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  1. chilli

    Medical Cannabis like you've never seen

    As far as I know, both THC and CBD have anxiolytic properties.
  2. chilli

    Medical Cannabis like you've never seen

    I guess you are just joking, but getting high is incidental to the medicinal value of Cannabis as an analgesic, anti-emetic, appetite stimulant and anxiolytic.
  3. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

  4. chilli

    Ps.tasmaniana pics finally

    I am so flattered that you are impressed by me! You have me flushing red and giggling and getting moist in the general vicinity of my labia. When you get to as many posts as I have written you will no doubt impress people who have posted less than you in a similar fashion, by saying 'necrobump' at appropriate times and other such outlandish behavior. And don't worry, the Internet is big so there are lots of words which can be confusing. This is why God invented YouTube.
  5. chilli

    Ps.tasmaniana pics finally

    7+ year necrobump, nice work.
  6. chilli

    Top 5 reasons why I Hate women

    I use far more toilet paper than my lady.
  7. The influence of the Epic of Gilgamesh on the first creation account in Genesis is interesting.
  8. It sometimes happens with new growth that has been left sitting for a while. I wouldn't chop it out, it should be fine apart from some scars.
  9. chilli

    smoking v vaporizing

    Wow $170 is good, did that include shipping? I saw that rock one a little while ago mud, I don't quite get it because it looks like the flame is touching the material, also how does it work with herbage?
  10. chilli

    the notion of "plants for profit"

    the plant spirits people speak to are aspects of their own consciousness, like all gods they tell people what they want to hear when you hear someone saying stuff like that look for the tacit message: i am better than others if there really are plant spirits i know what they want: death of all humans having said that, animism is cool as long as people don't take it too literally
  11. chilli

    Trichocereus terscheckii at Kmart

    Hopefully some of the Hamilton's cacti will start showing up in WA soon with the new Quarantine laws.
  12. chilli

    Medical Records In Australia

    It depends on your medical history as to how detailed they are and what info they contain. There are no centralized records (yet - there might well be after controversial changes in November), so it depends on what records they want and from where. Any records should contain all the original information including the doctor's notes.
  13. chilli

    smoking v vaporizing

    Yes you definitely do get what you pay for. (although I think the volcano is still grossly overpriced) If you buy a shoddy vaporizer, you won't like it, and if you make sure you get a good one you will fall in love. I wouldn't spend less than around $250 on an electric whip or bag or combo style vape. In Australia prices have dropped a lot but you still would be better off saving and spending around $250 dollar mark for a one of these styles of vaporizer. For portable vaporizers, you can still spend a lot for fancier models, but the Glass Vapor Genie and Magic Flight Launch Box are both good options within your price range. These will give you a proper vaporizing experience and you can decide if you want something more. MFLB is cool because of stealth, GVG is good because doesn't need batteries but it kind of looks like a crack pipe also it is glass which sucks for a lot of people. I had a V.Bros whip vape and was awesome but I broke the glass chamber a couple of times, the person I gave it to has broken it repeatedly as well. So replacement cost is something worth taking into consideration. The Herbalaire is good because not easily breakable parts, although they are still chewable by dogs. The Extreme Q looks excellent and very good value for money at $230, whip and integrated pump for bag, electronic controls, remote, etc. but lots of glass! Have a look around here http://www.australianvaporizers.com.au/store/ and read some reviews and prices etc.
  14. chilli

    smoking v vaporizing

    What is cheap for you?
  15. for Trichocereus assuming it is growing season I wait for at least two weeks to callus, then put in bag moist c&s mix and leave for a couple more weeks, maybe give a light watering then leave another couple more weeks and give them a good watering early on a hot day, aftre which I probably do the same every second time I water the others. I generally don't bother to check for roots anymore, but another 'method' is to pop the cutting in a dark cool corner or closet and forget about it for a while, then rediscover it and yay! roots (and probably etiolation). Then just plant it and give it a couple of weeks before watering as normal.
  16. chilli

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Anyone got any Heimia salicifolia plants or cuttings?
  17. Yes williamsii is self-fertile, apparently you can just wiggle a paintbrush or cotton tip inside the flower. I had a go at this last week and am currently awaiting results, but I know it has worked for many others here.
  18. chilli

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    looking for caapi and chacruna prefer established plants also looking for brugs please PM me to discuss, thanks.
  19. Does anyone else find it awkward to know when to go for the handshake, hug, kiss? If you are having trouble accepting love at the roots of that difficulty I wonder if there is a feeling that you are not worthy of love or affection from others? Oh and Thelema... I LOVE YOU!!
  20. Got jealous of incognito's Euphorbia obesas
  21. Have you had any problems getting them posted? Have been tempted to order many things from interstate, but I am a very good boy.
  22. chilli

    Barringtonia acutangula and KK339 .

    I thought I would reply too, just in case Bush Turkey mysteriously doesn't make it through the night. ;)
  23. chilli

    'DMT is similar to meth'

    http://www.libertytribune.com/news/article_436d0757-4cce-5554-85d7-863859c531db.html http://www.kctv5.com/story/19781815/bust-reveals-psychedelic-drug
  24. chilli

    'DMT is similar to meth'

    Scientifically speaking, there is so little evidence because DMT is a sneaky ninja. As far as I can discern, it is definitely produced in the human body, and probably in the brain as well. Oh and just about everything else.