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  1. tardistestpilot

    Free pedro, around 40ft or so :)

    yeah sounds good for me if only it was on Monday if still interested? otherwise it sounds like your weekend road trip bro!!! good luck ...
  2. tardistestpilot

    Free pedro, around 40ft or so :)

    where you live shameless?
  3. tardistestpilot

    Free pedro, around 40ft or so :)

    i have a wagon and can do the trip anybody wanna go halves in petrol and pedro?
  4. tardistestpilot

    Why wouldnt you eat a dog

    Is a dog a filthy animal? no a dog is definately dirty but has personality [this is not an animal cruelty video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7u832uSmvk
  5. tardistestpilot

    Search engines vs real conversation

    or this http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting
  6. tardistestpilot

    Post a random picture thread

  7. tardistestpilot

    Post a random picture thread

  8. tardistestpilot

    moon landing hoax, recent media buzz about moon landing

    my entry level terrestrial navigation device has 3ghz of storage memory not sure of the cpu....ghz power ...however that has trouble navigating inner-city travels because of no clear view of sky ...point is gps only works off satellites orbiting earth and fails in performance epic some times ..yet i heard that the computers on board the moon-landing craft = the computational power of a commodore64 ....=64kb total memory/cpu it was only a comparison anyway totally amazing if it is true that they landed and returned to earth safely i just cant help but want to believe because its such a fantastic story and a fantastic story is all it is for me anyway
  9. tardistestpilot

    moon landing hoax, recent media buzz about moon landing

    so back in that era it was impossible to take pictures like that in a studio however it was possible to put man on the moon and safely return home to earth hmmnn sounds reasonable to me
  10. tardistestpilot

    Teo's Off Topic Talk- Trolls post here

  11. tardistestpilot

    id help!

    yes big cereus peruvianus......is a good sign them mimosa flowers are not mauve or pink
  12. tardistestpilot

    It's about fucking time we did it.

    congratulations guys/ngals
  13. tardistestpilot

    Ozric tentacles

    wow i really like this thanks fo sharing hunab
  14. tardistestpilot

    The Surfing Thread

    wow smashing skulls[or is it teahupoo].....i have actually drank beer with guys that have surfed this spot
  15. tardistestpilot

    The Surfing Thread

    ive heard good reports about rottnest island any of you WA guys surfed over there ?.....