edited after reading your last post incognito ha this picture was taking two days ago .
  8. oncewhywechange

    post your nature pic & be rewarded

    hello planthelper , i love taking photos on my bushwalks.
  9. oncewhywechange

    TBM - Yellow Bumps/Circles, Treatment

    hello , is it rust? miko
  10. oncewhywechange

    Magnesium supplements

    hi, be careful taking large amounts with some prescription drugs or antibobiotics.
  11. oncewhywechange

    *All Done*

    no seeds yet
  12. oncewhywechange

    enjoying alc, in non addictive doses, how?

    hey planthelper how are you? i drink a couple of glasses of wine a night with dinner . i think its normal ? do i crave it maybe! but it winds me down after a big day. i quit pot 10 years ago because it was becoming an hour by hour problem cheers miko
  13. oncewhywechange

    Atropa baetica seeds for trade or sell.

    thanks endorfinder lol
  14. oncewhywechange

    *All Done*

    lol thanks quantum
  15. oncewhywechange

    *All Done*

    thank you stoked i cant message dont know why? can u message me please and i will try to reply??
  16. oncewhywechange

    *All Done*

  17. oncewhywechange

    Atropa baetica seeds for trade or sell.

    excellent<> pmed edit sorry i cant sent messages dont know why