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  1. chilli

    Insight into human nature.

    he freely admits a lot of his stuff is showmanship ie set up beforehand. if he could really do much of what he appears to do, he would be in a lab with wires in his brain
  2. chilli

    Trichocereus santaensis

    It is definitely a Trichocereus. Michael, I am curious if you write your name every time, including the tilde or is their something that does it automatically?
  3. chilli

    Reaction to a Paper Wasp sting

    Yow.. you really must piss them off somehow, I thought paper wasps were usually pretty chilled? keep up the antihistamines regularly, it makes a big difference how early you get one in as well
  4. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Next meet Feb 17th?
  5. I do not see the world as it is, I see it as I am.
  6. chilli

    Planthelper F2 seed giveaway/raffle

    lucky eleven damn it! lucky 12 then!
  7. is that a little Mammilaria polythele v inermis I see hiding out amongst the Trichocereus?
  8. I accidentally left some nice cuts in the sun. Burned them. Left some tiny seedlings in the sun too. Also burned those.
  9. chilli

    Opuntia crest graft

    I had a crest like that which grew very rapidly on it's own roots, is there a paricular reason for grafting them?
  10. Would someone please briefly explain specifically what features make this a peruvianus rather than cuzcoensis?
  11. that sure ain't no spachianus, I would say cuzcoensis
  12. Welcome to the forums Pinion, hope you stick around.
  13. All my messages were deleted a little while ago, and I think there are one or two trades or giveaways I haven't completed yet. I know there was a relatively new member (I think from WA) who I was going to send some stuff to... if this was you please PM me as I can't remember your member name!
  14. i am outside now ummmm can i go in now my wifes calling lol! me too.. sos, they have this amazing wireless technology now that allows you to use computers and phones outside... it's a bit like the aether except real (drifter )
  15. Haha! and also: Aha! but I am only here because you bumped the thread and I was intrigued to see what you said. It depends, because while sites like facebook and twitter are roughly even for m/f participation, sites like reddit and digg attract mainly males. As far as subject matter attracting one sex over the other, I think it is true that there are more males involved in ethnobotany, as well as technology, philosophy, atheism and theology. Seeing as these subjects constitute the majority of the sort of forums I have frequented over the years it could account for why there seem to me to be less women on internet forums generally? I wonder what kind of sites have a comparable overrepresentation of females... I don't dare to take a guess... Balzac?
  16. It is much, much less of a sausage fest than it was a few years ago! The ratio used to be basically one girl to the whole forum! Stick around girls, and bring your friends! It also could be that certain kinds of sites or ethnobotany in general attract more males than females. Maybe every time a new woman checks out the site she sees 'I hate women' on the front page and thinks 'fuck these cunts' but isn't it actually one of the Rules of the Internet that there are no girls on the internet? What are you gals even doing online at all, you are going to break the internet!
  17. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Awesome meet, keen for the next one already! I am happy with either too, but suspect bimonthly might make for bigger meets at this stage? I always have been a bit bi-curious... Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great meet, but a special thanks to Freaky Chicken for getting there early to get a spot. Those who didn't make it were missed too... hopefully catch yous next time!
  18. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    running late as usual.. about to leave now!
  19. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Don't worry man, it's all about the love! Leaving shortly, I really hope we find you guys this time!!!
  20. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    there is no shortage of guys into ethnobotany, maybe you should think about becoming gay?
  21. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Awesome! Was going to remind you of the meet, then as usual forgot! (Psylo will not be happy with my pathetic excuses ) Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  22. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Okay mate well is it a really leathery, five ribbed kind of scop, or a lance/cordobensis/spiny scop kind of scop? I have a couple like the latter, but none like the leathery scops I had in NZ.
  23. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    a couple of months ago you pm'd me saying you might have a T. scopuliculous cutting, but it's all good man i don't need it just remembered when you mentioned trades and wondered if you had ended up getting hold of it.
  24. chilli

    How to choose seedlings to graft?

    Excellent point bogfrog and Stillman! I hadn't considered that and if left to my own devices would have been grafting only the healthiest seedlings.