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    Is It Real M.hostilis??

    I used to have a sensitive plant type mimosa... what species is that? Also, there is a forest of some type of mimosa growing wild in a park near here... How can you Identify whether it is a psychoactive species?
  2. chilli

    ID Request

    Someone sent me a PM saying this was T.Perivianus...
  3. chilli

    Is this a disease?

    Thanks guys, that's a relief!
  4. chilli


    Actually, I've heard that applying Datura pastes is a lot harder to control the effects of... I have ingested seeds before, and had some very realistic hallucinations, but it was physically hard and I'll never do it again... it's like being REALLY sick with a fever.
  5. chilli

    ID Request

    Hi everyone... I was wondering if those in the know could lend their expert opinion to identifying this little cutie I spotted in the supermarket the other day? Thanks... any info is greatly appreciated.
  6. chilli

    ID Request

    Yeah, sorry everyone, I should have specified that the tag that was with it specified the genus (Trichocereus), but not the species... what kind of Trichocereus does it resemble?
  7. chilli

    Best method of preparation/ ingestion

    What I'm wondering is its true that the alkaloids will concentrate in a plant that has been unwatered, will the same effect be obtained by leaving a cutting to dry? Isn't it the same as an unwatered rooted cactus except its not stuck in the ground?
  8. chilli

    Maximum Safe Dose

    Hi everyone I read somewhere (On a usenet discussion I think) that the maximum safe dose for mescaline is 1000mg... Is it possible to overdose on mescaline, and if so, what are the dangers? Thanks
  9. chilli

    Maximum Safe Dose

    Thanks for pointing that out Amulte, I should have specified mescaline contained in a cactus.
  10. Hi everyone. This is my first post in this forum, but I have spent some time trawling through old posts to try and find answers to my questions. However, it has been difficult to obtain some specific info I would like, and even more difficult to collate what I have managed to find and make it applicable. This situation is further exacerbated by the fact that everyone seems to disagree. Rather than liberally pepper (pollute?) the forums with various questions, I have gathered them all together to make it easier (for me), and would really appreciate it if anyone with answers to any or all of the questions would take the time to share their knowledge with me :D I have a single 12" long, 4-5" wide cutting of T.Pachanoi and a 3'6" long cutting of the same width with a growth tip. 1. What is the most productive way to plant my cuttings? Upright or sideways? What if I don't know what way was originally up? 2. What is the smallest size I could safely slice these cuttings to and still expect them to root and grow pups? (Eg. will half a foot grow as reliably and quickly as a whole foot?) 3. How many pups might I reasonably expect to sprout from each of these cuttings? Does putting them upright or sideways make a difference? 4. How long will these cuttings take to root, and at what rate will they grow? (Eg. How tall will they be in 1 year?) 5. Do pups grow faster than seedlings? If so, how long will it take for planted pups to root and grow to 1.5 feet? 6. If I plant seeds now, how long will it take for Pachanoi to grow to 1.5 feet? How long for Peruvianus? 7. I have heard seedlings grow faster once they reach 5cm... how long do Pachanoi/ Peruvianus take to get this big from seed? 8. Can someone give me a sufficiently detailed account of the differences between the strains of Peruvianus available for sale on Shaman-Australis? (ie. not just the fact that they come from different areas, but personal or secondhand knowledge of their alkaloid levels and growth characteristics, germination rate, etc?) 9. What is the point of grafting? 10. The climate here at the moment is warmish sun and cold air 50% time, overcast the rest... it doesn't rain that much, and the humidity is average. In addition, my yard has lots of big trees, and gets only a limited amount of direct sunlight... would it be best to grow my cuttings outside or inside under fluoros? What would be the best growth medium for each scenario (sand, coir etc). Phew... well there it is, and anyone thinking about making snobbish comments about the fact that this is discussed elsewhere, while providing absolutely no new information, please re-read the first paragraph carefully :mad: Thanks everyone!
  11. chilli

    Grey Questions

    I read an internet post about someone who wanted to ingest San Pedro, the relative alkaloid level of which he was unsure of... this person had never ingested any mescaline containing cactii before, and was wondering what would be a good starting amount, and if there was any chance of toxicity or overdose if it happened to be a particularly potent strain... What amount would you recommend this person ingested to avoid poisoning (or frightening) himself, assuming that he is in a country where it was legal to do such things? He said has an aversion to strong nausea and a fear of vomiting... apparently, he does not have a very weak stomach though, and the last time he vomited was over ten years ago when he was a drunken teenager... Would mescaline-containing cactii be likely to produce strong nausea in such an individual, and if so is there any way this could be avoided? Does anyone know of people swallowing anti-emetics such as Maxolon during such activities, and if so is it effective at quelling nausea, or are there any contraindications?
  12. chilli

    Grey Questions

    Well there was an interesting story here about a guy who asked some stupid questions.
  13. chilli

    Irritating Question Compendium

    Thanks everyone for your answers... As I stated in the opening of my first post, I had already spent a lot of time trawling through the answers on this site and others, but I was a bit confused by the contrary opinions, but it looks like its a case of "different strokes for different folks," and everybody has their own preferred methods. My biggest problem was related to how long it would take to grow some "usable" material, because I will be leaving here in 15-21 months, and I wondered if it was worth trying to grow anything in that time, or if I should just make the most of what I've got... On that note, allow me to ask two more questions... 1. If I make some 15cm long, 12cm wide cuttings, dry them off and plant them, will any pups that grow have a good chance of getting to a significant size by the time I leave in say 18 months? 2. I have heard that the process of rooting can reduce the alkaloid content, and I have heard some people say that new growth has higher alkaloid levels, while others say it is higher in old growth... can anyone lend their subjective opinions on this issue? Thanks again everybody, all your input is really appreciated.
  14. chilli

    Irritating Question Compendium

    Hmmm... Well thanks 2B, I will try and check it out, but the only 'net access I have is at the Internet cafe, and it is becoming expensive. I think your comment come dangerously close to fitting the description of those anticipated by my closing paragraph... :D