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  1. Of course i have i just pick em from my fore head. but ya ive had various pitaya and prickly pears
  2. Yes the mexican indica opuntia that i grow in my backyard have a melon tadte to it, very sweet but very seedy. They say us mexican have a cactus growing out of our foreheads, a sign of our indigenous nativness.
  3. tizocAu

    Show of your massive grafted lophs.

    My grafted loph flowered this year 6 times. Is that normall. I was suprised a few weeks ago when it poped its flower cherry. Now Frankenstein just keeps on going.
  4. tizocAu

    Show of your massive grafted lophs.

    I grafted a 3cm lo0h on February of last year and as u can see its been griwing massive but did not flower till this year.
  5. tizocAu

    How to recognize a pachanoi

    The pachanoid from ccc i rekon is tge same clone at the Huntington its a semi monstrous first labeled peruvianus but looks pachanoi, this clone throws super long spines in full sun.this particular clone i first labeled long spined pachanoi.
  6. tizocAu

    Opuntia and food cacti recipes

    Dont use the old big pads. Use the thin new fresh green growth are less fibery and more crisp...keep that in mind when making nopalitos i boil them with this seasoning and it may also be kade on ghe grill but i prefer my method for starters to get the taste and the grilling for more experienced nopal eaters
  7. tizocAu

    Opuntia and food cacti recipes

    Thats Aztec style gourmet. We make a fresh salsa salsa with the opuntia pads. I have a thread on this salad that is traditionally eaten in mexico..i basically de-spine the cactus and cut it, wash it, then boil it with an onion and or a garlic and enough salt depending on the serving size. i serve the choped nopalitos with fresh diced tomatoes, cilantro, onions, fresh diced geen peppers, and salt to taste, and one super thinly minced fresh garlic could also be added for a more robust flavor. Serve like a dip for salsa with chips.
  8. tizocAu

    True pachanoi or PC pachanoi?

    On true pachanoi the spines point downward, on the pc they point upward.
  9. tizocAu

    Looking for Book with Cactus Information

  10. tizocAu

    Looking for Book with Cactus Information

    There is wealth of information in his post and in his books. U could download the book for free and if u like the pictures and information u could donate to him directly, since we are all aware that this type of stuff takes ours upon houfs of sacrificial dedication.
  11. tizocAu

    Looking for Book with Cactus Information

    Maybe your talking about the link in trouts notes its on top of the sticky in the last pages
  12. tizocAu

    Random shots, Peru 2013

    Some of the ones on post 3 look like my long spined pachanoi were r those from
  13. tizocAu

    Random shots, Peru 2013

    Really nice!!anymore?
  14. I started these seeds a lil after I received them. They are super viable, I just wanted to start this thread for anyone that has started his back cross im not sure if I have it backwards or not I gave the label away. I also have 3 lophs in the same container.