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  1. Cool idea, did you try words like 'vintage' in the searches? vintage cactus illustrations brought up some interesting results. adding botanical to the mix made it even better, you could further refine the filter by adding things like 18th century or particular species. usually enough creative googling will find what you are looking for
  2. chilli

    Is Kai same clone as Bruce?

    Whoops just remembered this..
  3. chilli

    Trichocereus id please

    Yep looks like the NZ pachanoi... different in many ways from the predominant cultivar found in Aus.
  4. chilli

    Acacia acuminata

    Very nice! Encouraged me as I have been scoping out where to put some of my seedlings in the ground and yours seems to be doing well even right by the fence (I guess the long roots help? maybe I should see what your fence looks like in 10 years actually lol . Also I wasn't sure how quickly they grew and that looks pretty satisfactory to me. I have some floribunda going too, and yeah it grows much faster. Can you tell me if the hooks on the tips of the leaves on yours die back if it is dehydrated? I bought an Acacia sapling I am sure is acuminata, except compared to my smaller seedlings it is lacking the hooks on the leaves, but the person I got it from said they had been away for a few weeks and no water so I wondered if that was why. Some of your leaves look similar but difficult to tell for certain, so if you could tell me that would be great. What age do people reckon is best to get them in the ground?
  5. chilli

    Top 5 reasons why I Hate women

    ... meh, I swore I would not get involved in this thread
  6. chilli

    The federal model schedules are coming

    but isn't that because amphetamines are excellent appetite suppresants?
  7. chilli

    psytrance in a vic club - funny outsiders perspective

    Don't insult animals!
  8. chilli

    The federal model schedules are coming

    I think the hunger they are attempting to sate is a psychological and emotional emptiness.
  9. chilli

    WTT/WTB Acacia obtusifolia seed..

  10. chilli

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Looking for T. knuthianus, T. chiloensis, T. terscheckii.. or others with similar forms.
  11. chilli

    My cat died yesterday

    wish i could do something more practical! let me know if i can.
  12. chilli

    My cat died yesterday

    Oh shit man, that is sad.. I never had any of our dozens of childhood pets last more than a couple of years, but since having my own pets they have been with us for 10 plus years. Recently one of our cats got sick and I was going through something similar: sick, anxious, unable to eat and sleep properly. I hate to think what it will be like when they go, youy can get so attached to the little pelts. anyway, my thoughts are with you today man, hope you manage to get some sleep and eat, take care of the basics and give yourself some time and space to grieve.
  13. chilli

    Acacia acuminata

    of course i am serious: repent and be saved
  14. chilli

    Acacia acuminata

    Come on guys, stop the blasphemy.. Shiva didn't sacrifice himself for your sins, Jesus did.
  15. chilli

    Knuthianus 4SALE Dutch Auction

    damn I somehow missed this.. someone got a bargain
  16. chilli

    Is Kai same clone as Bruce?

    I just came from looking at a pup on one of my Kai's and noticed this thread.. mine looks very different from the little Bruce, which is very slow growing as GOT says. I will take a photo of each soon, I just have to wait for the camera memory card backup to finish. okay I failed at that, will try again tomorrow
  17. chilli

    Cacti Collection in Perth

    I am pretty sure it's not Eileen, it seems more than just stalled I have them in different sized pots, plastic and stone, different soil mixes too.. they are all just skinny little things that don't really appear to be getting any fatter or growing very much at all. My Len has been pretty slow compared to the sp, but I only rooted it this year. Psycho0 is cranking, putting the 'Eileen'to shame! I was suspect when I first saw them and as usual in hindsight I think I should have just followed my gut. I was thinking they might be good to cut up for grafting stock, but wouldn't the slow growth I am seeing now translate into slow growth for the grafts?
  18. chilli

    Cacti Collection in Perth

    Speaking of which, I bought a few metres of a cactus I was told was Eileen, it was skinny but the person I bought it from told me it was because of growing conditions... so far growth has been very slow compared to most of the other cacti (a small fraction of Super Pedro for instance) and still very skinny... this is 6 or 7 plants in different parts of the yard. It's not Eileen is it? I hope the seller was just vague and made a mistake and wasn't ripping me off on purpose.
  19. wow, that was sexily surreal. and i just wrote about moving back to nz to be with my crests too lol not just any aus either... west aus!!! myco I love you can I be your best friend? myco I love you won't you give me a crest?
  20. chilli

    Acacia acuminata

    This God of yours is a bad influence on you reptyle, I want you to stop hanging out with him.
  21. chilli

    Best Cacti Nurseries SEQ

    the other day I went into a garden centre and saw a 20cm lageniformis for $59... I look at some of mine and just laugh to think 'who would pay that?' where do the one from bunnings come from? if you can get in touch with them you might be able to buy at wholesale prices it is awesome feeling paying less than a hundred bucks for half a dozen of these: I will be back one day my darling... I will come back for you! ahem but yeah, check out the trade section, there have been a few penis plants for sale lately, there might still be.
  22. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Lots of keen ppl, let's do this! shall we stick with the third Sunday thing, which would make the next one 16 December?
  23. I used Reason in a similar way, but then I found I could get better results quicker with other tools. I usually want to get an idea down quickly before I get distracted and it morphs into something else. I find everything comes out of reason sounding similar: mechanical, muddy and boxy. But it is great and fun program, it's just I use it more as a glorified plugin now (when I do music, which is rarely atm) I just like the immediacy of Live, it allows me to get a sketch down and try out different ideas or swap elements in and out very quickly, but each to their own. All I am saying is if you haven't tried it, check it out because you don't really know what you prefer until you have tried something else. I mostly use samples and soft synths to make tracks of various styles, haven't done much for a couple of years but want to get back into it... I just don't like the idea of uploading files with pii from my pc to internet forums, but maybe that is a screen for not wanting to subject my tracks to scrutiny lol.
  24. fine, do things the hard way lol if you ever do upgrade, be sure to have a bash at the live demo before buying another version of reason i would love to participate more in music making threads, but am not comfortable uploading tracks