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  1. TrippyColors

    purple peyote?

    woot ok potting up today ;) wish me luck
  2. TrippyColors

    purple peyote?

    thanks man, i have never had any advice and i have always just used my own method of soil perperation using peat like i stated. i have always wondered about peat with cacti. is just sand and verm a viable option loph species and hard to grow species, ariocarpus etc?
  3. TrippyColors

    purple peyote?

    really appreciate all the responses. love the vibes on the boards here. seems like a cool group man i think these caespiatosa's are really touchy compared to other sub species. i'm growing texana variety as well and they just grow faster and more robust quicker. what a beautiful night huh? <3 i love peyote i'm gonna have to get a cool avatar i'm feeling kinda spook-ish
  4. TrippyColors

    purple peyote?

    thanks i'll give that a shot. that mix probably isn't bad, i use it with all my cacti. it just acquires lots of gunk over the months. it's a mix of 50% sand 25% perlite 25% peat any idea on how to reduce the gunk that accumulates when you are growing seedlings? oh and all those containers have drainage holes sorry for not saying earlier
  5. TrippyColors

    purple peyote?

    how can it be sunburn, too much light, when thee purple ones are right next to the green ones under the same exact light? it's all under a 120 watt floro. also i have had awful mixed reports on how much to water peyote seedlings. one guy said you can leave them strait wet for a year, but i was getting rot at 5 months. anyway i dunno i guess i could repot them but i dont see how it can be too much light when all of my other peyote look fine under the same exact lighting. i just really don't think it's too much water too. i try leaving them dry for a while and nothing changes except eventually they start to shrivel. anyway i'll probably just repot them since the problem can't be pinpointed i suppose
  6. TrippyColors

    What is the best method to germinate Khat seeds?

    is wing up really the true way? i also have alot of khat sprouted but i'm almost positive the the root came from the wing and went down into the soil. either way, they are incredibly easy to sprout if you have viable seeds.
  7. TrippyColors

    purple peyote?

    hey there my peyote seedlings are looking rather purple/brownish lately. i cannot figure out the problem here. the only thing i can think of is the amount of soil i used when i repotted them in the same pots to make room for root space. the purple ones used to be my dominate seedlings which looked the best, now the ones that prior looked a mont behind are starting to green and get big while the others are slowing down and are purple as ever . i know they're still growing at a decent pace for their age, but i'd rather have them green. any clue what it could be if it's not a soil problem? the purple ones are about 6 months old while the green ones are about 5 1/2 months old. if i can't figure anything out i will probably seperate them and put them in seperate plugs in the next cpouple days. ALL are caespiatosa variety
  8. TrippyColors

    Want- adenium obesum

    my mom went to a plant show and got pretty big adeniums as big as stillmans for 15$ a piece. i was pretty damn suprised at that price they are impressive specimens. wonder why they're so hard to find over there in aus?
  9. TrippyColors

    Want- adenium obesum

    I <3 my adenium
  10. TrippyColors

    Hi there :) check out my small garden.

    sure thing. they sprouted suprisingly fast.you may see on a couple of the jurema sprouts leaves a small indentation in my picture, that was from the clip. then took some water and had it reach almost a boil, had to add alittle cool water to cool it down. you should be fine with just very warm tap water. let the seeds soak til the water cools or about 30 minutes. then i sewed slightly below the surface. 1/8 inch or a bit more. the ones i clipped sprouted in two days suprisingly fast. alot of the ones i planted didnt sprout i suspect they were the ones i didnt clip.thanks for the comments guys will keep everyone updated on my seedlings in the future
  11. Good to be here. Been a lurker for some time now. Here is my garden so far. It is always expanding i have a couple more cuts to put in pots soon. my garden is mostly seedlings. some lophs, bonsai psychotria carth, my little tricho garden, seedlings are jurema, ghat and ma huang