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  1. I read that it may be incorrect but someone said "The citations do not mention harvest time and it is known that alkaloid contents of acacia fluctuate, they are not the same year round, late fall and early winter seem to be times where alkaloids tend to be higher, sometimes plants that can have a decent alkaloid content for part of the year have none at other times, so try to consider that a lot of data is not conclusive." So, is there or isn't there DMT in this tree?
  2. you

    Diplopterys cabrerana for sale .

    Where'd you get it from and were you selling the seeds or cuttings? Will you be getting/growing anymore?
  3. you

    Banisteriopsis rusbyana

    This thread or?
  4. you

    Banisteriopsis rusbyana

    How do you know? Banisteriopsis rusbyana was the former name for it and is the title of this thread. :S
  5. you

    Banisteriopsis rusbyana

    The wikipedia page on Diplopterys cabrerana [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplopterys_cabrerana] states " Cultivation Diplopterys cabrerana is planted in home gardens via cuttings. The cuttings are either directly planted in soil or rooted first in water." That implies that it's not really grown from seed which is the case with Salvia divinorum. Does anyone know if that's the case with this plant too?
  6. you

    Banisteriopsis rusbyana

    Is this Diplopterys cabrerana? If it is, would you be able to send some seeds to Australia?