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  1. Hi, these are some of my Trichocereus, can anyone help me with some ID info? They were all sold as Pachanoi, but there are a few things that throw me off, namely: The very brown areoles and greater segmentation on this one... The brown areoles on this one... And this one looks a little like a Scop, although its pretty dehydrated, and I have seen more from the same person that are much more like a more typical Pachanoi... I'm probably betraying my gross ignorance with regards to identifying Trichocereus, but I suppose I have to start somewhere... Thanks everyone.
  2. chilli

    How to stop incipient etiolation?

    How dark is dark? Should I take it out of the soil?
  3. chilli

    ID Request

    Thank you Benzito!
  4. chilli

    ID Request

    Hi, can anyone help me ID this little pup that arrived in the post yesterday? Sorry about the big images... can someone tell me how to use the clip feature? Thanks
  5. chilli

    ID Request

    Ok, here are a couple more pics of another pup from the same plant that just arrived yesterday... This one looks a little more typically peruvianoid, doesn't it? Oh yeah, and any help on how to use the photo clip feature would keep me from going nuts...
  6. chilli

    Are Tom Juul's Giants psychoactive?

    Ok, here are some pics... I did get a growing tip this week, which I am assuming is from a pup that grew of the old gnarly bits that I got last week, the only thing that gives me pause is that the younger pieces are a much darker shade of green. Here is a new piece and an old piece side by side... A close up of an old log... A close up of a new piece... The new piece again... And again... And a top down of the new piece... The piece that was apparently bioassayed was the big, light green log.
  7. chilli

    Are Tom Juul's Giants psychoactive?

    Hey zee_werp, from my limited experience, it doesn't look like a scop, aside from which, the same person I bought this from has just posted some Scop tips with the next 2 metres of logs... I'm a very happy camper at the moment. Rev... I had a bit of trouble figuring it out exactly, but it seems like it might be as much as $300, and around $20 per cutting... don't take my word on it though, I've only briefly scanned the info AQIS sent me. Also, that's not taking into account the various state import requirements, which I have no idea of. I'll be back in Oz each Christmas, so timing it to be sent maybe August 2006 would work out pretty well for me (allowing for three months import).
  8. chilli

    Are Tom Juul's Giants psychoactive?

    Hi zee_werp, All I have is some fat log style cuttings, no tips, but I will post some pics next time I get on the net... The lady I bought them from has Trout's notes, and is active on another entheogenic forum, so I kind of trust her... the only thing that I recognize from descriptions I have read is the sunken areoles and almost no spines...
  9. chilli

    Are Tom Juul's Giants psychoactive?

    Hey Rev, I have just been trying to decipher the AQIS import info, and the best I can make of it is that it may have to sit in quarantine for 3 months... is that right to the best of your knowledge? This is probably not much help, but I'll be moving back to Perth for at least 6 months in 2 years, and if you still don't have any by then, I'll halve the import costs with you.
  10. Yeah, it's definitely big alright, but I'm thinking maybe its its a little TOO big... I'll help dispose of garden waste.
  11. chilli

    ID Request

    I was told it was a Peruvianus... it seems pretty dark green though, and I though most Perus were fairly light?
  12. chilli

    Should I cut this?

    I picked this pachanoi up from the nursery a few weeks ago. [email=http://www.geocities.com/sinfuldavid/Etiolation2.jpg]http://www.geocities.com/sinfuldavid/Etiolation2.jpg[/email] From what I have heard, it seems as if this etiolated part will not thicken up much, and will become a weak point as the tip starts to get fatter, and so I am thinking of simply rerooting the growing tip, and letting the bottom pup. Does this seem like a good idea? Could anyone give me suggestions on the best way to do this in this particular case? Should I cut off all of the etiolated part, or even some of the thicker part? How will the growing tip go after being replanted? Will it thicken up and form a reasonable base for further growth? Also, I'm assuming that the light brown part at the top is scarring - how might this affect the growth tip if its replanted, if at all? Thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, I have noticed that there are a few people in Perth or who originally came from Perth on these forums, and I would love to purchase a few plants and cuttings to get a little garden going while I'm away. I would love to hear from anyone who is in Perth and may be able to help me, or anyone who knows someone who can. I plan on getting a couple of plants / cuttings from FunkyFungus, but would like to avoid paying too much for delivery. Also, I plan on doing a bit of nursery hunt - any suggestions from the local yokels? While I'm at it, I have noticed a lot of people obtain their cuttings from SAB, but I have never seen cuttings advertised - are they offered seasonally only, or am I just out of the loop? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. chilli

    Another newbie ID

    Yeah, I remember about three years ago, when I had just found out about Pachanois and other hallucinogenic Trichs, I found a huge stand of cereus very similar to these - I had my doubts, as they looked quite different from Pachanoi, but not enough to deter me and my brother from chopping some off and making a soup out of it. It was quite nice actually, it tasted a little like zucchini or something... Well, not exactly nice, but it was like lemonade in comparison to the actual taste of Pachanoi extract, which I only experienced for the first time a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Hi, Does anyone have any idea what the alkaloid (mescaline) content of T. Huascha is? Thanks
  16. chilli

    Are these safe to plant?

    Hi... Don't take this the wrong way, Flip, but from reading this and other threads relating to this subject, it seems that most people disagree that 'dry rooting' is better, or can't see sufficient point in doing so. Not that what most people think is necessarily helpful. I am interested in hearing what you would say in reply to Torsten's comment on another post RE: gravity/hormones/moisture being the primary factor in rooting, particularly in response to his experiment with moist sphagmum moss placed on top and underneath cuttings, with the result that roots came on top or beneath in correspondence to the moisture contained in the moss. Does it take considerably longer for roots to appear using the dry rooting method? Sorry if these questions seem obtuse or antagonistic, but I am very new to this and am just trying to make sense of the differing opinions. Thanks
  17. Hi everyone... I had my cuttings sitting a little way in front of a heater to speed up callusing (it is cold and damp here, and some of them were starting to go moldy), and it seems that the parts where they were toughing has gone brown and soggy... I assume from the rapid evaporation being trapped where they were touching. Has anyone had any experience with this? Will they be safe to root out as they are, or should I cut the brown bits of and let them callus? The brown bits are not really soggy now, but they look a bit dubious to me. Also, from these photos, can anyone guess how close they are to being sufficiently callused to root out? All info is appreciated, as I have never done this before.
  18. chilli

    my new T Pachanoi

    Hey ajna, keeping the location a secret hey? Good move!
  19. I have read elsewhere that heat can destroy the active alkaloids in cactus; can anyone confirm the validity of this? Most of the experiences I have read seem to involve plenty of boiling and drying... Also, many people seem to think that unwatered Pedros produce greater levels of mescaline, would letting a cutting dry in the sun or a warm room have a similar effect?
  20. chilli

    Best method of preparation/ ingestion

    Why the 6 week thing? I have read that the longer you leave the cut pieces, the more potent it becomes... has this been your experience? Thanks, I will look up the brew.
  21. chilli

    Is this a disease?

    Thanks for the input, everyone... Well, the one in the bottom pic looks pretty much the same as the others... there is probably about ten altogether, some very small... If anything, it looks like its been underwatered... very dehydrated and wrinkly... If this is something bad, what would be the best course of action? Are there any threads/links dealing with this? What should I search for? What is I just cut the offending bits out? Cheers
  22. chilli

    Is this a disease?

    Hi... I picked up a couple of Pachanois in pots from my local hardware store today, but have just noticed that one of them has these small black spots on different parts. Is this something I should be worried about, and if so, what should I do? Thanks
  23. chilli

    Are these safe to plant?

    Thanks everyone, I think I'll leave it for a couple weeks and make sure it doesn't get infected... How is bruising caused? Like I said, it happened from being left in front of the heater for about an hour... before this, it had been drying in a cool area, and there was no marks in these areas... furthermore, the marks only appeared where the cacti were touching each other/the chair... it seems that hot moisture has "steamed" the skin around the small cuts... The skin feels quite dry and brittle now, well a bit like plastic actually... I'm tempted to just cut it off anyway, it seems like it can't really hurt? Thanks again, this is the first time I've done this, and I don't want to ruin it!
  24. chilli

    Fresh Nutmeg.....!!!!!

    I got some a few years ago, I think from a health food shop... Ask around at some health food stores or "whole foods" type places... Sorry, I thought you meant WHOLE nutmeg