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  1. IME unless you have super-dry facilities for it, it won't do well. Or even live.


    At least here, every time I have tried to deflask it, even the ambient moisture kills it. Something in the air maybe, bacterial perhaps, it does fine in TC so far with+90% ambient humidity


    Herbalistics sometimes has seed. Could be worth a shot that way

  2. 9 minutes ago, Master B said:

    Holy shit balls!!! Darklight.

    Its yours alright. 

    Nice work for the forum!

    Mate i have to double check? you do realize its for the graft in the very first two pictures? 

    But if your happy and all is sorted i will hook you up with a couple of other nice bits.



    Yea verily, I do know it's for the pictured graft of beauty


    You're the fulla who did the work. I think you just set a new forum record for stunning behaviour

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  3. Bugger, forgotten how to delete topics


    Seems there is a bunch more DIY stuff out there than there was last time I checked, despite the commercial units being the same price


    I need to do more reading on the DIY stuff and try to evaluate how good the latest teks are for PAR

  4. Are there any electronics geeks who can tell me why the f*k PAR meters are so expensive?  The standard models don't even have a logging function FFS, and start at around AUD $300


    PAR ( Photosynthetically Active Radiation ) meters measure light based on that part of the spectrum which is used for photosynthesis by plants.




    Dead handy little buggers those meters. Our human irises open and close to adjust the amount of light they let in, but plants don't have this light-adjusting capacity the same way. So a plant can be getting much less useful light than we realise til we test it.


    Plants in tissue culture photosynthesise way less than outdoor plants because they use the sugars ( or other carbon sources ) in the media for energy. It's why we get away with using fluro tubes and get good growth. But fluro tubes lose a large proportion of their photosynthetically useful light after 3 months and need replacing- the light at those wavelengths isn't differentiated by our eyeballs, but the plants notice, believe me.


    I've been told that other indoor lights- metal halides for example- also lose some of their PAR strength after a period of time, but I have no experience with this.


    And I've seen people swear blind their plants are sick, when after careful checking their plants aren't getting enough light because they're shaded for the parts of the day when there's no-one around. This is more pronounced in winter when the days are shorter and the sun's angle of attack is different


    I bought plans to make a unit with an Arduino using LEDs, but it's a world of hurt for me and the tek ( to my n00b eye ) seems to be primitive and possibly inaccurate. It'll have to wait until I have some geek mates in-house for a weekend with soldering irons and whisky and those weekends never turn out the way they're planned anyhow :D


    Fuck it, I want a network of the little buggers with temp and PH, two sensors it's easy to build loggers with. Then I can really see what my plants are up to. Plus it could save me some $$ replacing fluros all year. And maybe save some planty lives if there are dodgy tubes in the rack


    Anyone know of a cheap chip that's up to the job?

  5. Doan chew love it when...


    ... you pull some fatty little home kill lamb chops out of the freezer nom nom nom then fry 'em up and realise that maybe the kill day was just that little too warm and they spent a little too long at the top of the freezer and they're just on the turn...


    ... so you cut em up and put the meat in the dog pile, but the frypan is full of lamb fat and it smells ok...


    ... so you fry up some thin homegrown sweet potato chippies with some super hot chilli sauce as an antimicrobial and they are fucking delicious


    I miss ReShroomEd. He'da loved this

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  6. 48 minutes ago, El Presidente Hillbillios said:

    that looks like it was good for adventures!



    Back in those days even riding to work was a bloody adventure. Roads were shocking and that thing steered like a pissed camel


    12 minutes ago, etherealdrifter said:

    i freakin thought that vertical pipe on the rear was a snorkel ie 4wd style ......ala honda style but then realized it was a shit bar ie the thing that dangled down in old hr holden rear seat that you would grab onto when shit hit the fan ie shit yourself and hold on bar


    Is a luggage rack. I hate pillions. How else do you think I got the Weetbix home?


    Mind you a snorkel woulda been great for the old 500/4 Kwakka and the stupidly deep creek crossing

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  7. 5 hours ago, El Presidente Hillbillios said:

    Ps there is nothing worse than a honda


    Course there is. Not having a bike at all is heaps worse. No sooking :)


    Now *this* is a Honda. Mine from the early 90s. And no way would I ride it to EGA


    Shit, the Marzoccis weren't on in the pic. I need glasses for everything these days :/





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  8. Worse...


    ... also, it's purple, well, bits of it are purple. Many of the other bits are rust and peely chrome coloured


    Engine goes like hot shit off a shovel. When it goes. Nicely ported


    She's starting to resemble her owner- all engine, no brakes....


    Are you trying to distract me from remembering you volunteered to be the Backup Driver for this run? ;)



  9. On 30/06/2017 at 4:57 PM, El Presidente Hillbillios said:


    I really wanted to ride down, but i think ill have to drive. it sucks as i really had a romantic idea of some kinda sab easyrider mashup. 


    It's important to have a plan :) Ha! My bike currently looks like something the four horsemen of the apocalypse would take on a threeday rooshoot. You are now the official Backup Vehicle mwahahahaha if that's not an incentive to ride down I dunno...


    On 30/06/2017 at 10:22 PM, gem said:

    I'm not sure I can even get there...  :(  BUT Darklight - who's in with this bet?  What's the pot at?  I can't afford to lose fiddy bucks but I'm putting my money on Hillbilly.  He'd still cockslap MoonUnitBontantic even if sabotaged and hobbled.   :P


    The current pool is at exactly fiddy bucks, someone offered to throw in a kidney but I don't think it was theirs so it doesn't count. Unless Ronny can chuck in the EGA Arts Grant funds to buy MoonUnits vajazzled posing strap it's gunna be more of a mooncup than a pot


    On 05/07/2017 at 1:10 PM, MoonUnitBotanica said:

    I'll pass this year. I was going to ega before it became mainstream ;)


    OMG, are you the token hipster for Eugungurararra or however you spell that place?


    You'd better be going, because I know where you live, maybe



    On 07/07/2017 at 7:33 PM, RonnySimulacrum said:

    A real boxer would bring their fondue to share at the plant head party:P 


    Ronny is right. Bring yer fondoo. Otherwise Bad Things Will Happen

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  10. 10 hours ago, MoonUnitBotanica said:

    Is our boxing match still on hillbilly?

    ega sidealley? I've got the most resplendid trunks to wear.


    I've got fiddy bucks riding on you to win mate, we'll nobble Hillbilly the night before if he looks in winning form


    Hoping to be riding down again. Any other two wheeled delusionals wanna meet up outside Canberra with an overnighter at Wangaratta?

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  11. Not sure what sort of power airflow you'd need for approx 66m3/hr, there are ppl on here who know vastly more than me about that. Also make sure there are no dead spots for air circulation in your room, or allow for them and use them for appropriate or less valuable species.


    That 5x volume/hr figure was for growing plant crops- check the figure for mushies


    Fully enclosed grow rooms are a bastard for pest management. New ones are fine, but once something moves in...


    If you have shelves or benches put that yellow sticky-trap tape round all the feet so it's work for things to climb onto ( or off ) them and keep the units away from the walls


    Keep the floors as clean and as clear as you can, regular vacuuming with a wet and dry seems like overkill but it's really good pest management. Sticky mats at the entranceways can also help


    Work clean to dirty every day- ie if your grow space is the cleanest place you work, start there and then move outside- don't spend the morning dealing with dirty spawn bags and compost heaps and then walk into your nice clean workspace


    Also: assume your neighbours and extended family will believe you're growing pot, no matter what you tell them, so show them around a lot and take them plenty of mushrooms to eat

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  12. What will you be using for airflow?


    I've overseen construction of a fully enclosed plant growth area using panelling and it was great, but it did have a built up floor sloping to a drain so walls and ceiling could be washed. Mould was occasionally an issue for the bits which weren't reached so well by the airflow.


    Plants require 5 volumes of air/hr to grow ( so for a 100m3 room, you needed 500m3 of airflow per hour ). No idea what mushrooms require per hour, but you do need to calculate that in. Might be easy to incorporate a prefilter on your intake to screen out bugs and pathogens too if you think about it at the planning stage


    Also, think about dehydration when you've working in that volume of airflow. While temps might be ambient, it's easy to get dehydrated because of the constant air passing over your body while you're working. Keep drinking water handy

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