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  1. chilli

    Top 5 reasons why I Hate women

    I didn't take this thread very seriously at first, I was thinking 'oh just great, it turns out balzac is crazy' but so far it looks like he is smacking everyone down?
  2. chilli

    what to do with this crest???

    If I was good at grafting, I would cut it up and graft smaller pieces.. maybe a bit bigger than a 20 cent piece.. by the look of it I suspect you might run into problems with rot if you try and grow it on it's own roots?
  3. chilli

    tricho ID bridge ?

    Haha I was about to say the but what species? it's obviously not geometrizans. I haven't seen any Myrtillocactus with spines like that.
  4. roseii is just an old name for peruvianus, similar to the way Trichocereus bridgesii is now called Echinopsis lageniformis I think people call certain clones roseii to distinguish them? here is a bit of discussion on it: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=22871
  5. chilli

    Post your track of the day

    this is definitely my track of the day: (wait for the drop) but it reminded me of this, which still sounds sick to me months later:
  6. chilli

    tricho ID bridge ?

    Does look like bridgesii/lageniformis, but I can see why people think there is Myrtillocactus in it... maybe it is a hybrid, it does look a bit unusual. Will be interesting to see what it looks like as it grows out at your place. I got a little lageniformis from Bunnings a couple of weeks ago, in one of those 3-in-1 things.. I saw one at Waldeck's recntly too... it was a regular little one from a cutting, maybe 25cm high max, cheap plastic pot... $59 lol
  7. chilli

    Facebook Whoring

    I just saw a friend's gardenining exploits on facebook and spied a lovely Nuytsia floribunda in his yard, he has no idea what it is lol so see, facebook is good
  8. Trichocereus roseii Today I washed some pots, and am going to pot up some cuts... I am also facing the old dilemma of whether I should cut up favorite cacti for propagation, or just leave them to look pretty but grow slowly.......
  9. chilli

    schoolie on shrooms in bali punches woman in face

    I knew a guy in high school who would drop acid then run through the houses of people he didn't like, smashing anything and anyone that got in his way. He would be like 'oh that guy is a loser, imma drop LSD and do a run through on his house' Luckily, evolution kicked in and after briefly dating my sister he killed himself a few years later.
  10. chilli

    New chat feature

    on my PC keyboard, I need to press shift before pressing enter
  11. LOL oops I edited it to indict Melbournians instead I thought it was Melbs initially, but for some reason got Sydney into my head, because I thought the Parliament being mentioned was in Canberra... and I was like wow, so has Greg been driving or flying to Parliament house? Haha god how vague can I get? so it is Victorian Parliament, fuck I give up I'm obviously on another planet! Look, all I want for Christmas is to watch Greg doing heaps of stuff on youtube, is that too much too ask, Satan?
  12. chilli

    Small Cacti Collection

    Loving the monstrose pachanoi man, far out you limey buggers are alright!
  13. FILM IT FFS film all this stuff and upload it you weirdos... such a wasted opportunity! Discussed seriously leaving my heavily pregnant partner to fly over there and get some goddamn footage, still an option but... where is the Melbourne crew at? Where are all Greg's supporters?
  14. I have changed my mind about Greg, and I now see him as the postmodern equivalent of an ancient Israelite prophet. have the media actually been contacted Greg? i missed that part.. you could greatly improve chances by creating a buzz yourself, crucially you would need as much footage as you can get, which will increases the chances of getting some short sections of suitable material we need lots of stuff of greg skinny but lucid, smacking down puppets of the status quo with his radical theories, doing the acid at parliament, and saying lot's of stuff about freedom and then getting dragged awy by 1984-esque cops in black uniforms also there is a good chance your actions on the 12th will be taken more seriously this time, and i think you can expect to see some LEO, which is even more reason to have people quietly filming in the background. nearly everyone has cameras on their phones now, there is no reason all your discussions and actions should not be recorded , it seems like such a waste I am amazed you haven't had more practical support given all the fuss some people made about how important it was that everyone unquestioningly support you... where are all these people now? I honestly can't believe it, even if I hated Greg if I lived there I would be popping in there and recording this stuff every couple of days.
  15. that must explain why the government is always trying to make meth and heroin legal
  16. yoink to eatfoo (and I am sending out my offer from earlier in the thread today, thanks for your patience DTB) VVVVVVV 25 x mixed LW seed; couple bits of pereskiopsis; and the good old Acacia: 25 x acuminata; 25 x cyclops; 25 x floribunda VVVVVVV
  17. chilli

    Blue Lotus Extracts and Products For Sale

    i could never get an effect from blue lotus extract
  18. get some Mexicans and shit, you could have magic mushroom tacos and mustaches and sombreros and stuff
  19. what? ...that sounds like the opposite of good news for the campaign to me! it sounded more like you were being held in contempt and ignored, and will continue to be. It certainly is the easiest approach for them. if I existed as someone in your position, after finishing my fast I would retreat, reflect and rethink my strategy I don't expect you to listen to that. if anything, saying it will probably cause you to resist even more it's funny, human communication, isn't it? You can do anything but tell the truth, it seems, oh well I guess... it's all just a game... we just want to be loved. but yeah my tie-died friend, by all means keep up the 'good' work! it's likely eventually some action like your Leary-esque public acid stunt might get you arrested and you will get your 15 minutes as an unhinged, disenfranchised, tripped out version of Michael Douglas in Falling Down. don't misunderstand, that would be cool. love to bits all the stuff you are doing from a certain perspective, it's just that you are tripping if you expect to ever be taken seriously! but loving the way you are bringing the surreal, Happening, post-society, be-in, futury, buying acid OTC at the chemist and putting LSD in the communion wine vibe. also admire you greatly for the fasting, could never make it past 5 days... presuming you are not cheating, of course! hahaha lol ;) can't believe no one has ever done the LSD in the communion wine thing, it would be so easy
  20. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Thanks mate, not long now! I just noticed this community calendar thingo, so I added the next meet to it, I wonder if this link will take you straight there: http://www.shaman-au...ent&event_id=53 Yes!
  21. chilli

    The federal model schedules are coming

    exactly ghosty, this legislation is idiotic on a number of levels
  22. chilli

    Australian Ethnobotanical Association

    TALKING IS AN ACTION taking action without thought and planning and consultation is idiotic the oppressive laws and system we currently have, and indeed much of the oppression in the world generally can be blamed on this much believed but obviously stupidly sinister slogan: JUST DO IT. fucking grow up and stop grandstanding, you supported Greg when he was talking about doing something? Opposed and refused to speak to anyone who even questioned him? now look at you... pffffffffffffft I don't know what all this PhD shit is, lobbying and activist groups come in all shapes and sizes, nothing wrong with homegrown grass roots stuff at all, in fact it can often effect more change than a bunch of stiffs in suits sitting around having a big beauracratic wankfest and achieving nothing.
  23. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Right, yez are all dead meet if u don't come! (I can make jokes like that, now that I am going to be a Dad) Hey BT can you plz edit the first post to add the 16th December?
  24. Cool idea, did you try words like 'vintage' in the searches? vintage cactus illustrations brought up some interesting results. adding botanical to the mix made it even better, you could further refine the filter by adding things like 18th century or particular species. usually enough creative googling will find what you are looking for
  25. chilli

    Is Kai same clone as Bruce?

    Whoops just remembered this..