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  1. Haha yeah exactly. It's Sunday, so the people voting No are mostly at church lol 63%!
  2. chilli

    Mycorrhizal fungi for Acacias?

    Haha oops.. I just went to Native Plants looking for this thread and couldn't find it, so I was like 'I didn't say anything illegal did I?' I will ask a mod to move to the right forum. Thanks for the information, both posts have been very helpful.
  3. chilli

    free Loph seeds

    Very cool!
  4. chilli

    Perthians... And maybe others interstate.

    pfffffft, seen bigger
  5. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Keen as! I think the last couple were a bit meh so enthusiasm has slowed down. Will be available for lifts from north for the next one. How can I help more towards organizing one? I am pretty useless with sowing initiative, so just tell me what to do lol.
  6. chilli

    Wanting Advice.

    How are you doing now man? I don't know about tonight unless it's really an emergency, but I can drop in some time this week and say hi, if that's not too awkward.
  7. chilli

    Perthians... And maybe others interstate.

    let's make it a meet lol
  8. Urine powered solar panels?
  9. chilli

    Perthians... And maybe others interstate.

    Hey BoomBap welcome to the forum, nice to see more Perth crew.
  10. chilli

    The Random Thread.

    Just after I stalked your profile, I was playing my favorites and these lyrics floated out to me in the garden: 'Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 666'
  11. thanks for that BoP I have a couple of what I thought were floribunda growing but some pics I have been seen have been making me wonder. Bliss, when you hold the phyllode up to the sun can you see three veins? mine are easily visible this way
  12. chilli

    How to water efficiently and appropriately

    sounds like you need some kind of soil wetter as qualia says.. I assume the garden at the top of the stairs too far for a hose to reach?
  13. chilli

    Perthians... And maybe others interstate.

    Like GOT I am interested in any little chunks I can grow some skinny grafting stock from, but equally happy if it is all spoken for. Anyway, I am more than happy to give a hand either way (depending on when), mainly just to say hi to some forum peeps and creeps.
  14. chilli

    how old is too old?

    Yes, there is a difference between average life expectancy from birth and average life span calculated from a certain age. This is not controversial, but as you say is a common source of confusion. Taking all this into account, the average person living in the 'developed' world still has dramatically increased life expectancy and life span compared to 'third world' nations and to any other period in history.
  15. chilli

    A little competition

    There are two lots for sale, winner of the first one got first pick. I assume this relisting is the sloppy seconds.
  16. It's canon, not cannon: just a typo I am sure (there are a few others in there) but an important difference. Could you explain a little more about how you think entheogen use should be seen as a 'canon of conduct'? Has this term been interpreted further in any legal precedents? Psylo, wouldn't glucose kind of undermine the whole idea of a hunger fast? fasting is easy with sugar
  17. chilli

    photo's of a few of my plants

    those pictures are coming up really small for me, it's hard to see many details but it looks nice
  18. chilli

    A little competition

    Well done Jack, good guess!
  19. chilli

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    sorry to but in, but it reminded me.. i got a plant recently i was told was some other kind of Sceletium, but similar to kanna, does anyone know what the name of this is? thanks.
  20. chilli

    anti rangaism

    fucking hell that m.i.a video was psycho
  21. chilli

    Advice on Freeloading Friend

    haha Dave your girlfriend needs to do something if she isn't happy with it. if she won't she needs to work on asserting herself. She is enabling her friend who is enabling your friend, and you are enabling your gf by having her at your place. just all squash into her place until she gets sick of it and says something lol
  22. chilli

    mental health proposal

    tbh I skimmed the post when I was inebriated and saw 'children consent' etc and thought of the positive aspects of letting kids have a say in their own mental health treatment, that is all I was saying and NOT the forced anything of anything. be nice to kids. This kind of legislation can often sound weird on paper but are actually only provisions for extreme situations where there is some kid who wants a sex change or some kid doing insane and deadly stuff. So anyway, I thought this was that kind of scenario because clearly in Australia there is no campaign of mass extermination like the Nazis did (ok, yet.) But as sensationalist as the articles are, I am surprised at how logically one could arrive at their interpretations from reading the draft bill. There is some pretty weird stuff in there that I am having trouble conceiving of applying to any kind of situation, so it is confusing. tl;dr I was fucked up alright? wtf cuz that stuff is weird!
  23. chilli

    how old is too old?

    Yes that is very interesting, I didn't even notice that.. I wonder why?
  24. chilli

    Coconut milk fertilizer

    Okay thanks. I just used a tin on some, I will try and find a fresh one to give that a go too.